DOI: 10.1055/s-00032269


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Glass, Adam C.; Caspary, Katherine E.; Fisher, Cole; Whyte, Connor; Okubo, James; Zakharov, Lev N.: A Simple and Mild Microwave-Based Synthesis of Novel Functionalized Benzofulvenes
Kandula, Venu; Gudipati, Ramakrishna; Chatterjee, Anindita; Yennam, Satyanarayana; Behera, Manoranjan: An Efficient Method for the Preparation of N-Formamides using Propylphosphonic Anhydride (T3P®)
Balalaie, Saeed; Ghoroghaghaei, Hadiseh Bakhshaei; Alavijeh, Nahid S.; Darvish, Fatemeh; Rominger, Frank; Bijanzadeh, Hamid Reza: Synthesis of Fully Functionalized 3-Bromoazaspiro[4.5]trienones through Ugi Four-Component Reaction (Ugi-4CR) followed by ipso-Bromocyclization