DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Ausgabe 01 · Volume 02 · 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36012

Research Article

Herzberg, S.; Fritz, F.; Rahbar, K.; Stegger, L.; Schäfers, M.; Dugas, M.: HIS-based support of follow-up documentation – concept and implementation for clinical studies
Phansalkar, S.; Wright, A.; Kuperman, G.J.; Vaida, A.J.; Bobb, A.M.; Jenders, R.A.; Payne, T.H.; Halamka, J.; Bloomrosen, M.; Bates, D.W.: Towards Meaningful Medication-Related Clinical Decision Support: Recommendations for an Initial Implementation
Figar, S.; Aliperti, V.; Salazar, E.; Otero, C.; Schpilberg, M.; Taliercio, V.; Otero, P.; González Bernaldo de Quirós, F.: Healthcare Information Systems to Assess Influenza Outbreaks
Giunta, D.; Fuentes, N.; Pazo, V.; Posadas-Martínez, M. L.; Michellangelo, H.; Waisman, G.; González Bernaldo De Quirós, F.: Creation of a Hyponatremia Registry Supported by an Industry-Derived Quality Control Methodology
Walton, S.M.; Galanter, W.L.; Rosencranz, H.; Meltzer, D.; Stafford, R.S.; Tiryaki, F.; Sarne, D.: A trial of inpatient indication based prescribing during computerized order entry with medications commonly used off-label
Carroll, D.G.; Alexander, C.; Radford, E.A.; Leeper, J.; Carroll, D.N.: Electronic Medical Record Prompts for Lab Orders in Patients Initiating Statins

Case Report

Ganslandt, T.; Mate, S.; Helbing, K; Sax, U.; Prokosch, H.U.: Unlocking Data for Clinical Research – The German i2b2 Experience