DOI : 10.1055/s-00032260

Digestive Disease Interventions

Issue S 04 · Volume 01 · December 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39439

4th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Digestive Disease Interventions
New York, 18.–21.10.2017

Wang, Michael; Kalra-Lall, Anouva; III, Charles Martin: Update: A Review on Biliary Sepsis
Fayazzadeh, Hana; Strong, Andrew T.; Allemang, Matthew T.; Gurajala, Ram K.; Wey, Jane; Rodriguez, John: Colonoscopic Removal of Arterial Embolization Coils Migrating into the Gastrointestinal Lumen: A Case Report
Mukherjee, Sujoy; Kohlbrenner, Ryan M.; Ring, Ernest J.; Kohi, Maureen: Predicting Coil Embolization in Patients with GI Bleeding with Hepatofugal Flow
Pierce, Jonathan D.; Esparaz, Anthony M.; Malik, Raza: Measurement of Portal Pressure and Its Application in the Clinical Setting
Sorra, E. Aleks; Schmidt, S. Lainey; Pillai, Anil; Odu, Ayobami; Sutphin, Patrick D.: Optimizing Cost and Workflow: A Quality Improvement Initiative in Outpatient Placement of Gastrostomy Tubes
Phillips, Elizabeth; Kohlbrenner, Ryan; True-Yasaki, Aisha; Fidelman, Nicholas; Mehta, Neil: Outcomes of TACE in HIV-Positive Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Grippi, Francisco; Commander, Clayton W.; Kim, Jeremy I.; Ashley, Bryan; Kim, Kyung Rae: Interventional Management of Liver Transplantation Related Vascular Complications
Sullivan, Ian; Akhter, Talal; Cobb, Ryan; Khan, Mansoor; Cohen, Gary; Burshteyn, Mark: Comparison of Embolic Agents in Portal Vein Embolization between STS Foam and Microspheres with Coils: A Single Institution Experience
Knox, Joseph; Watson, Elizabeth; Gonzales, Patrick; Fidelman, Nicholas; Kohi, Maureen P.: Outcomes Following Image Guided Peripancreatic Fluid Drainage in Pancreas Transplantation Patients
Liu, Chang; Yuan, Bo; Yang, Jia-yin; Du, Hua; Yan, Lu-nan; Jiang, Li; Wen, Tian-fu; Li, Bo; Wang, Wen-tao; Xu, Ming-qing; Lu, Wu-sheng: Combined Inflammation-based Index Predicts Outcomes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with Transarterial Embolization
Liu, Chang; Jia, Bang-sheng; Zou, Bing-wen; Du, Hua; Yan, Lu-nan; Yang, Jia-yin; Jiang, Li; Wen, Tian-fu; Wang, Wen-tao; Xu, Ming-qing; Lu, Wu-sheng: Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte and Aspartate-to-Alanine Aminotransferase Ratios Predict Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prognosis after Transarterial Embolization
Liu, Chang; Wei, Wu-ran; Gou, Jun-he; Yang, Jia-yin; Du, Hua; Wen, Tian-Fu; Jiang, Li; Lu, Wu-sheng: Prognostic Value of Inflammation Scores in Liver Cancer Post Transarterial Chemoembolization
Walker, Lisa; Kumari, Divya; Bochnakova, Teodora; Chen, Henry; Patel, Indravadan; Nakamoto, Dean; Azar, Nami: Ultrasound Contrast-Enhanced Sinogram
Walker, Lisa; Bochnakova, Teodora; Kumari, Divya; Patel, Indravadan; Tavri, Sidhartha: Left-sided Portal Hypertension
Lang, Min; Karuppasamy, Karunakaravel; Sands, Mark; Molano, Maria del Pilar Bayona; Carey, William; Kapoor, Baljendra S.: Early Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Placement in Patients with Cirrhosis and Variceal Bleeding
Nadkarni, Nishad; Modi, Neha; Midkiff, Brian; Joshi, Ganesh; Berberian, Gregory; Kanzaria, Paulomi; Dravid, Vikram: Budd–Chiari Syndrome Resulting from an Obstructive Membranous Web: Diagnosis and Percutaneous Transhepatic Angioplasty Intervention
Kumari, Divya; Bochnakova, Teodora; Walker, Lisa; Azar, Nami; Tavri, Sidhartha; Patel, Indravadan: Palliative Gastrointestinal Interventions
Bochankova, Teodora; Walker, Lisa; Kumari, Divya; Al-Natour, Mohammed; Patel, Indravadan: Provocative Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
Cobb, Ryan M.; Cords, Angelina; Shaw, Wei; Cuthbertson, Emily; Niman, Dimitry; Panaro, Joseph; Pryluck, David; Cohen, Gary S.; Burshteyn, Mark: Optimal Pre-procedural Imaging in Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Computed Tomographic Angiography vs. Nuclear Medicine Bleeding Scan
Cobb, Ryan M.; Sullivan, Ian; Patel, Abhinav; Berg, Brian; Cuthbertson, Emily; Pryluck, David; Niman, Dmitry; Burshteyn, Mark; Panaro, Joseph; Cohen, Gary: Percutaneous Cholecystostomy: The 2013 Tokyo Guidelines and the Expanding Role of Interventional Radiology in the Management of Cholecystitis
Kumar, S.K.; Singh, J.R.; Kumar, M; Nagbhushan, K.N.; Reddy, N.; Rao, G.V.: Endovascular Management of Pancreatitis Related Bleeding: Single-Centre Experience
Partovi, Sasan; Lu, Ziang; Kessner, Rivka; Yu, Alice; Ahmed, Yasmine; Patel, Indravadan J.; Nakamoto, Dean; Azar, Nami: Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy of Focal Liver Lesions not Visualized Well on Standard B-Mode Ultrasound
Rahim, Shiraz; Haaga, John; Davidson, Jon; Patel, Indravadan; Nakamoto, Dean: Comparing the Effectiveness of Different Hemostatic Methods in Minimally Invasive Intervention
Gupta, A.C.; Remer, E.M.; Bullen, J.; Sands, M.J.; Molano, P. Bayona; Kapoor, B.: Utility of Post-Procedural Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Ultrasound in the Covered Stent Era
Toliyat, Mohammad; Andring, Brice; Quadri, Rehan; Pillai, Anil K.; Chamarthy, Murthy; Kalva, Sanjeeva: Intravascular Ultrasound for Creation of Portosystemic Shunts: An Illustrative Guide of Hepatic Vascular Anatomy and Procedure Techniques
Kumari, Divya; Walker, Lisa; Bochnakova, Teodora; Patel, Indravadan: Transradial Arterial Access: Gastrointestinal Interventions