DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Current Issue 09 · Volume 73 · 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6986

55th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research
Graz, Austria, September 2–6, 2007

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer

Wu, Y. C.; Chang, F. R.; Liaw, C. C.; Lin, A. S.; Wu, C. C.: Anti-cancer agents from Formosan plants
Wakade, A. S.; Kulkarni, M. P.; Juvekar, A. R.: Anti-stress, anxiolytic and nootropic activity of roots of Tylophora indica
Kupittayanant, S.; Kupittayanant, P.; Lijuan, W.; Buddhakala, N.; Phaopongthai, J.: Effects of Kaempferia parviflora supplement on semen production and reproductive system of boar
Ivanova, S. A.; Pozharitskaya, O. N.; Shikov, A. N.; Makarov, V. G.: Study of free radical scavenging activity of extracts of leaves of Bergenia by HPTLC-DPPH· method
Hevesi, T. B.; Houghton, P. J.; Habtemariam, S.; Milligan, S.; Kalita, C. J.; Purohit, A.; Kéry, Á: Epilobium parviflorum Schreb. – in vitro study of biological action
Ide, N.; Morihara, N.; Paptheodorou, L.; Stirner, R.; Weiss, N.: Aged Garlic Extract Inhibits CD36 Expression and Foam Cell Formation in Human Macrophages
Langos, M.; Hofstetter, W.; Dolder, S.; Felix, R.; Mühlbauer, R. C.; Brenneisen, R.: A gamma-glutamyl peptide from onion inhibits the development and activity of osteoclasts in vitro
Ashidi, J. S.; Houghton, P. J.; Hylands, P. J.; Sieber, S.; Efferth, T.: Molecular mechanism of action of stilbene compounds from Cajanus cajan leaves in cancer cell lines
Annan, K.; Houghton, P. J.; Govindarajan, R.: In vitro and in vivo wound healing actions of Paullinia pinnata L
Lall, N.; Mapunya, M. B.; Nikolova, R. V.; Houghton, P. J.: Anti-tyrosinase activity of South African plant extracts
Dickson, R. A.; Houghton, P. J.; Govindarajan, R.: In-vitro and in-vivo wound healing properties of two plants from Ghana
Rosa Loizzo, M.; Tundis, R.; Menichini, F.; Piccolo, V.; Bonesi, M.; Conforti, F.; Marrelli, M.; Statti, G. A.; Saab, A. M.; Nicoletti, M.; Houghton, P. J.: In vitro hypoglycaemic and ACE inhibitory activities of Marrubium radiatum Devile ex Benth and Salvia acetabulosa L.: two traditional medicinal plants from Lebanon
Bonesi, M.; Loizzo, M. R.; Tundis, R.; Conforti, F.; Menichini, F.; Marrelli, M.; Statti, G. A.; Michel, S.: Synthesis and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibition activity of chalcone derivatives
Menichini, F.; Loizzo, M. R.; Tundis, R.; Bonesi, M.; Conforti, F.; Marrelli, M.; Statti, G. A.: Comparative chemical composition, antioxidant activity and acetylcholinesterase inhibition of Citrus medica L. cv. Diamante and Citrus bergamia Risso
Tundis, R.; Loizzo, M. R.; Bonesi, M.; Conforti, F.; Menichini, F.; Marrelli, M.; Statti, G.: Cytotoxic extracts of Salsola oppositifolia Desf. (Amaranthaceae) against non-small lung carcinoma (CORL-23) and melanoma (C32) cells
Marrelli, M.; Conforti, F.; Tundis, R.; Loizzo, M. R.; Bonesi, M.; Menichini, F.; Vaccaro, A.; Statti, G.; Curini, M.: Antioxidant activity of Capparis ovata Desf. and Cynara cardunculus L. ssp. cardunculus
Jin, C.; Jung, S. Y.; Lee, S. M.; Kim, H. J.; Cho, J.; Lee, Y. S.: Neuroprotective effects of a butanol fraction prepared from Opuntia ficus-indica var. saboten
