DOI : 10.1055/s-00000054


Issue 05 · Volume 38 · September 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-4370

24th Symposium of the AGNP
Munich, 5–8 10 2005

Dr. Sieglinde Modell – Prof. Dr. Rainer Rupprecht

Adamovic, I.; Grohmann, R.; Kropp, S.; Rüther, E.; Degner, D.: Drug safety monitoring in psychiatry: drug induced seizures in antidepressant treatment
Adli, M.; Wiethoff, K.; Baghai, T. C.; Stamm, T.; Schloth, D. L.; Smolka, M.; Bottlender, R.; Fisher, R.; Cordes, J.; Kirchheiner, J.; Möller, H. J.; Bauer, M.: Evaluating algorithm-guided treatment for depression: The German Algorithm Project (GAP)
Bartels, M.; Plewnia, C.: Aripiprazole in Tourette syndom
Beckers, M.; Köhnlein, O. C.; Lutz, R.; Schmauss, M.; Messer, T.: Investigation of plasma level concentrations of mirtazapine regarding compliance and comedication
Beer, F.; Heinrich, H.; Springer, S.; Rüth, U.; Freisleder, F. J.: Quetiapine in the treatment of psychotic adolescents
Beitinger, P. A.; Dalal, M. A.; Wehrle, R.; Fulda, S.; Schuld, A.; Wetter, T. C.; Pollmächer, T.: Impaired glucose tolerance in patients with narcolepsy
Bermpohl, F.; Fregni, F.; Boggio, P. S.; Thut, G.; Northoff, G.; Rigonatti, S. P.; Marcolin, M. A.; Pascual-Leone, A.: Repetitive TMS and major depression: Acute response varies with stimulation site and depression severity
Bertram, I.; Bernstein, H. G.; Lendeckel, U.; Keilhoff, G.; Bukowska, A.; Dobrowolny, H.; Stauch, R.; Falkai, P.: Strongly reduced number of neuregulin–1- alpha expressing prefrontal gray and white matter neurons in schizophrenia
Brakemeier, E. L.; Bajbouj, M.; Danker-Hopfe, H.; Luborzewski, A.: Efficacy of levetiracetam in the treatment of restless legs syndrome (Keppra-RLS-Study)
Braun, I.; Genius, J. J. K.; Kastrup, N.; Hartmann, A. M.; Giegling, I.; Möller, H. J.; Rujescu, D.: Ultrastructural alterations of GABAergic interneurons in an animal model of psychosis
Breu, J.; Deussing, J. M.; Wurst, W.: CRHR-1 signalling inhibits AMPA-receptor internalisation
Brisch, R.; Bernstein, H. G.; Krell, D.; Stauch, R.; Trübner, K.; Dobrowolny, H.; Gos, T.; Bielau, H.; Bogerts, B.: A decreased cell density in the lateral septal nucleus in bipolar patients and the reversed effects of lithium treatment
Bschor, T.; Ritter, D.; Lewitzka, U.; Bauer, M.; Adli, M.; Baethge, C.; Uhr, M.; Ising, M.: Effects of lithium on the HPA axis in patients with unipolar major depression
Clement, H. W.; Fleischhaker, C.; Schulz, E.: Therapeutic drug monitoring of SSRI's in adolescents
Cohrs, S.; Meier, A.; Neumann, A. C.; Jordan, W.; Rüther, E.; Rodenbeck, A.: The atypical antipsychotic ziprasidone demonstrates polysomnographic features of an antidepressant
Colla, M.; Schubert, F.; Heidenreich, J.; Seifert, F.; Bubner, M.; Bajbouj, M.; Heuser, I.: 3T-Spectroscopy in the hippocampus and cognitive status of lithium-treated euthymic bipolar patients
Czibere, L.; Keßler, M. S.; Birg, I.; Panhuysen, M.; Pütz, B.; Deussing, J. M.; Turck, C. W.; Landgraf, R.: Glyoxalase I: Implications for an enzyme involved in trait anxiety
Deussing, J. M.; Kühne, C.; Panhuysen, M.; Pütz, B.; Breu, J.; Paez-Pereda, M.; Holsboer, F.; Wurst, W.: Gene expression profiling reveals corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) dependent signaling pathways
Dittmann, R. W.; Hagenah, U.; Junghanß, J.; Mästele, A.; Mehler-Wex, C.; Meyer, E.; Schmidt, M. H.; Remschmidt, H.; Schlamp, D.; Schulte-Markwort, M.; Schulz, E.; Poustka, F.: Olanzapine in adolescent and young adult patients with schizophrenia: findings in male and female patients
Douhet, A.; Riedel, M.; Spellmann, I.; Dehning, S.; Cerovecki, A.; Zill, P.; Müller, N.; Möller, H. J.; Bondy, B.: Genetic polymorphisms of the beta2-adrenoceptor gene might influence metabolic disturbances during antipsychotic treatment
Drieling, T.; Biedermann, N. C.; Schärer, L. O.; Langosch, J. M.: Psychotropic drug-induced change of weight: a review
Eckert, A.; Scherping, I.; Bonert, A.; Hauptmann, S.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Müller, W. E.: Mitochondrial failure precedes amyloid beta plaques deposition in APP transgenic mice
