DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 33 · February 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22812


Souza, J. C.; Simoes, H. G.; Campbell, C.S. G; Pontes, F. L.; Boullosa, D. A.; Prestes, J.: Haemophilia and Exercise

Training & Testing

Johnston, R. J.; Watsford, M. L.; Pine, M. J.; Spurrs, R. W.; Murphy, A.; Pruyn, E. C.: Movement Demands and Match Performance in Professional Australian Football
Slivka, D. R.; Dumke, C. L.; Tucker, T. J.; Cuddy, J. S.; Ruby, B.: Human mRNA Response to Exercise and Temperature
de Sousa, N. M. F.; Magosso, R. F.; Pereira, G. B.; Souza, M.V. C.; Vieira, A.; Marine, D. A.; Perez, S.E. A.; Baldissera, V.: Acute Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses During Resistance Exercise In The Lactate Threshold Intensity
Couto, B. P.; Silva, H. R.; Barbosa, M. P.; Szmuchrowski, L. A.: Chronic Effects of Different Frequencies of Local Vibrations
Chtourou, H.; Hammouda, O.; Chaouachi, A.; Chamari, K.; Souissi, N.: The Effect of Time-of-Day and Ramadan Fasting on Anaerobic Performances
Keese, F.; Farinatti, P.; Pescatello, L.; Cunha, F. A.; Monteiro, W. D.: Aerobic Exercise Intensity Influences Hypotension Following Concurrent Exercise Sessions

Training & Testing

Claudino, J. G.; Mezêncio, B.; Soncin, R.; Ferreira, J. C.; Couto, B. P.; Szmuchrowski, L. A.: Pre Vertical Jump Performance to Regulate the Training Volume

Training &Testing

Delaney, L. E.; Arce-Esquivel, A. A.; Kuroki, K.; Laughlin, M. H.: Exercise Training Improves Vasoreactivity in the Knee Artery
Phillips, A. A.; Burr, J.; Cote, A. T.; Foulds, H.J. A.; Charlesworth, S.; Bredin, S.S. D.; Warburton, D.E. R.: Comparing the Finapres and Caretaker Systems for Measuring Pulse Transit Time Before and After Exercise
Deus, A.P. L.; Bassi, D.; Simões, R. P.; Oliveira, C. R.; Baldissera, V.; de Cássia Marqueti, R.; Araujo, H.S. S.; Arena, R.; Borghi-Silva, A.: MMP−2 Expression in Skeletal Muscle after Strength Training

Clinical Sciences

Korsten-Reck, U.; Seufert, J.; Dickhuth, H.-H.; Schumacher, Y. O.; König, D.: Hypogonadism and Anemia in an Athlete

Behavioural Sciences

Aaltonen, S.; Leskinen, T.; Morris, T.; Alen, M.; Kaprio, J.; Liukkonen, J.; Kujala, U.: Motives for and Barriers to Physical Activity in Twin Pairs Discordant for Leisure Time Physical Activity for 30 Years

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