DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 10 · Volume 80 · July 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27340

American Society of Pharmacognosy 2014 Annual Meeting – Held in conjunction with the 14th Annual Oxford International Conference on the Science of Botanicals

Oxford, Mississippi, USA, 2.–6. August 2014
Chairmen: Larry A. Walker, Ph.D., Ikhlas A. Khan, Ph.D., Issue Editor: Mark O'Neil-Johnson

Kasote, D; Suleman, T; Chen, W; Sandasi, M; Viljoen, A; van Vuuren, S: HPTLC, UPLC-TOF-MS/MS chemoprofiling and chemometric assessment of South African propolis
Wang, M; Zhao, J; Avula, B; Wang, YH; Avonto, C; Chittiboyina, AG; Parcher, JF; Khan, IA: High resolution GC/MS methods for the quantitative analysis of ginkgolic acids in Ginkgo biloba plants, extracts and dietary supplements
Pérez-Vásquez, A; Hernadez-Arámburo, M; Linares, E; Bye, R; Mata, R: Validation of a HPLC-DAD method for chromenes markers in Brickellia cavanillesii
Bernal, FA; Guerrero-Perilla, C; Orduz-Diaz, LL; Coy-Barrera, E: Chemical profiling for the quality assurance of green tea commercialized in Colombia
Zhao, J; Bedir, E; Wang, M; Avula, B; Wang, YH; Sagi, S; Raman, V; Khan, IA: NMR-based metabolomics for chemotaxonomic characterization and authentification of Astragalus species
Killday, KB; Magiatis, P; Melliou, E; Markus, MA; Fischer, C; Colson, KL: Analysis of trace aldehydes in olive oil utilizing quantitative 1D and 2D nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Li, KP; Wang, YH; Wang, M; Mahdi, F; Nagle, DG; Khan, IA; Zhou, YD: Metabolomic characterization of human breast T47D tumor cell phospholipids by UPLC-MS/MS and GC-MS
Avonto, C; Wang, YH; Avula, B; Wang, M; Rua, D; Khan, IA: Investigation of the instability of alpha and beta-arbutin
Zhang, CR; Aldosari, SA; Vidyasagar, PSPV; Shukla, P; Nair, MG: Quantification of sugars in date fruits from 29 date palm varieties
Glinski, JA; Thomas, D; Wong, A; Glinski, VB; Acworth, I: Determination of A-type and B-type procyanidins in apple, cocoa and cinnamon extracts
Li, XC; Jacob, MR; Rao, RR; Ganji, S; Yu, Q; Flower, K; Wang, M; Agarwal, AK; Guy, RK; Khan, IA; Walker, LA; Clark, AM: Dereplication of antifungal compounds from small-molecule natural product libraries by LC-MS and NMR
Li, G; Simmler, C; Nikolic, D; Gauthier, LL; Chen, SN; Pauli, GF; van Breemen, RB: A UHPLC-MS/MS method for the quantitation of licorice constituents in diverse botanical dietary supplements
Ibrahim, A; Yang, L; Johnston, C; Liu, X; Ma, B; Magarvey, NA: Informatic search for natural products (iSNAP) – A dereplication and discovery tool
Henkin, J; Wright, B; Newsome, A; van Breemen, RB: DART-MS analysis of Glycyrrhiza species
Marañón, JA; de los Santos, L; Lozano, C; Caballero, E; Galán-Estella, F: HPLC-DAD selective method for ginger root powder and extracts nauseastop as standarized not mutagenic ginger extract
Harnly, J; Chen, P; Sun, J; Colson, K; Yuk, J; McCoy, JA; Harbaugh Reynaud, D: Combining MS and NMR methods for identification and authentication of botanicals