DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 09 · Volume 74 · July 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12952

7th Joint Meeting of GA, AFERP, ASP, PSE & SIF
Athens, Greece, August 3–8, 2008

Chairmen: Leandros Skaltsounis, Joel Boustie; Issue Editors: Leandros Skaltsounis, Prokopios Magiatis; Issue Co-Editors: Nikolas Fokialakis

Buhlert, J.; Carle, R.; Majer, Z.; Spitzner, D.: Peptides – A source of acrylamide?
Zographos, S. E.; Leonidas, D. D.; Alexacou, K. M.; Gimisis, T.; Hayes, J. M.; Oikonomakos, N. G.; Wen, X.; Sun, H.; Liu, J.; Cheng, K.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, L.; Hao, J.; Ni, P.: Pentacyclic triterpenes, inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase, as potential drugs for type 2 diabetes: X-ray crystallographic studies
Legouin, B.; Chollet-Krugler, M.; Tomasi, S.; Uriac, P.; van de Weghe, P.: An usnic acid derivative as new tweezer for non-covalent aromatic interaction complex
Do, Q.; Doan Thi Mai, H.; Gaslonde, T.; Pfeiffer, B.; Léonce, S.; Pierré, A.; Michel, S.; Tillequin, F.; Dufat, H.: Structure-activity relationships in the acronycine and benzo[b]acronycine series: Role of the pyran ring
Rakotondramasy, V. C.; Loury, N.; El Mourabet, M.; Lemus, C.; Negrhra, A.; Mouriès, C.; Cachet, X.; Koch, M.; Tillequin, F.; Deguin, B.: Chemistry of aucubin
Genès, C.; Prado, S.; Porée, F. H.; Michel, S.; Tillequin, F.: Novel potential antitumor analogues of fagaronine and nitidine in the Benzo[c]phenanthroline series
Yougnia, R.; Do, Q.; Tian, W.; Gaslonde, T.; Pfeiffer, B.; Pierré, A.; Léonce, S.; Kraus-Berthier, L.; David-Cordonnier, M. H.; Lansiaux, A.; Koch, M.; Tillequin, F.; Michel, S.; Dufat, H.: Synthesis, cytotoxic activity, and DNA binding properties of antitumor cis-1,2-dihydroxy-1,2-dihydrobenzo[b]acronycine cinnamoyl esters
Tian, W.; Pfeiffer, B.; Kraus-Berthier, L.; Léonce, S.; Pierré, A.; Koch, M.; Tillequin, F.; Michel, S.: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 13-aza derivatives of benzo[b]acronycine
Nguyen, M.; Şerbetçi, T.; Gaslonde, T.; Prado, S.; Janin, Y.; Michel, S.; Tillequin, F.: Natural products as privileged structures for the conception of novel antimycobacterial agents
Rasheed, L.; Lohézic-Le Dévéhat, F.; Hasan, A.; Rouaud, I.; Boustie, J.: Evaluation of antioxidant activities of synthesized iminochalcones
Agius, B. R.; Stokes, S. L.; Richter, L. R.; Setzer, W. N.: Cruzain inhibition by terpenoids
Pfisterer, P. H.; Rollinger, J. M.; Schyschka, L.; Vollmar, A. M.; Stuppner, H.: In silico discovery of natural chemosensitizers from Eriobotrya japonica
Baumgartner, L. T.; Markt, P.; Rollinger, J. M.; Schwaiger, S.; Langer, T.; Stuppner, H.: PPARα– In silico screening for activators from natural sources
San Miguel-Chávez, R.; Soto-Hernández, M.; Ramos-Valdivia, A. C.; Kite, G.: Salicylic acid elicitation induces erythrinane alkaloids accumulation in suspension culture of Erythrina americana Miller
Martins, C. H. G.; Sato, D. N.; Pavan, F. G.; Andrade, L. N.; Pereira, A. C.; Bianco, T. N. C.; Carvalho, T. C.; Bastos, J. K.; Vinholis, A. H. C.; Silva, R.; Cunha, W. R.; Da Silva Filho, A. A.; Silva, M. L. A.: In vitro antimycobacterial activity evaluation of (-)-Cubebin and its semi-synthetic derivatives against three species of Mycobacteria
