DOI : 10.1055/s-00034926


Issue 01 · Volume 109 · February 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-45689

HRI London 2019—Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy: Presentation Abstracts
London, 14.–16.06.2019

Aguilar-Velazquez, Gustavo: Biochemical Bases of Suppression
Ancken, Adalberto von; Eizayaga, Francisco; Bonamin, Leoni V.: Aspirin: From High Doses to High Dilutions – A Historical Critical Review and New Proposals
Aparicio, Ana Carla Caparica; Silva, Jefferson de Souza; de Oliveira, Larissa Helen Silva; Pinto, Sandra Augusta Gordinho; Mota, Hannah Maureen G.; Suffredini, Ivana B.; Cartwright, Steven J.; Bonamin, Leoni V.: Physical-Chemical Analysis of Different Homeopathic Medicines Using Solvatochromic Dyes as Indicators of Solvent Dipole Moment Changes
Lozzo, Eneida Da; Trindade, Edvaldo da Silva; Oliveira, Carolina De; Buchi, Dorly de: Homeopathic Immunotherapy against Cancer
Eizayaga, Francisco; Aguilar, Carolina; Ceballos, Adriana: Homeopathic Treatment of Psoriasis: A Case Series
Fontes, Clarissa; Holandino, Carla; Passos, Adriana; Homsani, Fortune; Paiva, Juliana; Rossi, André; Picciani, Paulo Enrique: Physicochemical Characterization of Dynamized Solid Drugs
Greenland, Joanne; Salter, Celeste; Brodie, Gabrielle; Levy, David; Bhouraskar, Shilpa; Manning, Ann; Mattiolo, Lorena; Jordan, Linlee: Understanding the Extent and Diversity of Homeopathic Practice in Australia
Haselen, Robbert van; Tapakis, Lefteris; Lilas, Theodoros: Improving Decision-Making in Homeopathic Clinical Practice
Keip, Birgit; Endler, Peter Christian; Mosgoeller, Wilhelm; Kiefer, Peter; Spranger, Heinz: Wound Healing Following Tooth Extraction and Arnica montana C30
Lombaerts, Christel; Thomas, Lois H.; Duckworth, Jean E.; Williamson, Susan: Homeopathy in the NHS (National Health Service): Diluted but Active
Mourão, Leila Cristina; Noslien, Sarah; Homsani, Fortune; Barbosa, Gleyce Moreno; Freitas, Francisco de; Neufeld, Paulo; Riveiro, Roseli V.; Oliveira, Adriana Passos; Canabarro, Antonio; Holandino, Carla: Usage Protocol Study of Calendula officinalis compared to Chlorhexidine in Oral Hygiene of Patients Admitted in the Intensive Care Unit
Nader, Talita; Leonel, Alexandre; Henrique, Camila; Mendes, Marcia; Manhoso, Fabio: Use of Homeopathic Complex in the Control of Dairy Cattle Ticks
Raak, Christa; Ostermann, Thomas; Berger, Bettina; Martin, David; Krüger, Peter; Geissen, Rene; Scharbrodt, Wolfram: Hypericum perforatum to Improve Post-Operative Pain Outcome After Lumbar Mono-segmental Spinal Microdiscectomy (HYPOS) – Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Schulz, Viola; Scherr, Claudia; Jäger, Tim; Baumgartner, Stephan: Systematic Review of Conceptual Criticism of Homeopathy
Chalia, Deepti Singh; Kaur, Harleen; Manchanda, Raj K.: Integration of Homeopathy in Indian Healthcare
Ulbrich-Zürni, Susanne; von Ammon, Klaus; Baumgartner, Stephan: A Time-to-Deterioration (TTD) N-of-1 Clinical Trial Design for Use in Homeopathy Research
Valle, Ana Catarina; Andrade, Rosangela; Sibata, Marcelo; Carvalho, Aloisio: Ultradiluted Viscum album in the Treatment of Melanoma in a Dog (Canis familiaris) – Case Report
Cabo, Domingos Jose Vaz Do; Esher, Silvia Helena Grosso; Mendes, Maria Filomena Xavier; Jr, Romeu Carillo; Gosik, Maria Solange: Developing Homeopathic Treatment Guidelines for Patients with Hepatitis C