DOI: 10.1055/s-00000167

International Journal of Angiology

Issue 04 · Volume 5 · September 1996 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21929

Original Articles

Sottiurai, Vikrom S.; Stephens, Anthony; Champagne, Lloyd; Reisen, Efrain: Preservation of hemodialysis access with central obstruction
Kisters, Klaus; Spieker, Claus; Tepel, Martin; Zidek, Walter: Intracellular magnesium content in hypertension
Bartels, Claus; Claeys, Luc; Ktenidis, Kiriakos; Pastrik, Christiane; Horsch, Svante: Treatment of severe peripheral arterial and vasospastic disease of the upper extremity by spinal cord stimulation
Belch, Jill J.; Greene, Steve A.; Littleford, Roberta; Jennings, Paul E.; Khan, Faisel: Impaired skin blood flow response to heat in children with insulin-dependent diabetes
Gea, Susana; Motran, Cristina; Ordoñez, Patricia; Laderach, Diego; Cerban, Fabio; Chizzolini, Carlo; Iosa, Daniel: Anti-gangliosides antibodies in Chagas' cardioneuropathy
Curtis, Jack J.; Walls, Joseph T.; Goss, Catherine F.; Boley, Theresa M.; Sliver, Donald: Persistence of heparin-dependent antiplatelet antibody
Chekanov, Valeri S.; Cheng, Qunli; Rieder, Michelle A.; Smith, Luther M.; Zander, Gary L.; Broaddrick, Susan A.; Faculjak, Mary L.; McConchie, Stuart; Jacobs, Gordon B.; Schmidt, Donald H.; Christensen, Carl W.: A study of the contractile force and fatigue resistance of the latissimus dorsi muscle of growing lambs
Curtis, Jack J.; Nawarawong, Weerachai; Walls, Joseph T.; Schmaltz, Richard A.: Continuous warm blood cardioplegia: A randomized prospective clinical comparison
Hoballah, Jamal J.; Martinasevic, Mario; Chalmers, Roderick T. A.; Haddad, Fady F.; Schueppert, Michael T.; Mohan, Chittur R.; Sharp, William J.; Kresowik, Timothy F.; Corson, John D.: Management of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms in the elderly: “The geriatric abdominal aortic aneurysm”
Mohan, Chittur R.; Kresowik, Timothy F.; Hoballah, Jamal J.; Sharp, William J.; Schueppert, Michael T.; Martinasevic, Mario; Corson, John D.: A review of the use of risk factor modification in the management of atherosclerotic arterial disease

Original Article

Gökhan Cin, Veli; Özer, Faruk; Deveci, Ahmet; Yaşar, Savaş: A giant unilateral pulmonary artery aneurysm: Case report