DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 07 · Volume 31 · July 1999 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6343


Originals Basic

Aouani, A.; Samih, N.; Amphoux-Fazekas, T.; Mezghrani, A.; Mykhaylov, S.; Hovsépian, S.; Lombardo, D.; Fayet, G.: Hexamethylene Bisacetamide (HMBA) Increases Thyroglobulin Levels in Porcine Thyroid Cells Without Increasing Cyclic-AMP
Moore, E. E.; Kuestner, R. E.; Conklin, D. C.; Whitmore, T. E.; Downey, W.; Buddle, M. M.; Adams, R. L.; Bell, L. A.; Thompson, D. L.; Wolf, A.; Chen, L.; Stamm, M. R.; Grant, F. J.; Lok, S.; Ren, H.; De Jongh, K. S.: Stanniocalcin 2: Characterization of the Protein and its Localization to Human Pancreatic Alpha Cells

Originals Clinical

Summers, L. K. M.; Clark, M. L.; Humphreys, S. M.; Bugler, J.; Frayn, K. N.: The Use of Microdialysis to Monitor Rapid Changes in Glucose Concentration
Tanabe, A.; Naruse, M.; Naruse, K.; Ito, F.; Yoshimoto, T.; Seki, T.; Demura, R.; Demura, H.; Toma, H.; Inagami, T.: Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Expression in Two Cases of juxtaglomerular Cell Tumor: Correlation to Negative Feedback of Renin Secretion by Angiotensin II
Üçkaya, G.; Ozata, M.; Sonmez, A.; Kinalp, C.; Eyileten, T.; Bingol, N.; Koc, B.; Kocabalkan, F.; Ozdemir, I. C.: Plasma Leptin Levels Strongly Correlate with Plasma Renin Activity in Patients with Essential Hypertension

Letter to the Editor