DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 04 · Volume 29 · August 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5724

Original articles

Mercuri, E.; Braddick, O.; Atkinson, J.; Cowan, F.; Anker, S.; Andrew, R.; Wattam-Bell, J.; Rutherford, M.; Counsell, S.; Dubowitz, L.: Orientation - Reversal and Phase - Reversal Visual Evoked Potentials in Full - Term Infants with Brain Lesions: A Longitudinal Study
Topaloǧlu, H.; Pinarli, P.; Erdem, H.; Gücüyener, K.; Karaduman, A.; Topçu, M.; Akarsu, A. N.; Özgüç, M.: Clinical Observations in Autosomal Recessive Spastic Paraplegia in Childhood and Further Evidence for Genetic Heterogeneity
Graf, W. D.; Oleinik, O. E.; Glauser, T. A.; Maertens, P.; Eder, D. N.; Pippenger, C. E.: Altered Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Children with a Serious Adverse Experience Related to Valproic Acid Therapy
Häusler, M. G.; Ramaekers, V. Th.; Reul, J.; Meilicke, R.; Heimann, G.: Early and Late Onset Manifestations of Cerebral Vasculitis Related to Varicella Zoster
Urlesberger, B.; Trip, K.; Ruchti, J. J. I.; Kerbl, R.; Reiterer, F.; Müller, W.: Quantification of Cyclical Fluctuations in Cerebral Blood Volume in Healthy Infants

Short communications

Wagner, H. J.; Seidel, A.; Reusche, E.; Sepehrnia, A.; Kruse, K.; Sperner, J.: A Craniospinal Enterogenous Cyst: Case Report
Steffen, H.; Rauterberg-Ruland, I.; Breitbach, N.; Thomsen, M.; Kolling, G. H.: Familial Congenital Horizontal Gaze Paralysis and Kyphoscoliosis