DOI : 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue S 01 · Volume 53 · March 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-50565

ESGE Days 2021
Going virtual. Staying real., 25.-27.03.2021

Chairman: Mario Dinis- Ribeiro (Portugal) ESGE President and ESGE Days 2021 Scientific Committee Chairman

Garvey, T; Hadjinicolaou, A; Frank, M; Nadesalingam, V; McDermott, E: Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (Emr) of Colonic Polyps in the Older Patient – is it Safe?
Caillol, F; Meunier, E; Zemmour, C; JP, Ratone; Pesenti, C; Dahel, Y; Hoibian, S; Marcx, M; Guiramand, J; Poizat, F; Giovannini, M: Malignant or Benign Subepithelial Tumors (Set) In The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract <20MM: Curative and Diagnostic Endoscopic Resection: Retrospective Study of 102 Patients
Silva Mendes, S; Ferreira, A; Costa, R; Leal, T; AC, Caetano; Gonçalves, R: Long-Term Outcomes of Non-Curative Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Resection of Gastric Lesions
Abu Baker, F; Khoury, T; Mahamid, M; Shorbaji, A; Kopelman, Y; Mari, A: Ileoscopy Yield During Colonoscopy Procedures: An Indication-Based Analysis
Coelho, M; Dantas, E; Sequeira, C; Santos, I; Freire, R; Cremers, I; Oliveira, A: Safety and Efficacy of Colonoscopy in Nonagenarians in a Secondary Center
Hmimass, S; Borahma, M; Lagdali, N; Benelbarhdadi, I; Ajana, FZ: Outcomes Of Esophageal Varices in Case of Segmental Portal Hypertension
Sferrazza, S; Maida, M; Vieceli, F; de Pretis, N; Armelao, F; Tasini, E; de Pretis, G: Feasibility, Safety and Effectiveness of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection of Gastrointestinal Lesions In Out- Vs Inpatient Setting
sferrazza, s; Maida, M; Fuccio, L; Vieceli, F; de Pretis, N; Iori, A; Faitini, K; Tasini, E; Armelao, F; Maselli, R; Repici, A; de Pretis, G: Effectiveness, Safety and Feasibility of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection: A Prospective Western Experience Looking To East
Gkolfakis, P; Lorenzo, D; Blero, D; Louis, H; Lemmers, A; Arvanitakis, M; Eisendrath, P; Devière, J: Pneumatic Balloon Dilation for The Treatment Of Post-Fundoplication Symptoms: Long-Term Efficacy and Safety Results
Semenov, S; MS, Ismail; O’Hara, F; O’Donnell, S; O’Connor, A; Breslin, N; Ryan, B; McNamara, D: The True False Negative Rate of Colon Capsule Endoscopy is Low
Chiriac, S; Stanciu, C; Cojocariu, C; Sfarti, C; A-M, Singeap; Girleanu, I; Huiban, L; Cuciureanu, T; Cristina, M; Trifan, A: The Advantage of Water-Assisted Colonoscopy Regarding Total Procedure Time, Cecum Intubation and Adenoma Detection Rate
Kuellmer, A; Mangold, T; Bettinger, D; Maruschke, L; Wannhoff, A; Caca, K; Wedi, E; Jung, C; Kleemann, T; Schulz, T; Thimme, R; Schmidt, A: Over-The-Scope Clips (OTSC©) Versus Surgery for Refractory Peptic Ulcer Bleeding
Walker, C; Carroll, A; McKearney, E; Deane, C; Breslin, N; McNamara, D; O’Donnell, S; Ryan, B; O’Connor, A: An Evaluation of Outcomes Following Endoscopic Balloon Dilatation of Strictures in Crohn’S Disease Patients in a Tertiary Irish Hospital
Rasool, J; Janjua, F; Aoko, O; Christopher, B; Cheriyan, D; Patchett, S: Evolution of Barrett’s Assessment in a Tertiary Referral Center Over Time
Küttner-Magalhães, R; Garrido, M; Alves-Silva, J; Marques-de-Sá, I; Peixoto, C; Pedroto, I: Hitting The Bull’s-Eye in Barrett’s Esophagus: The Importance of Careful Inspection
