DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue S 01 · Volume 82 · December 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-33063

Abstracts 9th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, JSP, PSE & SIF
Copenhagen, Denmark, 24.–27.07.2016

Chairmen: Anna K. Jäger, Dan Stærk Issue Editors: Lars Porskjær Christensen, Xavier Fretté

Jäger, AK: Editorial
Strnad, M; Novák, O; Tarkowská, D; Pěnčík, A; Doležal, K: Plant hormone metabolite profiling on the tissue and cell level
Pateraki, I; Heskes, A; Luo, D; Zygadlo Nielsen, A; Wlodarczyk, AJ; Jensen, PE; Lindberg Møller, B: Synthetic plant biology: The ultimate way to 'go green'
Morazzoni, P; Riva, A; Petrangolini, G; Allegrini, P; Appendino, G: Curcumin: from biochemical promises to clinical development
Avato, P; Argentieri, M; Laquale, S; D'Addabbo, T: Plants as biocontrol agents against phytoparasite nematodes
Barron, D; Grand-Guillaume Perrenoud, A; Coulerie, P; Moco, S; Klicic, J; Ratinaud, Y: Natural product research in the food context
Bicchi, C; Cagliero, C; Cordero, C; Liberto, E; Sgorbini, B; Rubiolo, P: Gas chromatography: a mature technique with a bright future in phytochemical analysis
Olivon, F; Allard, PM; Koval, A; Leyssen, P; Dumontet, V; Roussi, F; Cachet, X; Touboul, D; Wolfender, JL; Katanaev, V; Litaudon, M: Can molecular networking be a powerful tool to target specific bioactive scaffolds? Case study of New Caledonian Euphorbiaceae species
Rasmussen, SA; Meier, S; Gedsted Andersen, N; Blossom, H; Øllgaard Duus, J; Fog Nielsen, K; Ostenfeld Larsen, T: Chemodiversity of the ladder-frame prymnesin polyethers of the fish-killing microalgal Prymnesium parvum
Allard, PM; Péresse, T; Bisson, J; Gindro, K; Marcourt, L; Pham, VC; Roussi, F; Litaudon, M; Wolfender, JL: Integration of molecular networking & in-silico MS/MS fragmentation: a novel dereplication strategy in natural products chemistry
Miller, IJ; Lopera, JG; Montgomery, K; Puglisi, M; Rose, W; Kwan, JC: Deconvolution of complete microbial genomes from shotgun metagenomes
Kinghorn, AD; Ren, Y; Chen, WL; Lantvit, DD; Ngoc Ninh, T; Sass, EJ; Chai, HB; Zhang, X; Soejarto, DD; Lucas, DM; Swanson, SM; Burdette, JE: Strebloside, a Constituent of Streblus asper with Antineoplastic Activity
Grienke, U; Richter, M; Walther, E; Hoffmann, A; Kirchmair, J; Makarov, V; Nietzsche, S; Schmidtke, M; Rollinger, JM: Killing two birds with one stone – Prenylated flavonoids disrupt the lethal synergism of influenza A viruses and pneumococci
Wolfender, JL; Allard, PM; Righi, D; Azzollini, A; Marcourt, L; Queiroz, EF: Towards an efficient and targeted isolation of valuable natural products only
Ibrahim, A; Sørensen, D; Miller, JD; Seifert, KA; Sumarah, MW: Discovery of novel antibiotics from fungal endophytes by comprehensive LC-MS based metabolomics
Kusari, S; Kusari, P; Eckelmann, D; Zühlke, S; Kayser, O; Spiteller, M: Novel insights into plant-endophyte communication: maytansine as an example
Molinski, TF; Wang, X; Jamison, MT: Complex peptides from two Caribbean marine sponges