Eckert, G. P.; Franke, C.; Jourdan, C.; Johnson-Anuna, L.; Wood, W. G.; Müller, W. E.: Simvastatin elevates anti-apoptotic Bcl–2 levels in guinea pig brain
Engelien, A.; Kugel, H.; Konrad, C.; Schöning, S.; Schäfer, S.; Pletziger, E.; Beizai, P.; Kersting, A.; Ohrmann, P.; Lehmann, W.; Heindel, W. L.; Arolt, V.: Hormonal influences on cerebral networks for cognition demonstrated with fMRI at 3 T
Erdag, S.; Wilms, S.; Bozkurt, B.; Vogel, T.; Kell, S.; Däubener, W.; Hinze-Selch, D.: Toxoplasmosis in psychiatric disorders: immunologic and epidemiologic findings
Erhardt, A.; Seaman, S. R.; Lucae, S.; Kern, N.; Unschuld, P. G.; Welt, T.; Ising, M.; Salyakina, D.; Pütz, B.; Lieb, R.; Binder, E. B.; Müller-Myhsok, B.; Holsboer, F.; Keck, M. E.: Genetic implications of the endocannabinoid system in anxiety disorders versus depressive disorders: is there any evidence for the continuum hypothesis?
Erhardt, A.; Unschuld, P. G.; Kern, N.; Welt, T.; Ising, M.; Keck, M. E.: Responsiveness of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical system in patients with agoraphobia and panic attacks
Feutl, S.; Zhang, Y.; Schmorl, P.; Hauser, U.; Schramm, J.; Emrich, H. M.; Dietrich, D. E.: Amantadin reduces activation of the cingulate gyrus in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder: a LORETA based study
Flügge, G.; Abumaria, N.; Rygula, R.; Havemann-Reinecke, U.; Rüther, E.; Fuchs, E.: Gene regulation in the dorsal raphe nucleus during chronic social stress and citalopram treatment
Friess, E.; Ambrosius, U.; Lietzenmayer, S.; Wichniak, A.; Winkelmann, J.; Yassouridis, A.; Holsboer, F.: Sleep architecture and sleep continuity in healthy twins
Frodl, T. S.; Zetzsche, T.; Schmitt, G.; Schlossbauer, T.; Jäger, M. W.; Bottlender, R.; Reiser, M.; Möller, H. J.; Meisenzahl, E.: Hippocampal and amygdala volume changes in patients with major depression and healthy controls during a three year follow-up
Genius, J. J. K.; Benninghoff, J.; Hartmann, A. M.; Giegling, I.; Möller, H. J.; Rujescu, D.: Neuronal proliferation in an animal model of psychosis. Implications for the pathomechanism underlying schizophrenia
Giacomuzzi, S.; Ertl, M.; Pavlic, M.; Libiseller, K.; Riemer, Y.; Kemmler, G.; Rössler, H.; Grubwieser, P.; Rabl, W.; Hinterhuber, H.: Outpatient drug treatment centre and patterns of drug use
Giacomuzzi, S.; Pavlic, M.; Ertl, M.; Ebmer, S.; Riemer, Y.; Hinterhuber, H.: Buprenorphine mainentenance treatment: Effects of dose on the patients psychical and physical condition
Giegling, I.; Goldman, D.; Zhou, Z.; Dietrich, I.; Hartmann, A. M.; Möller, H. J.; Rujescu, D.: Association of suicidal behavior with the TPH2 gene
Giesler, M.; Thum, A.; Haag, A.; Wartenberg-Demandt, A.; McGregor, G.; Krieg, J. C.; Kundermann, B.; Hemmeter, U. M.: Effects of Neurapas® balance on sleep EEG, cognitive performance and mood: A double-blind randomised cross-over study in healthy volunteers
Göder, R.; Hinze-Selch, D.; Huchzermeier, C.; Koch, J. M.; Seeck-Hirschner, M.; Fritzer, G.; Aldenhoff, J. B.: Sleep and outcome in depressed patients treated with interpersonal psychotherapy
Gouzoulis-Mayfrank, E.; Heekeren, K.; Neukirch, A.; Daumann, J.: Orienting of attention in the 5HT2A agonist and NMDA antagonist model of psychosis
Grözinger, M.; Paulzen, M.; Nickl-Jockschat, T.: Drug interference can completely extinguish quetiapine blood levels
Gruber, O.; Scherk, H.; Kamer, T.; Kemmer, C.; Reith, W.; Falkai, P.: A voxel-based morphometric study of gray matter density changes in euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder
Hajak, G.; Langguth, B.; Sand, P.; Landgrebe, M.; Eichhammer, P.: Low frequency rTMS: Induction of neuroplastic effects
Hanstein, R.; Bayatti, N.; Behl, C.; Clement, A.: Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) is a neuroprotective peptide
Hartmann, A. M.; Genius, J. J. K.; Filep, L.; Räder, H.; Giegling, I.; Möller, H. J.; Rujescu, D.: Identification of schizophrenia genes in an animal model for psychosis
Hatzinger, M.; Brand, S.; von Wyl, A.; Perren, S.; von Klitzing, K.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.: Stress and sleep in Kindergarten children: Predictors of psychiatric morbidity?