van de Ven, SEM; de Graaf, W; Bugter, O; Spaander, MCW; Nikkessen, S; de Jonge, PJF; Hardillo, JA; Sewnaik, A; Monserez, DA; Mast, H; Keereweer, S; Bruno, MJ; Baatenburg de Jong, RJ; Koch, AD: Screening for Synchronous Esophageal Second Primary Tumors in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer
Bento-Miranda, M; João, M; Gravito-Soares, E; Gravito-Soares, M; Souto, P; Figueiredo, P: Dysphagia as Inaugural Presentation of Lymphoma: a Diagnosis Hard to Swallow
Demirli Atici, S; Sert, I; Calik, B: A Rare Esophageal Metastasis of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Oustani, M; Zazour, A; El Mekkaoui, A; Khannoussi, W; Kharrasse, G; MZ, Ismaili: Endoscopic Management of Intra-Gastric Migration of an Esophageal Stent
Lemos Garcia, J; Vale Rodrigues, R; Mão-de-Ferro, S; Ferreira, S; Serrano, M; Faias, S; Castela, J; Sacarrão, R; Francisco, F; Trindade, J; Sousa, L; Dias Pereira, A: Effect of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (Peg) Tube Feeding on Nutritional Status in Patients Undergoing Chemoradiotherapy for Oesophageal Cancer
Ortigão, R; Pita, I; Marques Sá, I; Pinto, C; Bastos, P; Pimentel-Nunes, P; Isidro, R; Cunha, AL; Dinis-Ribeiro, M; Libânio, D: A Rare Case of Esophageal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Arising on an Endoscopic Resection Scar
Mandarino, FV; Esposito, D; Spelta, G; Fanti, L; Azzolini, F; Viale, E; Cavestro, GM; Testoni, PA: Double Layer Stent for the Treatment of Leaks and Fistula After Upper Gastrointestinal Oncologic Surgery: A Retrospective Study
Dumoulin, J; Abdelhafez, M; von Figura, G; Krackhardt, AM; Mogler, C; Schmid, RM; Schlag, C: Curative Circumferential Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection of a Primary Pigmented Melanoma of the Esophagus After RFA of Barrett Esophagus
Sferrazza, S; Maida, M; Vieceli, F; Faitini, K; Tasini, E; de Pretis, G: Endoscopic Treatment Of A Giant Zenker’s Diverticulum: Yes We Can!
Pavlov, I; Shishin, K; Nedoluzhko, I; Kurushkina, N; Shumkina, L: Results of the Endoscopic Treatment of Patients With Zenker’s DIVERTICULUM
Félix, C; O´Neill, C; Mendo, R; Azevedo Rodrigues, J; Barreiro, P; Chagas, C: A Rare Case of Bilateral Killian-Jamieson Diverticula: is There a Place for Endoscopic Treatment?
Spadaccini, M; Maselli, R; Thoguluva Chandrasekar, V; Patel, HK; Fugazza, A; Galtieri, PA; Pellegatta, G; Attardo, S; Carrara, S; Anderloni, A; Alkandari, A; Sharma, P; Khashab, M; Repici, A: Submucosal Tunnelling Techniques for Zenker’S Diverticulum: A Systematic Review of Early Outcomes With Pooled Analysis
Hammami, A; Harbi, R; Ben Ameur, W; Dahmani, W; Elleuch, N; Braham, A; Ajmi, S; Ben Slama, A; Ksiaa, M; Jaziri, H; Jmaa, A: Efficacy And Safety of Endoscope-Guided Pneumatic Dilation for Treatment of Esophageal AchalasiA
Kanischev, I; Nedoluzhko, I; Shishin, K; Kurushkina, N; Shumkina, L: Poem as a Treatment Option For Achalasia In Patients 65 Years of Age and Older
Albeniz, E; Estremera, F; Zabalza, L; Rosón, PJ; Férnandez, F; Gómez, M; Heredia, ML; Vila, JJ: C-Poem in Achalasia of The Cricopharynx: To Do Or Not To Do
Harbi, R; Ben Abdesselem, K; Hammami, A; Dahmani, W; Ben Ameur, W; Elleuch, N; Ajmi, S; Brahem, A; Ben Slama, A; Ksiaa, M; Jaziri, H; Jmaa, A: Typical Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in a General Population: Epidemiological, Clinical and Endoscopic Profile
Marcos Carrasco, N; Rodriguez de Santiago, E; Foruny Olcina, JR; Teruel Sanchez-Vegazo, C: Anti-Reflux Ablation of the Cardiac Mucosa (Arma) Using Argon Plasma Coagulation
