DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

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Publikationsdatum: 30 November 2021

Research Article

Martins, Mariana Lopes; Galdino, Melyssa Kellyane Cavalcanti; Calvo, Bernardino Fernández; Branco-Barreiro, Fátima Cristina Alves; Fernandes, Thiago Monteiro Paiva; Rosa, Marine Raquel Diniz da: Perception of tinnitus: direct and indirect effects of resilience, personality traits and psychiatric symptoms Tinnitus; psychiatric symptoms; personality.

Publikationsdatum: 10 November 2021

Research Article

Wolfe, Jace; Duke, Mila; Miller, Sharon; Schafer, Erin; Jones, Christine; Rakita, Lori; Dunn, Andrea; Battles, Jarrod; Neumann, Sara; Manning, Jacy: Low-level Speech Recognition of Children with Hearing Aids Low-level Speech Recognition of Children

Publikationsdatum: 25 Oktober 2021

Research Article

Publikationsdatum: 20 Oktober 2021

Research Article

Hausladen, Jennifer; Plyler, Patrick N; Clausen, Bailee; Fincher, Ashton; Norris, Sarah; Russell, Teresa: Effect of Hearing Aid Technology Level on New Hearing Aid Users Hausladen et al. Technology Levels New Users

Research Article

Wu, Yu-Hsiang; Stangl, Elizabeth; Oleson, Jacob; Caraher, Kristen; Dunn, Camille C.: Personal Characteristics Associated with Ecological Momentary Assessment Compliance in Adult Cochlear Implant Candidates and Users Factors associated with EMA compliance

Publikationsdatum: 14 Oktober 2021


Jerger, James Francis: First PhD and AuD Programs in Audiology First PhD and AuD Programs

Publikationsdatum: 28 September 2021

Research Article

Gordon-Hickey, Susan; Bryan, Melinda Freyaldenhoven: THE EFFECT OF MUSIC GENRE AND MUSIC-PREFERENCE DIMENSION ON ACCEPTABLE NOISE LEVELS IN LISTENERS WITH NORMAL HEARING Effect of music genre and music-preference dimension on ANL