Uma, N. L. G.; Fakurazi, S.; Hairuszah, I.; Mohanambal, M.; Taufik, M. H. B.; Zulkhairi, A.; Sukardi, S.; Ganabadi, S.; Bahaman, A. S.: Hepatoprotective Action of Moringa Oleifera Lam
Kosina, P.; Drabek, J.; Vicar, J.; Vostalova, J.; Ulrichova, J.; Simanek, V.: Subchronic 90-day oral toxicity study of Chelidonii herba in pigs
Derwińska, M.; Kiss, A. K.; Naruszewicz, M.: Biological activity of extracts from defatted seeds of Oenothera paradoxa
Kumar, V.; Mukherjee, K.; Pal, B. C.; Houghton, P. J.; Mukherjee, P. K.: Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor from Clitoria ternatea
Jeong, E. J.; Lee, K. Y.; Kim, S. H.; Ma, C. J.; Sung, S. H.; Kim, Y. C.: Cognitive-enhancing activities of iridoid glycosides isolated from Scrophularia buergeriana
Yue, G. G. L.; Fung, K. P.; Leung, P. C.; Lau, C. B. S.: Immunomodulatory activities of Ganoderma sinense and Ganoderma spores
Kubikova, K.; Opletal, L.; Koleckar, V.; Polasek, M.; Jahodar, L.; Rehakova, Z.; Karlickova, J.: Free radical scavenging activity of mushrooms from order Polyporales
Krasteva, S.; Heiss, E. H.; Dirsch, V.; Krenn, L.: Natural Product-based Screening for Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
Rehakova, Z.; Cervenka, F.; Kubikova, K.; Karlickova, J.; Jahodar, L.; Saso, L.: Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of several naturally occurring coumarins and their synthesized analogues
Christensen, K. B.; Minet, A.; Svenstrup, H.; Kristiansen, K.; Grevsen, K.; Christensen, L. P.: Identification of plants with potential anti-diabetic effects by using a screening platform to recognize partial PPARγ agonists
Armatu, A.; Paraschiv, I.; Ocnaru, D.; Pintilie, G.; Manaila, N.; Rughinis, D.; Segarceanu, A.; Ghita, I.; Nita, S.: Comparative study of the analgesic effect of different phenylethanoid-based fractions from Plantago lanceolata L
Pérez-Rosés, R.; Risco, E.; Vila, R.; Peñalver, P.; Cañigueral, S.: Antioxidant and complement modulating activities of five essential oils
Popescu, R.; Konkimalla, V. B.; Rüger, B.; Madlener, S.; Stark, N.; Krupitza, G.; Efferth, T.; Kopp, B.: Grayanotoxin III Shows Microtubule-Targeted Activity
Kamagaju, L.; Mukazayire, M. J.; Nyiligira, J.; Gnoula, C.; Mugiraneza, J. P.; Duez, P.: Preliminary phytochemical screening, cytotoxicity and acute toxicity of Aristolochia albida ethanolic extract
Petlevski, R.; Kostner, G. M.; Frank, S.; Juretić, D.; Kalogjera, Z.: Protective effect of the flavonoid myricetin on glucose induced oxidative stress in Hep G2 cells
Jeenapongsa, R.; Tocharus, C.; Smitasiri, Y.: Effect of Butea superba on penile erection and sperm production in rats
Giesler, M.; Thum, A.; Haag, A.; Wartenberg-Demand, A.; McGregor, G. P.; Krieg, J. C.; Kundermann, B.; Hemmeter, U.: Effects of Neurapas® balance on sleep EEG, cognitive performance and mood: A double blind randomised cross-over study in healthy volunteers
Perrinjaquet-Moccetti, T.; Wolffgramm, J.; Wullschleger, C.; Reinhard, C.; Schmidt, A.; Heyne, A.: An extract from wild green oat improves rat behaviour
Šavikin, K.; Zdunić, G.; Stanojković, T.; Juranić, Z.; Janković, T.; Menković, N.: Preliminary investigation of antiproliferative and antioxidant activity of Alnus incana (L.) Moench and A. viridis (Chaix) DC.
