DOI: 10.1055/s-00000183

Journal of Wrist Surgery

Issue 06 · Volume 11 · December 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-55934


Special Review: New Forearm and Elbow Scoring System

Herzberg, Guillaume; Burnier, Marion; Ly, Lyliane; Nakamura, Toshiyatsu: New Computerized Elbow and Forearm Clinical Scores

Scientific Article

Clarnette, Jock; De Silva, April; Eardley-Harris, Nathan; MacLean, Simon; Bain, Gregory I.: Volar Lunate Facet Fractures of the Distal Radius: Fracture Mapping Using 3D CT Scans
Clark, DesRaj; Dingle, Marvin; Saxena, Sameer; Dworak, Theodora; Nappo, Kyle; Balazs, George Christian; Nanos, George; Tintle, Scott: Prospective Evaluation of Push-up Performance and Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Open Dorsal Wrist Ganglion Excision in the Active-Duty Military Population
Amundsen, Asgeir; Rizzo, Marco; Berger, Richard; Frihagen, Frede; Moran, Steven L.: Outcomes following Distal Radioulnar Joint Arthroplasty in the Setting of Total or Partial Wrist Fusion
McGinley, Beau M.; Siracuse, Brianna L.; Gottschalk, Michael B.; Wagner, Eric R.: Treatment of First Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis with Arthroscopy: A Systematic Review


de Oliveira, Ricardo Kaempf; Brunelli, João P. F.; Aita, Márcio; Delgado, Pedro J.; Soldado, Francisco: Shelf Osteotomy for Madelung’s Deformity in Adults: A Novel Technique

Case Report

Survey or Meta-Analysis

Challoumas, Dimitris; Murray, Elspeth; Ng, Nigel; Putti, Amit; Millar, Neal: A Meta-analysis of Surgical Interventions for Base of Thumb Arthritis

Letter to the Editor

de Villeneuve Bargemon, Jean-Baptiste; Peras, Matthieu; Hasegawa, Hideo; Baur, Eva-Maria; Levadoux, Michel: How to Optimize a Bone Graft in Arthroscopy of the Wrist: The “Gun Barrel Trick”