Masschelein, J; Sydor, PK; Griffiths, D; Valentic, TR; Gallo, A; Jones, C; Song, L; Tsai, SC; Lewandowski, JR; Mahenthiralingam, E; Challis, GL: Dissection and rational engineering of the biosynthetic pathway to enacyloxin, a promising anti-Gram-negative antibiotic
Kreis, W; Geiger, D; Höhn, S; Meitinger, N; Munkert, J; Petersen, J; Rieck, C: Towards a biomanufacturing platform for cardenolides
Henz, A; Buonfiglio, R; Kogej, T; Backlund, A: Phylogenetic relationships through the lens of chemoinformatic methods
Houriet, J; Ferreira Queiroz, E; Allard, PM; Vallin, L; Li, S; Wang, R; Marcourt, L; Kuchta, K; Wolfender, JL: Metabolite profiling and targeted isolation of markers for a comprehensive standardisation of a multi-herb TCM formula to treat atopic dermatitis
Allkin, R; Black, N; Dauncey, EA; Edwards, SE; Irving, JTW; Patmore, K: Plant names in publishing: problems, consequences and solutions
Kingston, DGI; Belen Cassera, M; Su, Q; Du, Y; Presley, C; Dalal, S; Goetz, M: Discovery and biology of novel antimalarial agents from plants
Chollet, S; Kotland, A; Autret, JM; Calmels, G; Diard, C; Hubert, J; Marchal, L; Renault, JH: Purification of alkaloids from Catharanthus roseus by pH-zone refining centrifugal partition chromatography: process intensification and scale up
James, EE; Mulholland, DA; Langat, MK; Kleeberg, I; Treutwein, J; Hokkanen, HMT; Thürig, B; Schärer, HJ; Tamm, L: Development of a botanical plant protection product from Larix by-products
Bakiri, A; Hubert, J; Reynaud, R; Nuzillard, JM; Renault, JH: 13C NMR-based dereplication of natural products: New opportunities for reducing isolation efforts
Weber, T; Tong, Y; Blin, K; Lee, SY: Engineering of actinomycetes using CRISPR/Cas9 technologies
Clevenger, KD; Bok, JW; Ye, R; Miley, GP; Velk, T; Chen, C; Yang, K; Gao, P; Lamprecht, M; Thomas, PM; Islam, MN; Wu, CC; Keller, NP; Kelleher, NL: Large scale discovery and deorphanization of natural products using fungal artificial chromosomes and untargeted metabolomics (FAC-MS)
Jones, C; Bull, MJ; Jenner, M; Song, L; Dashti, Y; Harris, SR; Parkhill, J; Connor, TR; Challis, GL; Mahenthiralingam, E: Genome mining and characterisation of multiple bioactive compounds from a Burkholderia gladioli isolate collection
Göransson, U; Gunasekera, S; Malik, S; Park, S; Slazak, B; Jacobsson, E; Eriksson, C; Andersson, H; Strömstedt, A: Peptide biodiscovery from plants and animals: structure to function
Liu, B; Li, F; Guo, Z; Hong, L; Huang, W; Bai, Y; Luo, B; Long, C: Using species distribution modeling to improve conservation of medicinal plants in Southwest China
Jacobsson, E; Andersson, HS; Strand, M; Lebbe, E; Eriksson, C; Peigneur, S; Rosengren, J; Tytgat, J; Göransson, U: Peptide toxins from the longest animal on earth
Israel Notarte, K; Nakao, Y; Yaguchi, T; Suganuma, K; Edison dela Cruz, T: Anti-infective and cytotoxic activities of marine fungi derived from Philippine macroalgae and seagrasses
Ernst, M; Saslis-Lagoudakis, CH; Grace, OM; Nilsson, N; Toft Simonsen, H; Horn, JW; Stærk, D; Rønsted, N: Molecular phylogenetics as a predictive tool in plant-based drug discovery in the genus Euphorbia L.