Papandreou, M.; Kanakis, C. D.; Polissiou, M.; Efthimiopoulos, S.; Cordopatis, P.; Margarity, M.; Lamari, F. N.: Investigation of in vitro activities of Crocus sativus styles extract relevant to Alzheimer's disease
Muñoz-Mingarro, D.; Acero, N.; Dominguez, M. T.; Llinares, F.: Antioxidant activity of methanol extracts of two Spanish Betulaceae species
Aviello, G.; Rigano, D.; Borrelli, F.; Formisano, C.; Rosselli, S.; Senatore, F.; Bruno, M.: Effect of Marrubium globosum ssp. libanoticum on intestinal motility
Aviello, G.; Rigano, D.; Formisano, C.; Capasso, R.; Izzo, A. A.; Senatore, F.; Bruno, M.: Spasmolytic activity of Phagnalon saxatile (L.) Cass. on the isolated rat ileum
Guiotto, P.; Woelkart, K.; Grassi, G.; Campisi, B.; Perissutti, B.; Bauer, R.; Voinovich, D.: Pharmacokinetic evaluation of phytotherapeutic drops with E. purpurea extract
Rédei, D.; Vizler, C.; Pecze, L.; Oláh, Z.; Forgo, P.; Hohmann, J.: TRPV1 antagonist activity of the extract and compounds from the fruits of Tetradium daniellii
Csupor-Löffler, B.; Hajdú, Z.; Réthy, B.; Zupkó, I.; Fakay, G.; Forgo, P.; Hohmann, J.: Activity-guided isolation of antiproliferative compounds from Achilleae collina
Tae, J.; Yang, G.; Lee, J.; Kim, J. B.; Bang, C. S.; Lee, J. J.; Ham, I.; Choi, H. Y.: Studies on the comparison of the constituents from Bambusae caulis in Taeniam and their effects on the hyperlipidemia in rats
Kovács, A.; Vasas, A.; Zupkó, I.; Réthy, B.; Forgo, P.; Hohmann, J.: Antitumor activity of xanthanolides from Xanthium italicum Moretti
Kashima, K.; Yun, Y. H.; Fujikawa, T.; Ina, H.; Inoue, H.; Kunugi, A.: Prophylactic effect of the constituent of Lyonia ovalifolia against high fat diet-induced obesity rats
Sulyok, E.; Rédei, D.; Dombi, G.; Hohmann, J.: New 4,12-dideoxyphorbol esters from Euphorbia pannonica Host
Chicca, A.; Pellati, F.; Matthias, A.; Adinolfi, B.; Benvenuti, S.; Bone, K. M.; Lehmann, R. P.; Nieri, P.: Cytotoxic Effects of Polyacetylenes from E. Pallida on Human Cancer Cell Lines and their Bioavailability through Caco-2 Cell Monolayers
Borcsa, B.; Forgo, P.; Veres, K.; Molnár, A.; Hohmann, J.: Diterpene Alkaloids from Aconitum anthora and A. moldavicum
Pedersen, M. E.; Vestergaard, H. T.; Hansen, S. L.; Bah, S.; Stafford, G. I.; van Staden, J.; Nielsen, M.; Jäger, A. K.: A new screening strategy for CNS active plants by early in vivo characterization
Matta, M. K.; Paltatzidou, K.; Triantafyllidou, H.; Lazari, D. M.; Karioti, A.; Skaltsa, H.; Panagiotidis, C. A.: Evaluation of the anti-herpes simplex virus activity of Thymus longicaulis L. (Lamiaceae)
Matta, M. K.; Sylignaki, G. I.; Lazari, D. M.; Panagiotidis, C. A.: Evaluation of the activity of traditional Greek medicinal plants against herpes simplex virus
Svobodova, B.; Kokoska, L.; Kutilkova, L.; Polesny, Z.: Antioxidant activity of selected Peruvian medicinal plants used in Calleria District
Tomić, A.; Bozin, B.; Samojlik, I.; Milenković, M.; Mimica-Dukić, N.; Petrović, S.: Effect of two Athamanta turbith subspecies essential oils on some liver biochemical parameters in mice treated with carbon tetrachloride
Juan, Q. H.; Batmunkh, T.; Nga, D. T.; Eun-Mi, S.; Joo, Y. H.; Burm-Jong, L.; Ah Koo, K.: Anti-inflammatory effect of Mongolia and Vietnamese medicinal plants against LPS-induced NO release in the RAW 264.7 cell
Modarai, M.; Wilson, N.; Politi, M.; Suter, A.; Kortenkamp, A.; Heinrich, M.: Evaluating CYP3A4 inhibitory activity of Echinacea extracts using NMR and multivariate data analysis
Chang, F. R.; Wu, Y. C.; Nozaki, H.; Chua, N. H.; Dai, J. H.; Lai, W. C.; Hayashi, K.: Prospects and Challenges of Cross Kingdom's Bioassay
Raquet, N.; Schmitz, H. J.; Schrenk, D.: Furocoumarins in phytomedicines: Is there a phototoxic risk?