Havemann-Reinecke, U.; Bachus, E.; Riegel, A.; Stoppe, G.: White matter lesions and alcohol dependence
Havemann-Reinecke, U.; Rygula, R.; Abumaria, N.; Rüther, E.; Hiemke, C.; Flügge, G.: Citalopram abolishes depressive-like symptoms evoked by chronic social stress in rats
Hemmeter, U. M.; Nekwasil, B.; Thum, A.; Schneyer, T.; Bender, M.; Giesler, M.; Krieg, J. C.: Serotonergic stimulation in relation to approach-avoidance behavior in patients with anxiety disorders and borderline personality disorder
Himmerich, H.; Fulda, S.; Schaaf, L.; Beitinger, P. A.; Schuld, A.; Pollmächer, T.: Does antidepressant therapy improve glucose metabolism?
Himmerich, H.; Binder, E. B.; Künzel, H. E.; Schuld, A.; Lucae, S.; Uhr, M.; Pollmächer, T.; Holsboer, F.; Ising, M.: Successful antidepressant therapy restores the disturbed interplay between TNF-alpha system and HPA axis
Himmerich, H.; Fulda, S.; Künzel, H. E.; Pfennig, A.; Dzaja, A.; Cummings, D. E.; Pollmächer, T.: Ghrelin plasma levels during psychopharmacological treatment
Hornung, O. P.; Regen, F.; Warnstedt, C.; Danker-Hopfe, H.; Lammers, C. H.: Sleep-related memory consolidation in patients with borderline personality disorder
Hübner-Liebermann, B.; Spießl, H.; Cording, C.: Psychopharmacological pre-treatment of inpatients with schizophrenia
Hüll, M.; Haake, E.; Slawik, H.; Fiebich, B. L.: Modulation of microglial prostaglandin production by norepinephrine
Huth, V.; Knolle-Veentjer, S.; Ferstl, R.; Hinze-Selch, D.: Schizophrenia-weight gain-atypicals: a paradigm for delay of nutritional gratification
Ising, M.; Binder, E. B.; Dose, T.; Horstmann, S.; Kern, N.; Kloiber, S.; Künzel, H. E.; Lucae, S.; Pfennig, A.; Unschuld, P. G.; Modell, S.; Holsboer, F.: Change in HPA system function predicts treatment response in depression
Jordan, W.; Cohrs, S.; Degner, D.; Meier, A.; Rodenbeck, A.; Mayer, G.; Pilz, J.; Rüther, E.; Kornhuber, J.; Bleich, S.: Evaluation of oxidative stress measurements in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Juckel, G.; Schlagenhauf, F.; Koslowski, M.; Filonow, D.; Knutson, B.; Wrase, J.; Heinz, A.: Ventral striatum activation by typical versus atypical neuroleptics in a fMRI paradigm with monetary incentive stimuli
Kasper, S.; Winkler-Pjrek, E.: Strategies for psychopharmacology during pregnancy
Kastrup, N.; Genius, J. J. K.; Braun, I.; Hartmann, A. M.; Giegling, I.; Möller, H. J.; Rujescu, D.: Neurotrophic support and apoptosis in an animal model of psychosis based on chronic NMDA-antagonism
Keil, U.; Scherping, I.; Hauptmann, S.; Eckert, A.; Müller, W. E.: Stabilization of mitochondrial function by piracetam
Kirmeier, T.; Turck, C. W.; Holsboer, F.; Rein, T.: Proteomic search for intracellular binding sites of antidepressants
Kirschbaum, K. M.; Müller, M. J.; Mobascher, A.; Malevani, J.; Hiemke, C.: Therapeutic drug monitoring of aripiprazole
Kluge, M.; Schüssler, P.; Dresler, M.; Steiger, A.: Sleep-onset REM sleep in obsessive compulsive disorder
Koch, J. M.; Kuhlmann, C.; Stengel, M.; Aldenhoff, J. B.: Cell-type specific coupling of the 5-HT1a-receptor
Koch, J. M.; Hinze-Selch, D.; Huchzermeier, C.; Schulz-Du Bois, A. C.; Aldenhoff, J. B.: The association of CREB-phosphorylation and treatment-response in depression: Findings in pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment
