DOI : 10.1055/s-00000032

Klinische Neurophysiologie

Issue 01 · Volume 41 · March 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20833

Baier, B; de Haan, B; Müller, N; Thömke, F; Birklein, F; Dieterich, M; Karnath, HO: Anatomical correlate of positive spontaneous visual phenomena – a voxelwise lesion study
Jost, W; Fuchs, G; Reifschneider, G; Odin, P; Storch, A; Ebersbach, G: Validation of a German version of the NMSS (Non-Motor Symptom assessment Scale)
Axer, H; Luft, B; Franke, J; Schmidt, P; Witte, OW; Heide, G: Brainstem representation of vestibular evoked muscle potentials
Hoppe, C; Fließbach, K; Helmstaedter, C: NeuroCog FX – computerized neuropsychological screening
Nitsche, M; Monte-Silva, K; Liebetanz, D; Paulus, W: Dosage-dependent non-linear effect of l-dopa on human motor cortex plasticity
Teismann, I; Warnecke, T; Suntrup, S; Ringelstein, EB; Dziewas, R: Cortical stroke processing after acute and brainstem stroke
Spiegel, R; Kalla, R; Rettinger, N; Schneider, E; Straumann, D; Marti, S; Claassen, J; Glasauer, S; Brandt, T; Strupp, M: The influence of positional effects on the spontaneous decrease of downbeat nystagmus in the course of the day
Spiegel, R; Kalla, R; Rettinger, N; Schneider, E; Straumann, D; Claassen, J; Glasauer, S; Marti, S; Brandt, T; Strupp, M: The influence of resting in light or darkness on the spontaneous decrease of downbeat nystagmus
Spiegel, R; Kalla, R; Muggleton, N; Bueti, D; Claassen, J; Walsh, V; Bronstein, A: Adaptive mechanisms in visual motion processing and a possible link to evolution
Mühlbauer, E; Peschke, D; Peschke, E: Expression patterns of clock genes in the pancreas of the rat
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Peschke, E; Frese, T; Stumpf, I; Sucha, H; Bazwinsky-Wutschke, I; Mühlbauer, E: Melatonin-insulin interactions in type 2 diabetic rats as well as patients
Stumpf, I; Mühlbauer, E; Bazwinsky-Wutschke, I; Peschke, E: Characterization of melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2) in rat and human pancreata
Bazwinsky-Wutschke, I; Mühlbauer, E; Litvak, L; Peschke, E: Calcium-binding proteins in rat and human pancreatic islets as well as in INS1-cells
Deutschländer, A; Hüfner, K; Stephan, T; Flanagin, V; Glasauer, S; Dera, T; Jahn, K; Fesl, G; Dieterich, M; Strupp, M; Brandt, T: Does the oculomotor vermis generate congenital nystagmus?
Grundey, J; Thirugnanasambandam, N; Drees, A; Adam, K; Paulus, W; Nitsche, M: Effects of nicotine on PAS-induced neuroplasticity in the healthy human
Röhmel, J; Kraft, A; Olma, MC; Schmidt, S; Irlbacher, K; Brandt, SA: Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on threshold perimetry
Rauch, AV; Paul, V; ter Horst, L; Bauer, J; Ohrmann, P; Konrad, C; Dannlowski, U; Egloff, B; Heindel, W; Arolt, V; Suslow, T: Repressive coping style modulates neural responses during encoding of emotional faces
Reinhard, M; Rosengarten, B; Kirchhoff, L; Hetzel, A; Rauer, S: Natalizumab and regulation of cerebral blood flow: results from an observational study
Schniepp, R; Mariakova, J; Kamenova, M; Jahn, K: Speed dependency of gait parameters in patients with sensoric disorders
Hesse, D; Sperfeld, AD; Klein, T; Petersein, J; Homberg, V: The adult manifestation of GM1-Gangliosidosis – a case report
Taubert, M; Draganski, B; Anwander, A; Müller, K; Horstmann, A; Villringer, A; Ragert, P: Dynamic properties of learning-related grey and white matter changes in the adult human brain
Schreiber, S; Oldag, A; Görtler, M; Vielhaber, S: High-resolution sonography in hereditary neuropathy CMT Type 2a. A case report
List, J; Wilbers, E; Kürten, J; Albers, J; Schwindt, A; Flöel, A: Focal cortical plasticity in patients with high-grade stenosis of the internal carotid artery
Eickhoff, S; Nickl-Jockschat, T; Kurth, F; Laird, A; Fox, P: New approaches for coordinate-based meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies
Jahnke, K; Laufs, H; Wegner, F von; Borisov, S: K-complex associated thalamic BOLD signal changes revealed by EEG/fMRI
Mayer, G; Fietze, I; Penzel, T; Riemann, D; Rodenbeck, A; Sitter, H; Teschler, H: S3 Guideline Non restorative Sleep/Sleep Disorders
Unrath, A; Mueller, HP; Lulé, D; Riecker, A; Ludolph, AC; Kassubek, J: Multiparametric MRI analysis of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis compared to controls
Knosalla, M; Haensch, CA; Wehe, J; Lerch, H; Weis, J; Isenmann, S: Efficiency of droxydopa in pure autonomic failure
Urban, P; Wolf, T; Uebele, M; Marx, J; Stoeter, P; Bauerman, T; Weibrich, C; Vucurevic, G; Schneider, A; Wissel, J: Cerebral Lesion Topography in Spasticity following ischemic Stroke
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Liuzzi, G; Hörniß, V; Sauseng, P; Lechner, P; Heise, K; Zimerman, M; Gerloff, C; Hummel, FC: Modulation of movement-related intracortical inhibition (SICI) in acute stroke predicts motor recovery after one year
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Schelter, B; Sommerlade, L; Amtage, F; Lapp, O; Hellwig, B; Luecking, CH; Timmer, J: On the Estimation of the Direction of Information Flow
Rehme, AK; Eickhoff, SB; Fink, GR; Cramon, DY von; Grefkes, C: Reorganization of effective connectivity in the motor system after stroke
Faber, J; Schöne-Bake, JC; Melzer, C; Tittgemeyer, M; Weber, B: Age-depending degeneration of white matter tracts – A DTI-Study
Sprenger, A; Lappe-Osthege, M; Talamo, S; Gais, S; Kimmig, H; Helmchen, C: Spontaneous saccadic eye movements are slower than saccades to other imagined stimuli – and even slower than REMs
Schlindwein, P; Noennig, N; Heinze, HJ; Dieterich, M; Schoenfeld, MA: Modulation of otolith MEG responses by change of gravitational force vector
Wiest, R; Jann, K; Gralla, J; Hauf, M; Wang, J; Mattle, H; Dierks, T; Federspiel, A: Non-invasive assessment of cerebral blood flow using selective MR-Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL): First Experience
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