Rodriguez de Santiago, E; Teruel Sanchez-Vegazo, C; Marcos Carrasco, N; Shimamura, Y; Tanabe, M; Peñas, B; De Higes, MJ; Parejo, S; Alvárez Díaz, N; Kazuya, S; Vazquez-Sequeiros, E; Inoue, H; Albillos, A: Antireflux Mucosectomy (Arms) and Antireflux Mucosal Ablation (Arma) for the Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Marcos Carrasco, N; Rodriguez de Santiago, E; Teruel Sanchez-Vegazo, C; Peñas Garcia, B; Parejo Carbonell, S; De Higes Ruiz, MJ; Vazquez Sequeiros, E; Albillos, A: Anti-Reflux Mucosal Ablation (Arma) for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: a Feasibility Case Series
Ayari, M; Zaimi, Y; Bel Hadj Mabrouk, E; Mensi, A; Ayadi, S; Said, Y; Mouelhi, L; Dabbeche, R: Predictive Factors of Esophageal Varices Band Ligation Failure
Mahmoudi, M; Borahma, M; Benelbarhdadi, I; Ajana, FZ: The Evolution of Gastroesophagian Varices in Porto-Sinusoidal Vascular Disease (PSVD)
Gamelas, V; Saraiva, R; Simões, G; Silva, M; Saiote, J; Duarte, P; Calinas, F: Bleeding due to Ligation Ulcers After Esophageal Varices Endoscopic Band Ligation
Trad, N; Ghanem, M; Ben slimen, B; Boughoula, K; Bizid, S; Ben abdallah, H; Bouali, R; Abdelli, MN: Performance of Non-Invasive Liver Function Tests and Abdominal Ultrasound in the Prediction of Esophageal Varices
Trad, N; Ghanem, M; Ben slimen, B; Boughoula, K; Sondes, B; Ben abdallah, H; Bouali, R; Abdelli, MN: Prediction of Variceal Recurrence After Eradication: Comparison of Ten Non-Invasive Tests Performance
Elsiddig, M; McKenna-Barry, M; Varley, R; Dunne, C; MacCarthy, F; McKiernan, S; Toole, DO; Kevans, D; Hartery, K: Quality of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Risk Stratification and Pre-Endoscopic Management at an Irish University Teaching Hospital
Ben Farhat, F; Sabbah, M; Bellil, N; Trad, D; Bibani, N; Ouakaa, A; Gargouri, D: Predictive Factors of Endoscopic Dilation Failure of Benign Esophageal Stenosis
Bradai, S; Mahmoudi, M; Khsiba, A; Medhioub, M; Ben Mohamed, A; Hamzaoui, l; Azouz, MM: Plummer-Vinson Syndrome: Epidemiological Characteristics and Endoscopic Dilation Outcomes
Bilal, S; Muhammad Saeed, S; Muhammad Siqqique, Z; Saqib, M; Shahid, S; Yusuf, MA: Safety and Efficacy of Oesophageal Stents for Oesophageal Anastomotic Strictures; A Single Center Experience Over 10 Years
Bradai, S; Khsiba, A; Mahmoudi, M; Nakhli, A; Medhioub, M; Ben Mohamed, A; Hamzaoui, L; Azouz, MM: Endoscopic Management of Benign Esophageal Strictures:
Oustani, M; Zazour, A; El Mekkaoui, A; Khannoussi, W; Kharrasse, G; Ismaili, MZ: Broncho-Pulmonary Squamous Cell Carcinoma Complicated by an Esophago-Bronchial Fistula
Dogan, S; Omurca, F; Yagan, N; Purnak, T: Black Esophagus
Chálim Rebelo, C; Nunes, N; Flor de Lima, M; Moura, DB; Santos, MP; Costa Santos, V; Rego, AC; Pereira, JR; Paz, N; Duarte, MA: Fixation of Fully Covered Esophageal Stent With The New Over-The-Scope Clip (OTSC)
Tharwa, E-S; Abdel-Samiee, M; Gamil, K; El-Abd, O; Abd-Almonem, E: A Noninvasive Panel for Diagnosis of Esophageal Varices in Patients With Compensated Cirrhosis
Zaouga, S; Mrabet, S; Harbi, R; Akkari, I; Ben Jazia, E: Endoscopic and Histological Findings in Patients With Epigastric Pain
Ben Farhat, F; Bellil, N; Sabbah, M; Benzarti, Z; Khanchel, F; Trad, D; Gargouri, D: Chronic Epigastric Pain Syndrome With Normal Upper Endoscopy: Should We Systematically Biopsy?