Koch, K.; Wagner, G.; von Consbruch, K.; Nenadic, I.; Schultz, C. C.; Ehle, C.; Reichenbach, J. R.; Sauer, H.; Schlösser, R.: Differential temporal dynamics of cognitive learning processes in patients with schizophrenia: An event-related fMRI study
Köhnlein, O. C.; Beckers, M.; Schwander, S.; Lutz, R.; Schmauss, M.; Messer, T.: Therapeutic drug monitoring of quetiapine regarding plasma level concentration and dependence from daily dosage
Kraft, S.; Scherk, H.; Kemmer, C.; Schneider-Axmann, T.; Falkai, P.; Gruber, O.: Neuropsychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder compared to bipolar affective disorder and a healthy control group
Kraus, T.; Schanze, A.; Bayerlein, K.; Hillemacher, T.; Reulbach, U.; Gröschl, M.; Kornhuber, J.; Bleich, S.: Ghrelin levels are increased in alcoholism
Kumsta, R.; Entringer, S.; Koper, J. W.; Hellhammer, D.; Wüst, S.: GR gene haplotypes and hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis responses to stress
Kungel, M.; Ebrecht, M.; Modell, S.; Werner, C.; Spevakné-Göröcs, T.: Effects of long-term (up to 5 years) open-label treatment with aripiprazole
Langguth, B.; Eichhammer, P.; Sand, P.; Hajak, G.: Quetiapine induced modulation of cortical excitability
Langguth, B.; Landgrebe, M.; Sand, P.; Hajak, G.; Eichhammer, P.: rTMS for the treatment of auditory phantom perceptions
Langguth, B.; Perna, M.; Eichhammer, P.; Sand, P.; Hajak, G.: Affect and colour perception – a neurophysiological approach
Langguth, B.; Landgrebe, M.; Sand, P.; Hajak, G.; Eichhammer, P.: Modulation of cerebellothalamocortical pathways by cerebellar rTMS
Lang-Rollin, I. C.; Wochnik, G. M.; Holsboer, F.; Rein, T.: Effects of TPR proteins on steroid receptor signaling
Leweke, F. M.; Giuffrida, A.; Koethe, D.; Nolden, B. M.; Gerth, C. W.; Schreiber, D.; Gross, S.; Juelicher, A.; Klosterkötter, J.; Piomelli, D.: The role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in schizophrenia
Lewitzka, U.; Müller-Oerlinghausen, B.; Felber, W.; Brunner, J.; Lauterbach, E.; Hawellek, B.; Rujescu, D.; Bondy, B.; Rao, M. L.; Maier, W.; Ising, M.; Bronisch, T.: MAO-B acitivity in platelets associated with suicide attempts in depressed patients
Lieb, K.; Jacob, G.; Rüsch, N.; Tebartz van Elst, L.: Disturbed fronto-limbic brain circuits in borderline personality disorder
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Müller-Vahl, K. R.; Berding, G.; Schneider, U.; Emrich, H. M.: Treatment of Tourette-syndrome with cannabinoids: results from clinical and neuroimaging studies
Murck, H.; Manku, M.; Gringras, M.; Beaumont, G.: Ethyl-Eicosapentaenoate for depression with melancholic features
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Rummel, C.; Hansen, W. P.; Kissling, W.: „Patients consult patients“: first results
Rummel, C.; Peters, S.; Kissling, W.: Compliance in schizophrenic patients: A cross-sectional study
Salyakina, D.; Binder, E. B.; Ising, M.; Uhr, M.; Lucae, S.; Müller-Myhsok, B.: Within- and Inter- gene interactions in FKBP5 and GR genes and its association with early response
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