DOI: 10.1055/s-00035023

Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology

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Kulendra, Elvin R.; Beer, Andrew J. C.; Hockley, George C. A.; Goh, Derniese; Lafuente, Pilar; Perry, Karen L.: Outcome of Supraglenoid Tubercle Fractures in 12 Dogs
Rossanese, Matteo; German, Alexander J.; Comerford, Eithne; Pettitt, Rob; Tomlinson, Andrew; de Vicente, Felipe: Complications Following Surgical Correction of Medial Patellar Luxation in Small-to-Medium-Size Dogs
Kaczmarek, Jakub; Bartkowiak, Tomasz; Schuenemann, Riccarda; Paczos, Piotr; Gapinski, Bartosz; Bogisch, Sandra; Unger, Martin: Mechanical Performance of a Polyaxial Locking Plate and the Influence of Screw Angulation in a Fracture Gap Model
Martins, João; Colaço, Bruno; Alves-Pimenta, Sofia; Gonzalo Orden, José M.; Ferreira, António J.; Ginja, Mário M.: Effect of the Dog positioning on X-Ray Table on Hip Dysplasia Parameter Evaluation
Livet, Véronique; Harel, Mathieu; Taroni, Mathieu; Carozzo, Claude; Viguier, Éric; Sonet, Juliette; Cachon, Thibaut: Stress Radiography for the Diagnosis of Medial Glenohumeral Ligament Rupture in Canine Shoulders