DOI: 10.1055/s-00031417

Journal of Hand and Microsurgery

Issue 02 · Volume 07 · December 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-32337

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Wickramasinghe, Neil R.; Duckworth, Andrew D.; Clement, Nick D.; Hageman, Michiel G.; McQueen, Margaret M.; Ring, David: Acute Median Neuropathy and Carpal Tunnel Release in Perilunate Injuries Can We Predict Who Gets a Median Neuropathy?
McLaughlin-Symon, Iain; Kenyon, Peter; Morgan, Barnes; Ravenscroft, Matt: A New “Trapdoor technique” for Fixation of Displaced Greater Tuberosity Fractures of the Shoulder
Akbari, Hossein; Rahimi, Amir Asadollah Khajeh; Ghavami, Yaser; Mousavi, Seyed Jaber; Fatemi, Mohammad Javad: Effect of Heparin on Post-Operative Adhesion in Flexor Tendon Surgery of the Hand
Farzad, Maryam; Asgari, Ali; Layeghi, Fereydoun; Yazdani, Farzaneh; Hosseini, Seyyed Ali; Rassafiani, Mehdi; Kus, Sandra: Exploring the Relation Between Impairment Rating by AMA Guide and Activity and Participation Based on ICF in the Patients with Hand Injuries
Chan, Samuel K.L.; Singh, T.; Pinder, R; Tan, S.; Craigen, M.A.: Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy: Are Complications Under Reported?
Becker, Stéphanie J.E.; Braun, Yvonne; Janssen, Stein J.; Neuhaus, Valentin; Ring, David; Mudgal, Chaitanya S.: Early Patient Satisfaction with Different Treatment Pathways for Trigger Finger and Thumb
Ozturk, Muhammed Besir; Egemen, Onur; Basat, Salih Onur; Bozdağ, Ergün; Sakız, Damlanur; Akan, Mithat: Histologic and Biomechanical Evaluation of the Effects of Social Stress and the Antidepressant Fluoxetine on Tendon Healing in Rats
Heidsieck, David S.P.; ten Berg, Paul W.L.; Schep, Niels W.L.; Strackee, Simon D.: Factors Associated with Patient Delay in Scaphoid Nonunions

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Kane, Patrick M.; Gaspar, Michael P.; Rekant, Mark S.: Solitary Myxoid Neurofibroma of the Palm

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