Fokou, PVT; Kissi-Twum, AA; Yeboah-Manu, D; Appiah-Oppong, R; Addo, P; Yamthe, LRT; Mfopa, AN; Boyom, FF; Nyarko, AK: Activity of selected West African medicinal plants against Mycobacterium ulcerans disease
Tuenter, E; Exarchou, V; Ahmad, R; Baldé, A; Cos, P; Maes, L; Apers, S; Pieters, L: Antiplasmodial activity of cyclopeptide alkaloids from Hymenocardia acida and Ziziphus oxyphylla
Groscurth, S; Kühn, T; Kessler, P; Rukachaisirikul, V: Structure elucidation by combined use of MS and NMR
Grand-Guillaume Perrenoud, A; Coulerie, P; Moco, S; Ratinaud, Y; Bultot, L; Guillarme, D; Ferreira Queiroz, E; Sakamoto, K; Veuthey, JL; Wolfender, JL; Barron, D: Advanced technologies for exploring the chemical and functional properties of bioactive constituents in food
Kikuchi, A; Yamamura, Y; Murakami, Y; Takao, Y; Tatsuo, Y; Kurosaki, F; Lee, JB: Discovery of genes involved in onjisaponin biosynthesis from Polygala tenuifolia
Britton, ER; Kellogg, JJ; Kvalheim, OM; Cech, NB: New strategies to identify synergists from Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal)
Gramkow, MH; Ernst, M; Dunn, RR; Saslis-Lagoudakis, CH: Phylogenetics of psychoactive plants in neuro-targeted bioprospecting 24852989
Afzan, A; Queiroz, EF; Kasim, N; Ismail, NH; Ali, AM; Mat, N; Wolfender, JL: Metabolomic differentiation of varieties from Ficus deltoidea, a plant used for management of diabetes in Malaysia
Spyrelli, ED; Virgiliou, C; Koletti, AE; Gika, H; Mossialos, G; Papageorgiou, VP; Assimopoulou, AN: Metabolic profiling study of shikonin's inhibitory effect on cancer cell lines
Azzollini, A; Boggia, L; Boccard, J; Sgorbini, B; Lecoutre, N; Rubiolo, P; Rudaz, S; Gindro, K; Bicchi, C; Wolfender, JL: Detection and dynamics of volatile/non-volatile metabolite induction in fungal co-culture through a miniaturised MS-based metabolomic approach
Waltenberger, B; Hubert, J; Baraldo, G; Gamper, N; Engels, N; Jansen-Dürr, P; Renault, JH; Stuppner, H: Identification of constituents of the Alpine plant Rhinanthus glacialis by 13C nuclear magnetic resonance pattern recognition
Lee, DG; Cho, S; Lee, J; Rodriguez, JP; Cho, IH; Kim, HJ; Lee, SW; Kim, YO; Park, CG; Lee, S: Isolation and identification of a new dammarane-type triterpene saponin from Panax ginseng
Fox Ramos, AE; Alcover, C; Maciuk, A; Duplais, C; Bernadat, G; Dejean, C; Jullian, JC; Grellier, P; Poupon, E; Evanno, L; Champy, P; Beniddir, MA: Unveiling the secrets of forgotten plants: Molecular networking-based phytochemical study of Geissospermum laeve (Vell.) Miers
Lee, J; Cho, S; Rodriguez, JP; Lee, KH; Jin, T; Lee, MH; Cho, EJ; Lee, S: Simultaneous determination of phytochemicals from the seeds of Perilla cultivars
May, D; Crnkovic, CM; Luo, S; Krunic, A; Chlipala, G; Chen, WL; Burdette, JE; Swanson, SM; Orjala, J: Novel cytotoxic merocyclophanes from the cultured cyanbacterium Nostoc sp. (UIC 10110)
Kim, J; Ossipov, V; Pälijärvi, M; Salminen, JP: Oxidative and enzymatic activity of plant polyphenols revealed by UHPLC-MS
Chervin, J; Marti, G; Perio, P; Martins, N; Reybier, K; Nepveu, F; Fabre, N; Vilarem, G; Talou, T: LC-MS based metabolomic approach applied to bioactive molecules identification: case study of a comprehesive chemodiversity screening of Viola genus