Háznagy-Radnai, E.; Czigle, S.; Veres, K.; Zupko, I.; Bezáková, L.; Janicsák, G.; Tóth, E.; Falkay, G.; Máthé, I.: Variation in the chemical constituents and antioxydant activity in Stachys species
Abdel-Aziz, H.; Wadie, W.; Khayyal, M. T.; Kelber, O.; Okpanyi, S.; Weiser, D.: Pharmacological evidence for the anti-inflammatory effect of STW 5 in colonic inflammation in vivo
Fang, R.; Houghton, P. J.; Hylands, P. J.: Cytotoxic compounds from Iris tectorum
Cruz, C.; Miguel, M. G.; Simões, M. T. F.; Figueiredo, A. C.; Barroso, J. G.; Pedro, L. G.: Antioxidant activity of the essential oils of Salvia officinalis L
Rafati, A.; Dashti, M. H.; Morshedi, A.: The role of vitamin C on prevention of morphine addiction in rats
Dashti, M. H.; Morshedi, A.; Nooraldini, S. J.; Salami, A. S.: Evaluating the Anesthetic Effect Of Clove Essence In Mice
Morshedi, A.; Dashti, M. H.; Salami, A. S.: The Effect of Clove Essence on Tonic Pain In Mice
Hejazian, S. H.; Mahdavi, M.; Dashti, M. H.: Anticholinergic effect of Carum copticum on intestinal motility of rats
Orafai, H.; Mohammadpor, A. H.; Avari, E.; Molaqen, H.: Treatment of the Kidney Stone by a Herbal Medicine Complex, STONREEZ: A Clinical Trial
Itharat, A.; Kejik, R.; Tewtrakul, S.; Watanaperomskul, C.: Antioxidant and anti-HIV-1 integrase compounds from Smilax corbularia Kunth
Lin, A. S.; Nakagawa-Goto, K.; Chang, F. R.; Yu, D.; Morris-Natschke, S. L.; Wu, C. C.; Chen, S. L.; Lee, K. H.; Wu, Y. C.: First Total Synthesis of Protoapigenone and its Analogs as Potent Cytotoxic Agents
Charoenteeraboon, J.; Wetwitayaklung, P.; Limmatvapirat, C.; Phaechamud, T.: Hepatoprotective activity from various parts of Sonneratia caseolaris
Cvejić, J.; Karanovic, T.; Simig, M.; Atanackovic, M.; Raskovic, S.; Jakovljevic, V.: Effects of Hypericum perforatum oil extract on pentobarbital induced sleeping time
Kukić, J.; Savić, M.; Gavrilović, I.; Grayer, R.; Marin, P.; Tomić, M.; Petrović, S.: Behavioral and chemical characterisation of MeOH extracts of two Stachys taxa
Martin, S.; Gómez-Serranillos, M. P.; Palomino, O. M.; Naval, M. V.; Ortega, T.; Carretero, M. E.: Radical scavenging ability of spanish red wine
El-Naggar, T.; Gómez-Serranillos, M. P.; Palomino, O. M.; Arce, C.; Carretero, M. E.: Nigella Sativa L. Activity on Aminoacids Release in Mouse Brain Structures
Sagareishvili, T.; Bostoganashvili, M.; Malania, M.; Sikharulidze, I.: Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of Salvia officinalis L. cultivated in Georgia
Campos, A. R.; Deocleciano Júnior, O. B.; Uchoa, D. E. A.; Silveira, E. R.; Rao, V. S. N.: Proerectile effect of 15R-16,17-seco-subincanadine E, an indole alkaloid isolated from Aspidosperma ulei stem bark
