DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 43 · April 2004 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38282


Original Article

Brandt, C. A.; Cohen, D. B.; Shifman, M. A.; Miller, P. L.; Nadkarni, P. M.; Frawley, S. J.: Approaches and Informatics Tools to Assist in the Integration of Similar Clinical Research Questionnaires
Mullooly, J.; Drew, L.; DeStefano, F.; Maher, J.; Bohlke, K.; Immanuel, V.; Black, S.; Lewis, E.; Ray, P.; Vadheim, C.; Lugg, M.; Chen, R.: Quality Assessments of HMO Diagnosis Databases Used to Monitor Childhood Vaccine Safety
Garde, S.; Baumgarten, B.; Basu, O.; Graf, N.; Haux, R.; Herold, R.; Kutscha, U.; Schilling, F.; Selle, B.; Spiess, C.; Wetter, T.; Knaup, P.: A Meta-Model of Chemotherapy Planning in the Multi-Hospital/Multi-Trial-Center-Environment of Pediatric Oncology
Seuchter, S. A.; Eisenacher, M.; Riesbeck, M.; Gaebel, W.; Köpcke, W.; and other members of the A.N.I. Study Group: Methods for Predictor Analysis of Repeated Measurements: Application to Psychiatric Data
Baumert, M.; Baier, V.; Haueisen, J.; Wessel, N.; Meyerfeldt, U.; Schirdewan, A.; Voss, A.: Forecasting of Life Threatening Arrhythmias Using the Compression Entropy of Heart Rate