Bradai, S; Khsiba, A; Medhioub, M; Ben Mohamed, A; Mahmoudi, M; Hamzaoui, L; Azzouz, MM: Granulomatous Gastritis: Endoscopic and Etiological Features
Harbi, R; Mrabet, S; Zaouga, S; Akkari, I; Ben Jazia, E: Efficacy Of Theconcomitant Quadruple Therapy for The Eradication Of Helicobacter Pylori
Honing, J; Dieninyte, E; O’Donovan, M; Brosens, LA; Fitzgerald, RC; Weusten, BL; di Pietro, M: Surveillance and Endoscopic Recognition of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia and Atrophic Gastritis: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Two Academic Centers
de Nucci, G; della Torre, S; Picascia, D; Imperatore, N; Mandelli, ED; d’Urbano, C; di Nuovo, F; Larghi, A; Bollina, R; Manes, G: Endoscopic Ultrasound Accuracy in Gastric Cancer Staging After New Standard Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy (Flot) in Comparison With Post Surgery Histology
João, M; Alves, S; Areia, M; Taveira, F; Brito, D; Elvas, L; Saraiva, S; Cadime, AT: Gastric Hyperplastic Polyps: a Benign Entity? Analysis Of Recurrence And Neoplastic Transformation in a Cohort Study
Mendo, R; Barreiro, P; Félix, C; O’Neill, C; Chagas, C: A Hidden Treasure Left Behind
Bang, EJ; Keum, B; Kim, S; Lee, KW; Jeon, HJ; Lee, JM; Choi, HS; Kim, ES; Jeen, YT; Chun, HJ; Lee, HS; Kim, CD: Comparison of the Microbiome Diversity in Gastric Cancer Patients and in Non-Cancerous Patients
Jeon, HJ; Chun, HJ; Keum, B; Jeen, YT; Kim, ES; Choi, HS; Lee, JM; Lee, KW; Kim, SH; Bang, EJ; Seo, JW; Ha, YW; Lee, HS: Determination of the Optimal Electrical Field Strength for Inducing Apoptosis in the Rat Stomach During Irreversible Electroporation&NBSP
Salvador, I; Arau, B; Andújar, X; Ferrer, C; Zabana, Y; Ruiz, L; Espinós, J; Aceituno, M; Fernández-Bañares, F; Esteve, M; Loras, C: Prevalence and Characteristics of Missed Gastric Cancer
Kuvaev, R; Kraynova, E; Vieth, M; Kashin, S; Yao, K; Yao, T: Well Differentiated Gastric Adenocarcinoma on the Base of Pyloric Gland Adenoma
Bas-Cutrina, F; Loras, C; García-Ibáñez, ME; Andujar, X; Casellas-Grau, A; Gil, FL; Tebé, C; Galán, M; Fernández-Aranda, F; Videla, S; Gornals, JB: Anxiety and Cancerophobia in Patients With Small Gastrointestinal Subepithelial Lesions and Tumours: Baseline Results of a Prospective Study (QUALI-BANDING-SET)
Esposito, G; Panzuto, F; Magi, L; Rinzivillo, M; Annibale, B: Endoscopic Resection of Type I Gastric Neuroendocrine Neoplasia: A Systematic Review
Khvorova, I; Shishin, K; Nedoluzhko, I; Kurushkina, N; Shumkina, L: Endoscopic Interventions in Patients With Submucosal Tumors in the Stomach
Iborra, I; Colan-Hernandez, J; Aguilar, A; Puig, M; Marín, I; Caballero, N; González González, L; Cañete, F; Calafat, M; Moreno de Vega, V; Uchima, H: Submucosal Tunneling Endoscopic Resetion (Ster) With Endoscopic Suture for the Treatment of A Gastric Submucosal Lesion
Tamari, H; Oka, S; Tanaka, S; Yorita, N; Tanaka, H; Yamashita, K; Ninomiya, Y; Kotachi, T; Boda, T; Kitadai, Y; Chayama, K: Clinical Usefulness of Combination Therapy Using Polidocanol Injection and Argon Plasma Coagulation for Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia
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Yavuz, A; Akan, K; Süveran, MM; Tuncer, İ; Çolak, Y: A Novel Technique in the Management of Gastroesophageal Varices
Cortegoso Valdivia, P; Skonieczna-Żydecka, K; Pennazio, M; Rondonotti, E; Marlicz, W; Toth, E; Koulaouzidis, A: DBE Insertion Route in Small Bowel Lesions Detected by Capsule Endoscopy: Which Way to go?