Lee, KH; Cho, S; Lee, J; Rodriguez, JP; Jin, T; Kang, KS; Hahm, DH; Huh, CK; Lee, SC; Lee, S: Simultaneous content analysis of flavonoids in Cirsium japonicum var. mackii using HPLC analysis
Boka, VI; Chaita, E; Stathopoulou, K; Benaki, D; Sani, M; Schäfer, H; Spraul, M; Aligiannis, N; Mikros, E; Skaltsounis, AL: Combination of FCPC and NMR for the activity-guided isolation of skin whitening natural agents
do Nascimento Júnior, JAA; dos Santos, BS; de Araújo, LCA; Lima, AVA; da Silva, TD; da Silva, LCN; Napoleão, TH; Paiva, PMG; da Silva, MV; dos Santos Correia, MT: Anti-biofilm potential of some plant volatile compounds against Proteus mirabilis
Beniddir, MA; Ramos, AFE; N'nang, EO; Alcover, C; Maciuk, A; Evanno, L; Poupon, E; Champy, P: Out of fashion plants at the “big data” Era: Illuminating the overlooked Apocynaceae alkaloids chemical space by Molecular Networking
Allard, PM; Olivon, F; Righi, D; Leyssen, P; Roussi, F; Litaudon, M; Wolfender, JL: Massive multi-informative molecular networks to mine New-Caledonian chemodiversity for antiviral compounds
Zikovic, J; Genta-Jouve, G; Massicot, F; Rat, P; Deguin, B; Godevac, D; Menkovic, N; Savikin, K; Zdunic, G; Boutefnouchet, S: Exploration of the P2X7-receptor pathway involvement in the anti-inflammatory activity of medicinal plants from the European traditional medicine through metabolomics approach
Guaratini, T; Demarque, D; Vessecchi, R; Silva, DB; Lopes, NP; Callegari Lopes, JL: Erythraline mass spectrometry and pharmacokinetic studies
Fraige, K; Dametto, AC; Zeraik, ML; Saraiva, AC; de Medeiros, AI; Lopes, NP; Castro-Gamboa, I; da Silva, DHS; Bolzani, VS: Chemical profiling of Byrsonima species by HPLC-DAD-MS/MS and the evaluation of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities
Rezadoost, H; Alizadeh, R; Mirzaei, M; Sonboli, A; Goudarzi, M: Comprehensive HPLC-DAD based metabolomics analysis of Tanacetum species from Iran
Houël, E; Rodrigues, AMS; Jahn-Oyac, A; Bessière, JM; Odonne, G; Gonzalez, G; Espindola, LS; Eparvier, V; Deharo, E; Stien, D: How can plant defences lead to valuable products? Inspiration from plant complexity in phytochemistry
Servat-Medina, L; Durán, N; Lima, AC; Basting, RT; Sousa, IMO; Zanutto, FV; Foglio, MA: Nanotechnology approach for malaria treatment
Woods, N; Gebril, A; Mitchell, A; Iannetta, PPM; Kenicer, G; Tate, RJ; Pickard, B; Gray, AI; Ferro, VA: Brain changing tubers: Gene expression changes following mediaeval tuber consumption
Abal, P; Louzao, MC; Fraga, M; Vilariño, N; Ferreiro, S; Vieytes, MR; Botana, LM: Study of permeability of the marine toxin azaspiracid-1 over in vitro human intestinal model
Piwowarski, JP; Granica, S; Stefańska, J; Kiss, AK: Metabolic fate of ellagitannins in human gut microbiota ex vivo cultures
Esposito, M; Nothias-Scaglia, LF; Leyssen, P; Roussi, F; Touboul, D; Costa, J; Paolini, J; Litaudon, M: Targeting new anti-CHIKV diterpenoids from two Corsican Euphorbia species using MS/MS molecular networking
Péresse, T; Allard, PM; Wolfender, JL; Pham, VC; Huong, DTM; Roussi, F; Litaudon, M: Molecular networking approach to detect new analogues of prenylated stilbenes from Macaranga spp.
