DOI: 10.1055/s-00000183

Journal of Wrist Surgery

Issue 04 · Volume 03 · November 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27956


Slutsky, David J.: The Use of Tables

Special Focus Section: Transverse Carpal Ligament

Werthel, Jean-David R.; Zhao, Chunfeng; An, Kai-Nan; Amadio, Peter C.: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pathophysiology: Role of Subsynovial Connective Tissue
Li, Zong-Ming; Marquardt, Tamara L.; Evans, Peter J.; Seitz, William H.: Biomechanical Role of the Transverse Carpal Ligament in Carpal Tunnel Compliance
Goitz, Robert J.; Fowler, John R.; LI, Zong-Ming: The Transverse Carpal Ligament: Anatomy and Clinical Implications
Morrell, Nathan T.; Harris, Andrew; Skjong, Christian; Akelman, Edward: Carpal Tunnel Release: Do We Understand the Biomechanical Consequences?

Scientific Article

Bohl, Daniel D.; Lese, Andrea B.; Patterson, Joseph T.; Grauer, Jonathan N.; Dodds, Seth D.: Routine Imaging after Operatively Repaired Distal Radius and Scaphoid Fractures: A Survey of Hand Surgeons
Vaiss, Lucile; Ichihara, Satoshi; Hendriks, Sarah; Taleb, Chihab; Liverneaux, Philippe; Facca, Sybille: The Utility of the Fluoroscopic Skyline View During Volar Locking Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures
Shifflett, Grant D.; Athanasian, Edward A.; Lee, Steve K.; Weiland, Andrew J.; Wolfe, Scott W.: Proximal Migration of Hardware in Patients Undergoing Midcarpal Fusion with Headless Compression Screws

Case Report

Haller, Justin M.; Potter, Michael Q.; Sinclair, Micah; Hutchinson, Douglas T.: Intraneural Ganglion in Superficial Radial Nerve Mimics de Quervain Tenosynovitis
Peters, Sebastian J.; Verstappen, C.; Degreef, Ilse; Smet, Luc De: Avascular Necrosis of the Hamate: Three Cases and Review of the Literature


Zemirline, Ahmed; Agnus, Vincent; Soler, Luc; Mathoulin, Christophe L.; Obdeijn, Miryam; Liverneaux, Philippe A.: Augmented Reality-Based Navigation System for Wrist Arthroscopy: Feasibility