DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 08 · Volume 38 · August 2006 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5101

Original Basic

Shibasaki, M.; Bujo, H.; Takahashi, K.; Murakami, K.; Unoki, H.; Saito, Y.: Catalytically Inactive Lipoprotein Lipase Overexpression Increases Insulin Sensitivity in Mice

Original Clinical

Vilarrasa, N.; Vendrell, J.; Maravall, J.; Broch, M.; Estepa, A.; Megia, A.; Soler, J.; Simón, I.; Richart, C.; Gómez, J. M.: IL-18: Relationship with Anthropometry, Body Composition Parameters, Leptin and Arterial Hypertension
Magalhães, F. O.; Gouveia, L. M. B.; Torquato, M. T. C. G.; Paccola, G. M. G. F.; Piccinato, C. E.; Foss, M. C.: Metformin Increases Blood Flow and Forearm Glucose Uptake in a Group of Non-obese Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Nishimura, F.; Taniguchi, A.; Yamaguchi-Morimoto, M.; Soga, Y.; Iwamoto, Y.; Kokeguchi, S.; Kuroe, A.; Fukushima, M.; Nakai, Y.; Seino, Y.: Periodontal Infection and Dyslipidemia in Type 2 Diabetics: Association with Increased HMG-CoA Reductase Expression

Short Communication

Isken, F.; Schulz, T. J.; Möhlig, M.; Pfeiffer, A. F. H.; Ristow, M.: Chemical Inhibition of Citrate Metabolism Alters Glucose Metabolism in Mice
Yamagishi, S.-I.; Kikuchi, S.; Nakamura, K.; Matsui, T.; Makino, T.; Norisugi, O.; Shimizu, T.; Inoue, H.; Imaizumi, T.: Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor (PEDF) Blocks Angiotensin II-induced T Cell Adhesion to Endothelial Cells by Suppressing Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1