DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 12 · Volume 76 · August 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21285

7th Tannin Conference (Presymposium) and 58th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research
Berlin, Germany, 29th August – 2nd September 2010

Chairman: Professor Dr. Matthias F. Melzig – Professor Dr. Herbert Kolodziej

Jimenez, C; LLanos, G; Araujo, L; Moujir, L; Rodriguez, J; Jiménez, I; Bazzocchi, I: Structure-based design of new analogs of Withaferin A as antitumor agents
Schou, J; Kristiansen, U; Stafford, G; van Heerden, F; Jäger, A: Effect of Rhoicissus digitata extracts on acetylcholine-mediated contraction in rat uterus
Hunyadi, A; Liktor-Busa, E; Balogh, Á; Hsieh, T; Zupkó, I; Hohmann, J: Investigation of the antidiabetic activity of Morus alba leaf extract in vitro and in vivo
Prathanturarug, S; Thirawarapan, S; Suvitayavat, W; Soonthornchareonnon, N; Piyachaturawat, P; Saralamp, P: Standardization and pharmacological activities of a Curcuma comosa traditional formula for menopausal women
Suthanurak, M; Sakpakdeejaroen, I; Rattarom, R; Itharat, A: Formulation and stability test of BJ adaptogen tablets for cancer treatment
Bayiha Ba Njock, G; Bartholomeusz, T; Jeannerat, D; Pegnyemb, D; Christen, P: Phenolic compounds from the leaves of Ouratea gilgiana and their biological activities
Vicet, I; Gonzalez, D; Siverio, D; Maldonado, M; De Witte, P; Crawford, A; Dehaen, W; Pieters, I; Cuellar, A; Sierra, G; Nguyen, H; Campbell, A: Chemical and pharmacological evaluation of fractions potentially active obtained of the aqueous extract of Capraria biflora L.
Itharat, A; Reuangnoo, S; Panthong, S; Sangrapee, C; Khantham, S; Chatsuwan, J; Sinsomboon, A: Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of five Thai plants used as antipyretic drug
Kruglov, D; Makarova, D; Melnik, J: Research of chemical composition of cloudberry fruit
Nualkaew, S; Padee, P; Talubmook, C; Sakuljaitrong, S: Hypoglycemic effect of a leaf extract of Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Nees) Radlk.
Eid, H; Brault, A; Ouchfoun, M; Thong, F; Vallerand, D; Ganguly, R; Arnason, J; Sweeney, G; Haddad, P: The antidiabetic effect of W9, a medicinal plant from the pharmacopea of the Cree of the Eastern James Bay region in Canada
Csupor, D; Blazsó, G; Widowitz, U; Balogh, Á; Bauer, R; Hohmann, J: Anti-inflammatory compounds of the traditional Hungarian medicinal plant Centaurea sadleriana
Blunder, M; Wirnsperger, P; Mair, T; Kunert, O; Bauer, R: Phytochemical investigations of Piper sarmentosum and Zanthoxyllum gilletii
Shikov, A; Lazukina, M; Makarova, M; Pozharitskaya, O; Demchenko, D; Makarov, V; Golubeva, O: Adaptogenic and central nervous system effects of Potentilla alba L extract in mice
Graf-Schiller, S; Spielberger, U; Schwarze-Fiedler, D; Kleeberg, H: Azadirachtin-rich Neem extracts against ectoparasites
Jahandideh, M; Ahmadian, M; Naseri, M; Mosaddegh, M: The most useful herbs of Iranian traditional medicine prescribed in xerosis
López Moreno, C; Quintanilla, L; Serrano, G; Rosales, Q; Pérez, F; Saldaña, R: Long-term follow-up of patients with phytotherapy as only causal treatment for malignant and benign tumors
Jaijoy, K; Soonthornchareonnon, N; Panthong, A; Sireeratawong, S: Anti-inflammatory activity and toxicity of the standardised water extract of Phyllanthus emblica L.
Sowemimo, A; Van de Venter, M; Baatjies, L; Koekemoer, T: Cytotoxicity of some Nigerian plants used in traditional cancer treatment
Gritsanapan, W; Sakulpanich, A; Thongpraditchote, S: Anthraquinone content and toxicity test of Cassia fistula pod extracts
Ratanavalachai, T; Thitiorul, S; Tanuchit, S; Jansom, C; Uttama, S; Itharat, A: Antigenotoxic study of rice extracts from Thai Sung-Yod red rice cultivar in human lymphocytes in vitro
Vidic, D; Cavar, S; Maksimovic, M: Antioxidant activity of two Satureja species
Obmann, A; Mraz, B; Kubasa, B; Zehl, M; Kletter, C; Glasl, S: Phytochemical profiling of the Mongolian medicinal plant Myricaria longifolia EHRENB.
Sofidiya, M; Lange, C; Sattler, I; Beukes, D; Afolayan, A; Odukoya, O; Familoni, O: Bioactivity profile of compounds isolated from Hymenocardia acida Tul. leaves
Ghasemi Pirbalouti, A; Azizi, S; Koohpayeh, A; Golparvar, A: Evaluation of the burn healing properties of five Iranian medicinal plants in diabetic rats
Khosravi Dehaghi, N; Hajimehdipoor, H; Sahebgharani, M; Khanavi, M; Mirshaki, Z: Antinociceptive effects of Stachys laxa
Sadati, N; Khanavi, M; Shams Ardekani, M; Hadjiakhoondi, A; Akbarzadeh, T: Phytoecdysteroids from arial parts of Ajuga chamaecistus subsp. tomentella