DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Accepted Manuscripts

Publikationsdatum: 23 November 2023

Publikationsdatum: 20 November 2023

Review Articles

McGinley, Christopher; Teti, Saige; Hofmann, Katherine; Cohen, Nathan T.; Schreiber, John M.; Gaillard, William; Oluigbo, Chima: Seizure Control Outcomes Following Resection of Cortical Dysplasia in Patients with DEPDC5 Variants: A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data (IPD) Analysis.

Publikationsdatum: 16 November 2023

Short Communications

Alabssi, Haila A; Almulhim, Nouf F; Al-Omari, Mohammed; AL Safar, Ayat: Anti NMDA Autoimmune Encephalitis Post COVID-19 Vaccination in A Pediatric Patient, A Case Report

Publikationsdatum: 07 November 2023

Short Communications

Ferrera, Giulia; Izzo, Rossella; ghezzi, daniele; Nanetti, Lorenzo; Lamantea, Eleonora; Ardissone, Anna: A novel pathogenic variant in the SCA25-related gene expanding the etiology of early-onset and progressive cerebellar ataxia in childhood

Publikationsdatum: 01 November 2023

Short Communications

Andreato, Chiara; Uccella, Sara; Battaglini, Marcella; Pacetti, Mattia; Tortora, Domenico; Ramenghi, Luca Antonio: The possible role of the superior sagittal sinus in regulating cerebrospinal fluid dynamics among preterm infants. A case report and a review of the literature

Publikationsdatum: 12 Oktober 2023

Original Article

Gulec, Ayten; Ozturk, Selcan; Acer, Hamit; Canpolat, Mehmet; Gümüş, Hakan; Per, Huseyin: The Assessment and Management of Childhood Masturbation: An Analysis of 90 Cases

Publikationsdatum: 23 September 2022

Original Article

Gao, Xin; Xin, Guoyan; Tu, Ya; Liang, Xiaoping; Yang, Huimin; Meng, Hong; Wang, Yumin: TARS2 variants causes combination oxidative phosphorylation deficiency-21: a case report and literature review TARS2 variants causes combination oxidative phosphorylation deficiency-21