DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 18 · Volume 85 · December 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45357

GA (Gesellschaft für Arzneipflanzen- und Naturstoff-Forschung e.V. / Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research) in cooperation with the French Society of Pharmacognosy (AFERP)
67th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) in cooperation with the French Society of Pharmacognosy AFERP
Innsbruck, Austria, 01.-05.09.2019

Tagungspräsident: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hermann Stuppner

Moremi, P; Kamatou, GP; Chen, W; Viljoen, A: Chemical profiling of Croton gratissimus Burch
Uchiyama, N; Masumoto, N; Hosoe, J; Sugimoto, N; Maruyama, T; Igarashi, Y; Suematsu, T; Komatsu, T; Yamada, Y; Takaoka, S; Miura, T; Mizui, K; Higano, T; Shimada, N; Goda, Y: Determination of perillaldehyde in perilla herbs based on relative molar sensitivity (RMS) using a combination of 1H-quantitative NMR and HPLC/UV
Lockie-Williams, C; Gkouva, C; Gibson, L; Howard, C: DNA barcoding analysis: quality control of published DNA sequences
Palma-Tenango, M; Hernandez-Aguilar, C; Dominguez-Pacheco, A; Soto-Hernandez, M; Miguel-Chavez, RS; Carballo-Carballo, A: Effect of electromagnetic radiation on the phenolic content of mexican arnica (Heterotheca inuloides Cass.)
Scotti, F; Kum, KY; Kirchhof, R; Heinrich, M: Hypericum perforatum quality of raw material: coming full-circle
Beteinakis, S; Katsikis, S; Cicarevic, D; Kolb, P; Schwarzinger, S; Mikros, E; Skaltsounis, LA; Halabalaki, M: Integrated NMR-based profiling and HPLC-DAD analysis for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) authentication assessment
Schinkovitz, A; Boisard, S; Škopíková, M; Gaucher, M; Freuze, I; Osuga, J; Hashimoto, M; Brisset, MN; Richomme, P: Matrix free laser desorption ionization as a versatile tool for the chemical characterization of complex mixtures of phenolic compounds
Uchiyama, N; Tsujimoto, T; Arai, R; Yoshitomi, T; Maruyama, T; Yamamoto, Y; Ozeki, Y; Hakamatsuka, T: Metabolomics approach for discrimination of water extracts of Citrus-type crude drugs using NMR and HR-LC-MS
Girme, A; Saste, G; Ghule, C; Gaikar, N; Kunkulol, R; Patwardhan, B; Hingorani, L: Phytoanalytical profiling of Cassia auriculata by LC-PDA-ESI-MS / MS and HPTLC supporting its metabolic claims
Rodriguez-Canales, M; Nava-Torres, AD; Martínez-Galero, E; Rodriguez-Monroy, MA; Canales-Martinez, MM: A plant used in Mexican traditional medicine improves colitis due to regulation of antioxidant mechanisms
Mayr, S; Strasser, S; Kirchler, CG; Stuppner, S; Sturm, S; Stuppner, H; Huck, CW: Quantification of Silymarin in Silybum marianum with near-infrared spectroscopy: a comparison of benchtop vs. handheld devices
Hooshyari, M; Rezadoost, H; Ghezellou, P; Ghassempour, A: Quantitative metabolomics of Iranian saffron based on their HPLC-DAD and MALDI-TOF-MS
Bielecka, M; Zielińska, S; Pencakowski, B; Stafiniak, M; Ślusarczyk, S; Prescha, A; Matkowski, A: Age-related variation in polyphenol content and expression of phenylpropanoid biosynthetic genes in a medicinal and aromatic perennial Agastache rugosa
Gezer, E; Bilgi, E; Küçüksolak, M; Bedir, E: Induction of secondary metabolism of marine derived Streptomyces cacaoi
Favre-Godal, Q; Gourguillon, L; Riffault-Valois, L; Urbain, A; Lordel-Madeleine, S; Gindro, K; Choisy, P: Orchids and their mycorrhizal fungi: an insufficiently explored relationship
Guzzetti, L; Panzeri, D; Burgio, F; Tommasi, N; Galimberti, A; Ulaszewska, M; Labra, M: Rediscovering traditional vegetables to enhance food and environmental sustainability of Sub-Saharan agriculture
Bunnak, W; Wonnapinij, P; Sriboonlert, A; Lazarus, CM; Wattana-Amorn, P: Assembly of a fungal macrocyclic polylactone is catalyzed by two iterative polyketide synthases
Pongkitwitoon, B; Prasertphetmanee, A; Jirasvakediloke, S; Bunsupa, S: Establishment of callus and cell suspension culture of Momordica charantia L. and their phytochemicals
Lee, G-J; Subburaja, S; Lee, K; Jeon, Y; Tu, L; Park, KS: Genetic features of lycopene content associated with flesh color in watermelon