Azevedo, M. F.; Lima, C. F.; Wilson, J. M.; Koepsell, H.; Fernandes-Ferreira, M.; Almeida, M. J.; Pereira-Wilson, C.: Salvia fruticosa tea drinking reduces the expression of sodium/glucose cotransporter 1 in enterocytes brush-border membrane of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Arapogianni, N. E.; Halabalaki, M.; Hempel, J.; Wober, J.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Vollmer, G.: Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ (PPARγ) activity from Cistus salvifolius – Cistaceae
Pakpeankitvatana, V.; Weratean, K.; Thongmung, N.; Komind, S.; Mesomya, W.: Effects of cereal and nata de coco supplementation on serum lipids in human
Sumanont, Y.; Jarukamjorn, K.; Tiangtam, N.; Yongprapat, K.; Laha, T.: The effects of curcumin on social isolation-induced depression and lipid peroxidation in mice
Saketh Ram, T.; Shridhar, A.; Rajasekaran, R.; Sampath Kumar, K.: Moringa oleifera Lam Root Bark Decoction (MORBD) in Urolithiasis Management – A pilot study
Kim, J. Y.; Ju, H. S.; Cho, S. O.; Song, K. S.; Seong, Y. H.: Protection of Neurons against Amyloid β Protein (25–35)-induced toxicity by Korean mistletoe
Cho, S. O.; Ban, J. Y.; Song, K. S.; Bae, K.; Seong, Y. H.: Anti-dementia effect of Aralia cordata: in vitro and in vivo
Sinning, C.; De Petrocellis, L.; Di Marzo, V.; Imming, P.: Potential drug metabolites as endocannabinoids and endovanilloids
Djukic-Cosic, D.; Curcic, M.; Cmiljanovic, M.; Vasovic, I.; Matovic, V.: Heavy metal contents in samples of Hypericum and Thymus spec. collected from different mountain areas in Serbia
Krüger, D.; Wagner, S.; Hann von Weyhern, C. W.; Zeller, F.; Kelber, O.; Frieling, T.; Schemann, M.: Effect and mechanisms of action of the fixed combination STW 5 in secretion and motility of human colon in vitro.
Tappayuthpiijarn, P.; Itharat, A.; Sakpakdeejaroen, I.; Kumarpawa, K.: Cytotoxic activity of the traditional Thai medicinal plant preparation Benjakul and 4 isolated compounds
Promprom, W.; Kupittayanant, S.; Indrapichate, K.; Kupittayanant, P.: Effects of pomegranate extracts on rat uterine contraction
Kupittayanant, P.; Munglue, P.; Saraphat, W.; Danoopat, T.; Kupittayanant, S.: Effects of ethanolic extract of Mucuna pruriens on sexual behaviour of normal male rats
Seema, A.; Akbar, M.; Shamshad, A.; Mohammad, I.: Evaluation of Indian food spices for their beneficial hypoglycemic activity
Chaiyong, S.; Jatisatienr, C.; Dheeranupatana, S.; Jatisatienr, A.: Biological activity of Zanthoxylum limonella (Dennst.) Alston. essential oil and its formulation
Figueira, E. L. Z.; Luz Neto, N.; Coelho, V. N. P.; Fungheto, S. S.; Bernardes, V. V.; Soare, J. S.: Biological effect of a glycolic extract of the stem bark of Stryphodendron adstringens (Mart.) Coville on cicatrisation of cutaneous wounds in mice
Nga, D. T.; Juan, Q. H.; Kyung, K. E.; Batmunkh, T.; Yeon, S. J.; Hoon, K. Y.; Sup, K. M.; Sun, L. G.; Burm-Jong, L.; Ah, K. K.: Cytotoxic activities of 4 natural products – carnosic acid, xanthohumol, caffeic acid phenethyl ester and (-) eburnamonine
Esmaeelian, B.; Kamrani, Y. Y.; Naderi, M. M.; Rafeie, S. M.; Amanlou, M.; Azizi, E.: Study on anti-inflammatory effects of silymarin on UV irradiated guinea pig skin