DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 12 · October 1991 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-9038

Physiology and Biochemistry


Lehmann, M.; Dickhuth, H. H.; Gendrisch, G.; Lazar, W.; Thum, M.; Kaminski, R.; Aramendi, J. F.; Peterke, E.; Wieland, W.; Keul, J.: Training - Overtraining. A Prospective, Experimental Study with Experienced Middle- and Long-Distance Runners*
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Hoffman, M. D.; Clifford, P. S.; Jones, G. M.; Bota, B.; Mandli, M.: Effects of Technique and Pole Grip on Physiological Demands of Roller Skiing on Level Terrain
Bergeron, M. F.; Maresh, C. M.; Kraemer, W. J.; Abraham, A.; Conroy, B.; Gabaree, C.: Tennis: A Physiological Profile during Match Play
Houmard, J. A.; Johns, R. A.; Smith, L. L.; Wells, J. M.; Kobe, R. W.; McGoogan, S. A.: The Effect of Warm-Up on Responses to Intense Exercise
Oshida, Y.; Yamanouchi, K.; Hayamizu, S.; Nagasawa, J.; Ohsawa, I.; Sato, Y.: Effects of Training and Training Cessation on Insulin Action
Housh, T. J.; Johnson, G. O.; Housh, D. J.; Evans, S. L.; Tharp, G. D.: The Effect of Exercise at Various Temperatures on Salivary Levels of Immunoglobulin A
Harber, V. J.; Webber, C. E.; Sutton, J. R.; MacDougall, J. D.: The Effect of Amenorrhea on Calcaneal Bone Density and Total Bone Turnover in Runners

Short Communication

Le Gallais, D.; Préfaur, C.; Dulat, C.; Macabies, J.; Lonsdorfer, J.: Sickle Cell Trait in Ivory Coast Athletic Champions, 1956-1989