Nassar, S; Liu, B; Beerhues, L: Polyketide-related biosynthesis of plant anthranoids
Wungsintaweekul, J; Perstwong, N; Limsuwanchote, S; Keawpradub, N: Sodium nitroprusside triggers mitragynine biosynthesis in Kratom
Zielińska, S; Janik-Polanowicz, A; Weng, A; Kozłowska, W; Matkowski, A: Tissue cultures of Gypsophila elegans as means for production of pharmacologically active triterpenoids
Righi, D; Hubert, R; Koval, A; Schnee, S; Marcourt, L; Michellod, E; Perozzo, R; Katanaev, VL; Wolfender, J-L; Gindro, K; Queiroz, EF: Use of Botrytis cinerea enzymatic secretome to generate original phenylpropanoids derivatives having Wnt inhibition on triple negative breast cancer cells
Stafiniak, M; Kozłowska, W; Pencakowski, B; Buluk, M; Ślusarczyk, S; Matkowski, A; Rahimmalek, M; Bielecka, M: Variation of phenolic compounds and expression of phenylpropanoid biosynthetic genes in two medicinal and aromatic species of Salvia subg. Perovskia
Thumann, TA; Pferschy-Wenzig, EM; Moissl-Eichinger, C; Duller, S; Högenauer, C; Kump, P; Aziz-Kalbhenn, H; Ammar, R; Rabini, S; Bauer, R: Assessing the role of the gut microbiome for the mode of action of the fixed herbal combination STW-5
Vanti, G; Bani, D; Wang, M; Liu, Z; Piazzini, V; Risaliti, L; Bergonzi, MC; Bilia, AR: Development of escin-based nanovesicles loaded with berberine chloride and percutaneous permeation study
Kindl, M; Vanić, Ž; Paljetak, HČ; Verbanac, D; Bucar, F; Vladimir-Knežević, S: Liposomal incorporation of Thymus essential oils and in vitro antibacterial activity
Koletti, AE; Kontogiannopoulos, KN; Papageorgiou, VP; Assimopoulou, AN: Novel nanocarriers for the bioactive natural products alkannins for topical use
Piazzini, V; Ambrosio, MD; Luceri, C; Cinci, L; Landucci, E; Vanti, G; Bilia, AR; Bergonzi, MC: Preparation, characterization and in vitro evaluation of novel silymarin-loaded nanomicelles
Zhussupova, A; Mustafina, R; Musabayeva, B; Aripzhanova, Z; Murzagulova, К; Zhusupova, G: Study of disturbed metabolism correction in tumor cells treated by combination of iron oxide nanoparticles and Limonium extract
Kapelańczyk, K; Pencakowski, B; Niezgoda, S; Kozłowska, W; Ślusarczyk, S; Prescha, A; Matkowski, A: Application of matrix solid-phase dispersion for HPLC analysis of polyphenol profile in 50-years old herbarium specimens of Polygonum aviculare
Knödler, M; Schrack-Belschner, SMI; Berger, M; Wais, T; Mohr, M; Gotthard, S; Stintzing, FC; Kammerer, DR: Authenticity assessment and detection of adulteration in Bulgarian rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) essential oils
Schrack-Belschner, SMI; Berger, M; Wais, T; Mohr, M; Stintzing, FC; Kammerer, DR; Knödler, M: Composition of rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) essential oils from various geographic origins
Brits, M; Naessens, T; Theunis, M; Taktak, O; Allouche, N; Pieters, L; Foubert, K: Identification and quantification of polymethoxylated flavonoids in different Citrus species using UPLC-QTOF-MS/MS and HPLC-DAD
Loos, S; Hartmann, A; Schwaiger, S; Stuppner, H: LC-TOF-MS-based metabolomic fingerprinting of Rumex species
Bruguière, A; Derbré, S; Dietsch, J; Leguy, J; Rahier, V; Pottier, Q; Saubion, F; Richomme, P: 13C-NMR dereplication of medicinal plant extracts using a home-made software
Boka, VI; Vontzalidou, A; Stathopoulou, K; Cheilari, A; Benaki, D; Gikas, E; Mikros, E; Aligiannis, N: A high-throughput multivariate statistics platform for the discovery of tyrosinase inhibitors
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Lemus Ringele, GB; Axiotis, E; Katsikis, S; Argyropoulou, A; Skaltsounis, LA; Halabalaki, M: Investigation of Greek honeys using HR-NMR and LC-HRMS metabolomics, for determination of their geographical, botanical origin and authenticity
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Lee, YG; Ryuk, JA; Gwag, JE; Hwang, JT; Kim, HG; Jung, EJ; Chung, DK; Lee, DS; Ko, BS; Baek, NI: 6-Metoxyflavonols from the aerial parts of Tetragonia tetragonioides (Pall.) Kuntze and their potential as anti-inflammatory agents
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