Ghareeb, MA; Mohamed, T; Saad, AM; Refahy, LA; Sobeh, MA; Wink, M: LC-DAD-ESI-MS/MS, total phenolic content, and antioxidant activity of Firmiana simplex
Koutsoulas, A; Tóth, J; Háznagy-Radnai, E; Böszörményi, A; Czigle, S: SPME GC-MS analysis of Cretan Salvia pomifera volatile constituents
Mutschlechner, B; Schwaiger, S; Schneider, P; Stuppner, H: Degradation study of carnosic acid
Olivon, F; Remy, S; Apel, C; Técher-Giraud, S; Girard-Valenciennes, E; Grondin, I; Roussi, F; Thoison, O; Touboul, D; Litaudon, M: Efficient extraction and purification of flexibilane and tigliane diterpenoids from Stillingia lineata using sequential SFE-CO2 and SFC-CO2
Mbakidi-Ngouaby, H; Millot, M; Pinault, E; Gloaguen, V; Costa, G; Sol, V; Mambu, L: Metabolite profiling of the three areas of Pseudotsuga menziesii wood
Yuk, J; Narendrabhai Patel, D; Isaac, G; Wrona, M; Yu, K: Detecting the “Un-natural” in Natural Products
Kongstad, KT; Wubshet, SG; Kjellerup, L; Winther, AML; Staerk, D: HPLC-HRMS-SPE-NMR combined with high resolution in vitro screening for natural fungicides
Fougère, L; Chartier, A; Rhino, B; Destandau, E; Elfakir, C: Analysis of elicitors in different varieties of corn silk
Bourjot, M; Margueritte, L; Markov, P; Nardella, F; Gallé, JB; Schaeffer, B; Viéville, J; Bret, G; Delsuc, MA; Rognan, D; Vonthron-Sénécheau, C: Development of a pharmacophoric deconvolution method for the targeted discovery of bioactive natural products
Coulerie, P; Ratinaud, Y; Moco, S; Merminod, L; Cabo, M; Boccard, J; Ferreira Queiroz, E; Bultot, L; Wolfender, JL; Sakamoto, K; Barron, D: Improving the detection of plant bioactive compounds by coupling a semi-preparative 2D-LCxLC system to an HTS platform
Vásquez-Ocmín, P; Suyyagh-Albouz, S; Cojean, S; Beniddir, M; Loiseau, P; Figadere, B; Maciuk, A: Biodereplication approach for antimalarial drugs in complex extracts mixtures: active compounds from the insect Pyrrhocoris apterus
Le Pogam, P; Le Lamer, AC; Legouin, B; Geairon, A; Rogniaux, H; Rondeau, D; Fautrel, A; Boustie, J: Spatial mapping of lichen metabolites using mass spectrometry: application to the crustose lichen Ophioparma ventosa
Bertrand, S; Guitton, Y; Grovel, O; Roullier, C: Automated MS/MS data annotation: CASMI experiences
Sakamoto, S; Yusakul, G; Nagamitsu, R; Tsuneura, Y; Putalun, W; Miyamoto, T; Tanaka, H; Morimoto, S: Development of highly sensitive immunological techniques for determination of cephalotaxus alkaloids, harringtonine
Boisard, S; Aumond, MC; Le Ray, AM; Blanchard, P; Derbré, S; Schinkovitz, A; Flurin, C; Richomme, P: Poplar-type propolis components as trapping agents to prevent the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs)
Cretton, S; Allard, PM; Garcia-Gomez, I; Anheuser, K; Wastiau, B; Wolfender, JL; Cuendet, M; Christen, P: Modern tools to analyse museum samples of curare and psychoactive preparations used by Amazonian tribes
de la Rosa-Lugo, V; Ramírez-Cisneros, MÁ; Rios, MY: Total content of affinin from Heliopsis longipes extracts by HPLC
Bordignon, A; Cieckiewicz, E; Campos, PE; Smadja, J; Quetin-Leclercq, J; Frédérich, M: Study of the antiplasmodial potential of Vernonia fimbrillifera Less. (Asteraceae) leaves, an endemic plant from Reunion Island
Argyropoulou, A; Karygianni, L; Bartels, N; Aligiannis, N; Al-Ahmad, A; Hellwig, E; Wittmer, A; Skaltsounis, AL: In vitro antimicrobial potential of representative Mediterranean plant extracts against oral microorganisms
Mohd Rasid, NF; Ahmat, N; Kamarozaman, AS: Two flavonoids isolated from the leaves of Macaranga gigantea
Gadetskaya, A; Mohamed, S; Tarawneh, A; Mohamed, N; Ma, G; Ponomarev, B; Zhussupova, G; Zhussupova, A; Cantrell, C; Cutler, S; Ross, S: Biologically potent metabolites from Limonium species