Macedo Silva, V; Freitas, M; Arieira, C; Xavier, S; Boal Carvalho, P; Rosa, B; Moreira, MJ; Cotter, J: Mid-Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Patients Treated With Direct Oral Anticoagulants: a “New” Threat On Capsule Endoscopy?
Iio, S; Oka, S; Tanaka, S; Sumioka, A; Tsuboi, A; Nojima, T; Hirata, S; Matsuo, Y; Sugiyama, E; Hide, M; Arihiro, K; Chayama, K: Capsule Endoscopy Findings Reflect the Gastrointestinal Conditions in Patients With Systemic Scleroderma
Rizza, S; Bruno, M; Ciruolo, M; De Angelis, CG; GM, Saracco; Pennazio, M: A Case Of Bronchial Aspiration of a Small Bowel Capsule in an Elderly Patient
Blanco-Velasco, G; Solórzano-Pineda, OM; García-Contreras, LF; Martínez-Camacho, C; Hernández-Mondragón, OV; Murcio-Pérez, E; Blancas-Valencia, JM: Does a Second Reading Of a Capsule Endoscopy Increase Diagnostic Yield?
Nwaezeigwe, M; Quinlivan, L; O’Neill, J; Kaar, A; O’Grady, J; Buckley, M: Pillcam ESO Capsule, an Alternative Diagnostic Tool During The Covid-19 Pandemic. First Irish Experience
Freitas, M; Macedo Silva, V; Boal Carvalho, P; Rosa, B; Moreira, MJ; Cotter, J: Prolonged Gastric Transit Time in Small-Bowel Capsule Endoscopy - Which Patients are at Risk and What Implications?
Finta, A; Szalai, M; Lovasz, BD; Helle, K; Olle, G; Rosztoczy, A; Madacsy, L: Magnetically Controlled Capsule Endoscopy (MCCE) Improves Distal Esophageal Mucosal And Circumferential Z-Line Visibility
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Giordano, A; Escude, L; Escapa, M; Fernández-Esparrach, G; Ginés, A; Llach, J; González-Suárez, B: TOP100 AS A RAPID TOOL FOR DIAGNOSIS IN OVERT SMALL BOWEL BLEEDING
Costa, M; Macedo, C; Amaro, A; Agostinho, C; Ferreira, M; Almeida, N; Figueiredo, P: Intra-Operative Enteroscopy: A Last Resort in Small Bowel Bleeding
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Mohamed, A; Caroline, C; Vakeesan, B; Morris, J; Ismail, S; Sengupta, S; Walshe, M; Keohane, J: An Audit On The Interval Cancer Rates In Louth County Hospital
de Sousa Magalhães, R; Boal Carvalho, P; Rosa, B; Moreira, MJ; Cotter, J: The Prediction Of Inadequate Colon Capsule Cleansing: A Cohort Selection Guided By CC-Clear
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Bove, V; Carlino, G; Boskoski, I; Gallo, C; De Siena, M; Matteo, MV; Pontecorvi, V; Laterza, L; Orlandini, B; Costamagna, G: Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty As New Hope For Mild Obesity
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