DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 09 · Volume 75 · July 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-19380

57th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research
Geneva, Switzerland, August 16–20, 2009

Chairman: Kurt Hostettmann

Pothitirat, W; Pithayanukul, P; Chomnawang, MT; Gritsanapan, W: Standardization of Garcinia mangostana fruit rind extract
Cvek, J; Fingler, S; Tomić, S; Medić-Šarić, M: Validation of GC-MS method for determination of varroacide residues in propolis
Kolesnik, Y; Titova, E; Chertkov, V; Shestakova, A; Tikhonov, V; Shmatkov, D: Chemical composition of water extract of Gnaphalium uliginosum. Part 2
Mesia, K; Dhooghe, L; Tona, L; Cimanga, K; Kuypers, K; Apers, S; Vlietinck, A; Pieters, L; Maes, L: Validation of an HPLC-method for an antiplasmodially active stem bark extract of Nauclea pobeguinii
Kolesnik, Y; Titova, E; Chertkov, V; Tashlitsky, V; Shestakova, A; Tikhonov, V; Shmatkov, D: The structure of main component of Hoodia Gordonii extract
da Silva, G; Taniça, M; Gomes, ET; Serrano, R; Silva, O: Morphoanatomy and histochemistry of Maytenus heterophylla leaf, an African medicine
Nasimullah Qureshi, M; Stecher, G; Abel, G; Popp, M; Bonn, GK: Determination of primary and secondary metabolites in Matricaria chamomilla
Spriano, D; Chen, C; Meier, B: HPTLC of Citrus fruit peels
Gantait, A; Maji, A; Barman, T; Banerji, P; Mukherjee, PK: Standardization of two different varieties of Capsicum obtained from North East India
Oppamayun, Y; Rungapirumnan, W; Suwanakaesawong, W; Uerchaikul, C: Recent study on safety monitoring herbal medicines of Thai National Essential Drug List (NEDL)
Modarai, M; Silva, E; Suter, A; Heinrich, M; Kortenkamp, A: The effects of Echinacea and its alkylamides on CYP3A4 transcriptional activity
Jorge Rodríguez, E; Vander Heyden, Y; Monteagudo Romero, U; Dramou, P; Gómez, G; Bravo Sánchez, L; Bernal, N; Saucedo Hernández, Y: Constituents and quality control parameters of the vegetable oil from Cucurbita moschata, Duchesne, cultivated in Cuba
Ratanavalachai, T; Thitiorul, S; Nandhasri, P; Tanuchit, S; Jansom, C: In Vitro genotoxic activities of the aqueous extract from Thai Noni's Leaves (ANL) in human lymphocytes
Howard, C; Bremner, PD; Fowler, MR; Scott, NW; Slater, A: Molecular identification and quantitation of Hypericum perforatum in mixed samples
Jee, EH; Jeong, CW; Jeong, SD; Kim, HJ; Jang, YP: Detection of characterising compounds on TLC by DART-MS
Marsik, P; Bacilkova, A; Langhansova, L; Andrle, J; Vanek, T: Analysis of ginseng dietary supplements – content of ginsenosides
Marçal, RM; Silva-Mann, R; Mushtaq, MY; Castro, RD; Pelacani, CR; Hilhorst, HWM; Choi, YH; Verpoorte, R; Hall, R; de Vos, RCH: Metabolic profiling of the Brazilian medicinal plant Erythrina velutina (Willd) Fabaceae
Brem, T; Scherübl, R; Jürgenliemk, G; Ankli, A; Klier, B; Heilmann, J; Franz, G: Analysis of Forsythia suspensa, for the purpose of establishing a monograph draft proposal for the German Pharmacopoeia
Pop, G; Alexa, E; Vlase, L; Peev, C; Militaru, AV; Pop, DA: Sitosterol content of some rapeseeds cultivars developed in Romania
Hoekstra, B; Traub, J; Chamberlain, K; Baugh, S; Venkataraman, SK: Comparative study of HPLC methods for the Analysis of Diterpene Glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana
Pavlović, S; Stojanović, S; Starović, M; Stević, T; Stojšin, V: Mycopopulation in five important cultivated medicinal plants in Serbia
Saucedo Hernández, Y; Bravo Sánchez, L; González Bedia, MM; Torres Gómez, L; Jorge Rodríguez, E; González San Miguel, HM; González Mosquera, D; Theunis, M; Pieters, L; Apers, S: Determination of parthenin in Parthenium hysterophorus Linn (feverfew) by means of HPLC-UV: method development and validation
Jiang, Y; Fiorini, C; Fabre, B; David, B; Barbin, Y: Quality control of cortex Magnoliae officinalis