DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Ausgabe 04 · Volume 13 · August 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-54664

Invited Editorial

Research Article

Livaudais, Maria; Deng, Derek; Frederick, Tracy; Grey-Theriot, Francine; Kroth, Philip J.: Perceived Value of the Electronic Health Record and Its Association with Physician Burnout
Ruan, Elise; Beiser, Moshe; Lu, Vivian; Paul, Soaptarshi; Ni, Jason; Nazar, Nijas; Liu, Jianyou; Kim, Mimi; Epstein, Eric; Keller, Marla; Kitsis, Elizabeth; Tomer, Yaron; Jariwala, Sunit P.: Physician Electronic Health Record Usage as Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Womack, Dana M.; Miech, Edward J.; Fox, Nicholas J.; Silvey, Linus C.; Somerville, Anna M.; Eldredge, Deborah H.; Steege, Linsey M.: Coincidence Analysis: A Novel Approach to Modeling Nurses' Workplace Experience
Brown, Tiffany; Zelch, Brittany; Lee, Ji Young; Doctor, Jason N.; Linder, Jeffrey A.; Sullivan, Mark D.; Goldstein, Noah J.; Rowe, Theresa A.; Meeker, Daniella; Knight, Tara; Friedberg, Mark W.; Persell, Stephen D.: A Qualitative Description of Clinician Free-Text Rationales Entered within Accountable Justification Interventions
Ebbers, Tom; Kool, Rudolf B.; Smeele, Ludi E.; Takes, Robert P.; van den Broek, Guido B.; Dirven, Richard: Quantifying the Electronic Health Record Burden in Head and Neck Cancer Care
Bernstam, Elmer V.; Applegate, Reuben Joseph; Yu, Alvin; Chaudhari, Deepa; Liu, Tian; Coda, Alex; Leshin, Jonah: Real-World Matching Performance of Deidentified Record-Linking Tokens

AIDH Summit 2022

Jedwab, Rebecca M.; Franco, Michael; Owen, Denise; Ingram, Anna; Redley, Bernice; Dobroff, Naomi: Improving the Quality of Electronic Medical Record Documentation: Development of a Compliance and Quality Program
Austin, Jodie A.; Barras, Michael A.; Woods, Leanna S.; Sullivan, Clair M.: The Effect of Digitization on the Safe Management of Anticoagulants

CIC 2021

Anstett, Tyler; Smith, Chris; Hess, Kaitlyn; Patten, Luke; Pincus, Sharon; Lin, Chen-Tan; Ho, P. Michael: Dig Deeper: A Case Report of Finding (and Fixing) the Root Cause of Add-On Laboratory Failures