DOI : 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue S 01 · Volume 46 · April 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-005-28977

Abstracts of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuropediatrics
Basel, 23–26 April 2015

Prof. Dr. Peter Weber

Krumm, A.; Staudt, M.; Company, M.; Ivanov, I.; Küster, A.; Trauzettel-Klosinski, S.: Explorative Saccade Training for Children with Homonymous Hemianopia: Case Report and Presentation of a Planned Study
Cagnoli, S.; Idris, N.; Piroth, W.; Große-Opphoff, J.; Borusiak, P.; Sinha, K.: Never Trust a Normal MRI
Picker-Minh, S.; Hartenstein, S.; Proquitté, H.; Fröhler, S.; Raile, V.; Krämer, N.; Kalache, K.; Morris-Rosendahl, D.; Boltshauser, E.; Chen, W.; Kaindl, A.: Pontine Tegmental Cap Dysplasia in an Extremely Low Birth Weight Preterm Infant
Kustermann, W.; Brackmann, F.; Gusek-Schneider, G.; Krägeloh-Mann, I.; Dekomien, G.; Leis, T.; Trollmann, R.: Rare Variant of GM2 Gangliosidosis due to Activator Protein Deficiency: A Case Report
Bley, A.; Löbel, U.; Nickel, M.; Ohlenbusch, A.; Denecke, J.; Kohlschütter, A.: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Late-Onset Krabbe Disease
Bley, A.; Nickel, M.; Wolf, N.; Löbel, U.; Kohlschütter, A.: Hypomyelination without Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism and Hypodontia as a Variant of 4H Syndrome
Kehrer, C.; Böhringer, J.; Beck-Wödl, S.; Krägeloh-Mann, I.: GM2-Activator Deficiency Mimics Tay–Sachs Disease
Deutz, U.; Clusmann, H.; Mull, M.; Lassay, L.; Aktas-Koptagel, M.; Häusler, M.: Spinal Hemorrhage: An Interdisciplinary Emergency
Poretti, A.; Poretti, A.; Toelle, S.; Klein, A.; Scheer, I.; Huisman, T.; Boltshauser, E.: Cerebellar Cysts in Children: A Pattern-Recognition Approach
Poretti, A.; Poretti, A.; Denecke, J.; Miller, D.; Schiffmann, H.; Buhk, J.; Grange, D.; Doherty, D.; Boltshauser, E.: Brain Stem Disconnection: Two Additional Patients and Expansion of the Phenotype
Deißler, A.; Albers, L.; von Kries, R.; Langhagen, T.; Heinen, F.; Jahn, K.; Schröder, S.: Health-Related Quality of Life of Children with Vertigo: Retrospective Study at the German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders
Kästner, B.; Behre, S.; Lutz, N.; Bürger, F.; Luntz, S.; Hinderhofer, K.; Bendszus, M.; Hoffmann, G.; Ries, M.: Neurological Multicenter Clinical Research in Vulnerable Populations: Variability in Institutional Review Boards' Responses
Schwartz, O.; Loges, N.; Wallmeier, J.; Dougherty, G.; Pennekamp, P.; Olbrich, H.; Omran, H.: Subcellular Analysis of the Motor Protein Apparatus in Ependymal Cilia
Omran, H.; König, J.: Nephronophthisis Registry
Döring, C.; Reihle, C.; Schroth, M.; Wörle, H.; Marquard, K.; von Kalle, T.; Rolfs, A.; Klein, C.; Blankenburg, M.: Manganese Storage Disease as a Rare Cause of Dystonia with Bilateral Changes in Basal Ganglia and Polycythemia
Schimpfößl, M.; Berweck, S.; Betzler, C.; Dotzler, E.; Herberhold, T.; Pringsheim, M.; Staudt, M.; von Stülpnagel-Steinbeis, C.; Kluger, G.: Retrospective Analysis of Tetrahydrocannabinol Based on 31 Neurologically Critically Ill Children
Haas-Lude, K.; Krimmel, M.; Will, B.; Schuhmann, M.; Nägele, T.; Krägeloh-Mann, I.: Clinical and Imaging Findings and Postoperative Esthetic Results in Patients with Single or Bilateral Coronal Synostosis
Linder-Lucht, M.; Aznar Lain, G.; Hernandez Castellano, M.; Muchart Lopez, J.; Mur Sierra, A.: Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: A Rare Differential Diagnosis of upper Extremity Paresthesia in a Pediatric Patient
Ledergerber, K.; Jost, K.; Schulzke, S.; Weber, P.; Datta, A.: The Impact of Infectious Diseases on Sleeping Behavior in Preterm Infants
Bechtel, N.; Noßwitz, U.; Koch, M.; Fischalek, A.; Marsch, B.; Lemberg, K.; Wiesel, T.; Berger, T.; Paulussen, M.; Rostasy, K.: ADEM-Like Presentation as the Main Manifestation of X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disease in a 4-Year-Old Male Patient