DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 02/03 · Volume 31 · February 1999 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6341



Isgaard, J.; Tivesten, Å; Friberg, P.; Bengtsson, B.-Å: The Role of the GH/IGF-I Axis for Cardiac Function and Structure
Samuel, D. S.; Ewton, D. Z.; Coolican, S. A.; Petley, T. D.; McWade, F. J.; Florini, J. R.: Raf-1 Activation Stimulates Proliferation and Inhibits IGF-Stimulated Differentiation in L6A1 Myoblasts
Hänze, J.; Berthold, A.; Klammt, J.; Gallaher, B.; Siebler, T.; Kratzsch, J.; Elmlinger, M.; Kiess, W.: Cloning and Sequencing of the Complete cDNA Encoding the Human Insulin Receptor Related Receptor
Prisco, M.; Romano, G.; Peruzzi, F.; Valentinis, B.; Baserga, R.: Insulin and IGF-I Receptors Signaling in Protection from Apoptosis
Jehle, P. M.; Fussgaenger, R. D.; Blum, W. F.; Angelus, N. K. O.; Hoeflich, A.; Wolf, E.; Jungwirth, R. J.: Differential Autocrine Regulation of Intestine Epithelial Cell Proliferation and Differentiation by Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF) System Components
Anlar, Banu; Sullivan, Kelli A.; Feldman, Eva L.: Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I and Central Nervous System Development
León, Yolanda; Sanz, Carmen; Frago, Laura M.; Camarero, Guadalupe; Cañón, Susana; Varela-Nieto, Isabel; Giráldez, Fernando: Involvement of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I in Inner Ear Organogenesis and Regeneration
Grewal, A.; Bradshaw, S. L.; Schuller, A. G. P.; Low, M. J.; Pintar, J. E.: Expression of IGF System Genes During T-Antigen Driven Pituitary Tumorigenesis
Ferry, R. J.; Katz, L. E. L.; Grimberg, Adda; Cohen, P.; Weinzimer, S. A.: Cellular Actions of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins
Durham, Susan K.; Suwanichkul, A.; Hayes, J. D.; Herington, A. C.; Powell, D. R.; Campbell, P. G.: The Heparin Binding Domain of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein (IGFBP)-3 Increases Susceptibility of IGFBP-3 to Proteolysis