Alaribe, CS; Oladipupo, A; Ola Adisa, O; Okeoma, C; Adeyeye, AO; Rastrelli, L: Comparative qualitative and quantitative analysis of flavonoids in propolis samples from two regions in Nigeria
Vásquez-Ocmín, P; Suyyagh-Albouz, S; Cojean, S; Amasifuén, C; Rengifo, E; Cabanillas, B; Mejía, K; Nuzillard, JM; Beniddir, M; Figadère, B; Maciuk, A: Chemical profiling by LC-NMR of plants from Peruvian Amazonia with antiparasitic activities
El-Gamal, AA; Al-Massarani, SM; Abdel-Mageed, WM; El-Shaibany, A; Al-Mahbashi, HM; Basudan, OA; Badria, FA; Al-Said, MS; Abdel-Kader, MS: New cytotoxic prenylated flavonoids from Commiphora opobalsamum stem bark
Bos, A; Li, H; Jean, S; Robichaud, GA; Johnson, JA; Gray, CA: Anticancer natural products from traditionally used Canadian medicinal plants
Karioti, A; Ceruso, M; Carta, F; Bilia, AR; Supuran, CT: New natural product carbonic anhydrase inhibitors incorporating phenol moieties
Vasas, A; Tóth, B; Kúsz, N; Hwang, TL; Cheng, YB; Chang, FR; Wu, YC; Hohmann, J: Anti-inflammatory activity of Luzula luzuloides and isolation of its compounds
Sendker, J; Böker, I; Lengers, I; Brandt, S; Jose, J; Abdel-Aziz, H; Hensel, A: New flavon glucuronides, scopoletin glycosides from the roots of Althaea officinalis L. and anti-hyaluronidase-1 activity
Schinkovitz, A; Guillemette, T; Blond, N; Le Pogam-Alluard, P; Jaozara, N; Kerdia, K; Boustie, J; Simoneau, P; Richomme, P: Antifungal activity of lichen extracts and compounds against Alternaria brassicola
Bisio, A; De Mieri, M; Milella, L; Schito, AM; Parricchi, A; Alfei, S; Vignola, L; Hamburger, M; De Tommasi, N: Biological activity of constituents of Salvia chamaedryoides
Champy, AS; Mitaine-Offer, AC; Paululat, T; Papini, AM; Lacaille-Dubois, MA: Oleanane-type saponins from the roots of Wisteria floribunda macrobotrys
Soares, V; Machado, JR; da Silva, AJR: Phenylpropanoid amides of Solanum paniculatum fruits
Aldhaher, AHS; Langat, MK; Schwikkard, SL; Carew, M; Mulholland, DA: New terpenoids from Croton dichogamus Pax.
Donkor Forkuo, A; Ansah, C; Gyan, B; Mancama, D; Theron, A: In vitro antimalarial interaction and transmission-blocking activity of cryptolepine
Ndhlala, AR; Cele, K; Mulaudzi, R; du Plooy, CP; Venter, S; Mashela, PW; Abdelgadir, HA: The potential of Moringa oleifera Lam. to manage HIV-1 infections and its positive pharmaco-synergy with antiretroviral therapies
Fenton-Navarro, B; Urquiza-Martinez, MV; Fiscal-Castro, B; Nateras-Marín, B; López-Rodríguez, M; Vázquez-Hernández, A: Evaluation of the hypoglycemic and oxidative stress effect of watercress (Nasturtium officinale) on hyperglycemic rats
Guo, B; Zhao, M; Onakpa, MM; Santarsiero, BD; Huang, XJ; Zhang, XQ; Che, CT: 16,17-Dinor- and 17,19-dinor-pimaranes from Icacina trichantha
Murbach Teles Andrade, BF; Nunes Barbosa, L; Bérgamo Alves, F; Albano, M; Keller Fernandes, R; Mendonça Gorgulho, C; Fernandes Júnior, A; Brüggemann, H: Cymbopogon martinii essential oil: chemical characterization, effects on Propionibacterium acnes and immune response in lymphocytes
Nguyen, PD; Abedini, A; Gangloff, SC; Madoux, J; Lavaud, C: Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial evaluation of Dolichandrone spathacea (Bignoniaceae)
Sahli, R; Rivière, C; Dufloer, C; Bero, J; Beaufay, C; Samaillie, J; Bourlet, M; Ksouri, R; Quetin-Leclercq, J; Sahpaz, S: In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity of Extremophile Plants on WI-38 and J774 Cell Lines
Jung, YS; Weon, JB; Ma, CJ: Neuroprotective compounds from Euonymus alatus
Olarbi, AA; Bekoe, EO; Agyare, C; Osafo, N; Boamah, VE: In vivo anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Albizia zygia D. C. Macbr.
