DOI : 10.1055/s-00000036


Issue S 02 · Volume 102 · May 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-57506

94th Annual Meeting German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery e.V., Bonn
Congress Center Leipzig, 17.–20.05.2023

President: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Orlando Guntinas-Lichius

Bauer, Daniel; Engert, Jonas; Althoff, Daniel; Neun, Tilmann; Hagen, Rudolf; Rak, Kristen: Development of a 3D model for classification of cochlear aquaeduct morphology
Breitsprecher, Tabita; Bächinger, David; Volkenstein, Stefan; Mlynski, Robert; Dazert, Stefan; Lagner, Sören; Weiss, Nora: Cochlear and vestibular volumes in inner ear malformation
Geißler, Christin; Orsolic, Monika; Stöver, Timo; Diensthuber, Marc: Melatonin and its metabolizing enzymes in the lateral wall of the cochlea
Geyer, Carlotta; Michael, Maria; Dieter, Alexander; Beutner, Dirk; Wrobel, Christian: The participation of individual SGN types in optogenetically mediated signal transfection with CatCh in Mongolian gerbils
Guchlerner, Leon; Blumenstock, Miriam; Geißler, Christin; Stöver, Timo; Diensthuber, Marc: Survival and neurite growth of Scarpa ganglion neurons
Ihler, Friedrich; Dziemba, Oliver; Altindal, Reyhan; Brzoska, Tina; Ittermann, Till; Völzke, Henry; Busch, Chia-Jung: Prevalence of audiovestibular symptoms in 8143 individuals from an epidemiological study in Northeastern Germany
Kim, Rayoung; Riemann, Conrad; Kilgué, Alexander; Pfeiffer, Christoph; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Sudhoff, Holger; Todt, Ingo: Evaluation of intracochlear pressure during fluid application in the model and human petrous bone
Lehner, Eric; Liebau, Arne; Mäder, Karsten; Plontke, StefanK.: Intracochlear, biodegradable implants for controlled release of glucocorticoids
Moermans, Nathalie; Pfeiffer, Christoph; Kilgué, Alexander; Scholtz, Lars-Uwe; Sudhoff, Holger; Todt, Ingo: Recovery of natural hearing after cochlear implantation in a case of ISSNHL
Oestreicher, David; Chepurwar, Shashank; Rankovic, Vladan; Beutner, Dirk; Strenzke, Nicola; Pangrsic, Tina: A mouse model for DFNB93 corroborates use-dependent deterioration of Synaptic Transmission and Auditory Nerve Fiber Spiking as the underlying disease mechanism
Péus, Dominik; Sellathurai, Shaumiya; Radeloff, Andreas: The otoprotective effect of ear cryotherapy: Results of a pilot study
Pavlidis, Pavlos; Papadopoulou, Kyriaki; Tseriotis, VasiliosSpyridon; Karachrysafi, Sophia; Sardeli, Chrysanthi; Gouveris, Haralampos; Malliou, Faye; Papamitsou, Theodora; Sioga, Antonia; Kouvelas, Dimitrios: Ν-Methyl-D-aspartate antagonists and their role in limiting ototoxic phenomena.
Reimann, Katrin; Derstroff, Dennis; Lindner, Laura; Gehrt, Francesca; Stuck, Boris A.; Oliver, Dominik: Expression and Localization of Tubby-like Proteins TULP2, 3 and 4 in the Mouse Organ of Corti
Schmitt, Heike; Pich, Andreas; Warnecke, Athanasia; Durisin, Martin; Lenarz, Thomas: In-depth proteome analysis of ubiquitous proteins in human perilymph samples
Stolte, ClaraJohanna; Bieniussa, Linda; Völker, Johannes; Hagen, Rudolf; Rak, Kristen: Effect of conditional knockout of the TBCE gene in the outer hair cells of the cochlea
Todt, Ingo; Kim, Rayoung; Kilgue, Alexander; Pfeiffer, Christoph; Scholz, Uwe Lars; Ikezono, Tetsuo; Sudhoff, Holger: Head trauma causing perilymphatic fistula
Warnecke, Athanasia; Schott, Juliane; Huang, Peixin; Morgan, Michael; Nelson-Brantley, Jennifer; Büning, Hildegard; Schambach, Axel; Staecker, Hinrich: Third-generation lentiviral gene therapy rescues function in a mouse model of Usher 1BThird-generation lentiviral gene therapy rescues function in a mouse model of Usher 1B
Wei, Chunjiang; Gao, Ziwen; Mau, Robert; Jüttner, Gabor; Fiedler, Nicklas; Seitz, Hermann; Lenarz, Thomas; Scheper, Verena: Molded Round Window Niche Implant as a Local Long-Term Dexamethasone Delivery System in a Cochlear Implant-Trauma Animal Model
Weiss, Nora M; Breitsprecher, Tabita; Bächinger, David; Dhanasingh, Anandhan; Mlynski, Robert; Langner, Sönke; Dazert, Stefan: Volumetry improves the assessment of the vestibular aqueduct size in inner ear malformation
Zhang, Lichun; Schmidt, Florian; Dörmann, Alexander; Ehrt, Karsten; Mlynski, Robert: The curvature quantification of Wave I in auditory brainstem responses detects cochlear synaptopathy in the elderly