Kyere-Davies, G; Agyare, C; Debnath, A; Caffrey, C; Mckerrow, J: Antigiardial activity of some plant extracts and fractions from Ghana
Brehm, C; Wohl, J; Rieck, C; Kreis, W: Cytochrome P450 enzymes in Thymus vulgaris
Liu, B; Li, F; Guo, Z; Hong, L; Huang, W; Bai, Y; Luo, B; Han, Y; Li, R; Long, C: Using species distribution modelling to improve conservation of medicinal plants in Southwest China
Zhang, S; Li, P; Huang, W; Hong, L; Dai, S; Gu, R; Li, F; Liu, B; Long, C: Traditional medicinal uses of Acorus in China
Grosso, C; Bernardo, J; Correia, P; Andrade, C; Valentão, P; Andrade, PB: In vitro neuroprotection by medicinal plant extracts
Giuliani, C; Ascrizzi, R; Santagostini, L; Lupi, D; Palamara, M; Gelmini, F; Beretta, G; Flamini, G; Fico, G: Sage at the botanic garden: essential oils and VOC emission related to micromorphological characterization
Ferreira-Neto, JP; Padilha, RJSA; Santana, ERB; Gomes, DN; Sena, KXFR; Magalhães, LPM; Yara, R; Lima, CSA: Chemical evaluation and microbiological assays of medicinal plants used in traditional communities in northeastern Brazil
Attia, R; Arraki, K; Messaoud, C; Zedet, A; Demougeot, C; Girard-Thernier, C: In vitro arginase inhibitory effect of two Tunisian Artemisia species
Acheampong, F; Larbie, C; Appiah-Oppong, R; Reilly, J; Spencer, M; Arthur, FKN; Tuffour, I: In vitro antioxidant and anticancer properties of hydroethanolic extracts, fractions and novel flavones of Ageratum conyzoides leaves
Petinatti Pavarini, D; Marchi Santoni Biasioli, M; de Souza Moreira, TM; Magalhães, LG; Andricopulo, AD; Zanelli, CF; Furlan, M: Combined “omics” techniques for targeted investigation on CYP450 roles during bioactive quinonemethide triterpenes biosynthesis: Maytenus spp. case study
Formisano, C; Rigano, D; Sirignano, C; Sanna, C; Ballero, M; Esposito, F; Tramontano, E; Taglialatela-Scafati, O: Antinflammatory sesquiterpene compounds from the aerial parts of Onopordum illyricum L.
Goðevac, D; Anðelković, B; Vajs, V; Tešević, V: The effects of altitude on the chemical composition of Populus type propolis
Dardic, D; Hirsch, R; Druzineck, D; Wiesner, J; Bauer, A; Vilcinskas, A; Hammann, P; Plaza, A: SF3: Unusual Antimicrobial Hexapeptides from a Streptomyces sp. Strain
Giles-Rivas, DE; Aguilar-Guadarrama, B; Castillo-España, P; Ramírez-Ávila, G; Estrada-Soto, SE: α-Glucosidase inhibitory activity of extracts from Cordia morelosana
Diop, EHA; Queiroz, EF; Marcourt, L; Kicka, S; Rudaz, S; Diop, T; Wolfender, JL: Identification of antimycobacterial ellagitannins from the aqueous extract of Combretum aculeatum
Kotina, EL; Tilney, PM; van Wyk, BE: Identification of South African medicinal barks
Sobreira, F; de Almeida, AR; da, L; Borges, S; Zambonatto, RF; Lourenço, FR; Hatanaka, E; Bacchi, EM: Kalanchoe pinnata modulates production of TNF-α in neutrophils
Hübner, AA; Neto, AV; Sobreira, F; Pinto, CASO; Dario, MF; Lourenço, FR; Baby, AR; Bacchi, EM: Phytochemistry, antioxidant activity, and sunscreen efficacy of hydroethanolic extract of Cabernet Sauvignon grape pomace (Vitis vinifera L.)
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