Brenzan, M. A.; Nakamura, C. V.; Filho, B. P. D.; Ueda-Nakamura, T.; Young, M. C. M.; Júnior, J. A.; Corrêa, A. G.; Cortez, D. A. G.: Structure-activity relationship of (-) mammea A/BB derivatives against Leishmania amazonensis
Takeya, K.; Lee, J. E.; Hitotsuyanagi, Y.; Hasuda, T.; Kim, I. H.: A novel bicyclic hexapeptide from Rubia cordifolia L.: structure, semi-synthesis, and cytotoxicity
Kang, B.; Jung, Y. J.; Jeon, R.: Design and synthesis of azaisoflavones
Pinel, B.; Landreau, A.; Dubois, J.; Au do, G.; De la Poype, F.; Séraphin, D.; Richomme, P.: Purification hemisynthesis of xanthatin derivates and in vitro evaluation of their activity towards farnesyltransferase (PFTase)
Harmatha, J.; Vokáč, K.; Kmoníčková, E.; Zídek, Z.: Immunobiological properties of sesquiterpene lactones with specific active diol moiety
Galli, G. V.; Dell'Agli, M.; Dal Cero, E.; Belluti, F.; Matera, R.; Zironi, E.; Pagliuca, G.; Bosisio, E.: Potent inhibition of human phosphodiesterase-5 by icariin derivatives in an enzyme assay
Pedersen, M. E.; Rasmussen, H. B.; Metzler, B.; Stafford, G. I.; van Staden, J.; Jäger, A. K.: Cinnamamides from Piper capense with affinity to the benzodiazepine site on the GABAA receptor
Haddad, M.; Sobarzo-Sánchez, E.; Maurel, S.; Valentin, A.; Quetin-Leclercq, J.: Antiplasmodial and cytotoxic activities of synthetic alkaloids
Mik, V.; Szüčová, L.; Zatloukal, M.; Doležal, K.; Spíchal, L.; Lenobel, R.; Strnad, M.: New N9-substituted cytokinin derivatives for affinity chromatography and proteomic analyses
Yan, L. H.; Nuhant, P.; Marazano, C.; Poupon, E.: A biomimetic approach to manadomanzamine A
Gaboriaud-Kolar, N.; Boutefnouchet, S.; Lallemand, M. C.; Michel, S.; Tillequin, F.: Synthesis, cytotoxic activity and mechanism of action of new Psorospermin-Acronycine analogs
Leta Aboye, T.; Clark, R. J.; Craik, D. J.; Göransson, U.: Synthesis and folding of the circular cystine knotted cyclotide cycloviolacin O2
Lienert, N.; Rogg-Le Claire, E.; Gafner, F.; Meyer, A. D.; Hamburger, M.; Corbière-Divialle, H.: The use of hairy root cultures to screen for bio-active principles in Cichorium intybus
Van der Sar, S. A.; Fisch, K. M.; Gurgui, C.; Nguyen, T. A.; Piel, J.; Webb, V.: Targeting secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes from the metagenome of the sponge Mycale sp
Bartholomeusz, T. A.; Molinié, R.; Roscher, A.; Freydank, A. C.; Dräger, B.; Robins, R. J.; Mesnard, F.: Use of [13C-methyl]Tropinone to follow the fate of the methyl group during calystegine formation in root cultures of Solanum dulcamara (Solanaceae)
Lee, J. B.; Suzuki, S.; Nkembo, M. K.; Kayagi, K.; Hayashi, T.: Methyl jasmonate influences secondary metabolism and protein expression in Scoparia dulcis
Sykłowska-Baranek, K.; Pietrosiuk, A.; Furmanowa, M.; Szypuła, W.; Jeziorek, M.: Production of shikonin derivatives in transgenic roots of Lithospermum canescens (Michx.) Lehm. cultivated in mist bioreactor
Sykłowska-Baranek, K.; Pietrosiuk, A.; Kuźma, Ł; Chinou, I.; Kongel, M.; Jeziorek, M.: Establishment of Rindera graeca transgenic root culture as a source of shikonin derivatives
Severiano, M. E.; Simão, M. R.; Ambrósio, S. R.; Crotti, A. E. M.; Lopes, N. P.; Turatti, I. C. C.; de Figueiredo, U. S.; Furtado, N. A. J. C.: Biotransformation of lupeol by Penicillium roqueforti
Palee, J.; Dheeranupattana, S.; Jatisatienr, A.; Jatisatienr, C.; Pyne, S. G.; Ung, A. T.; Sastraruji, T.: Effects of methyl jasmonate on alkaloid production in callus culture of Stemona curtisii Hook.f
Tsiri, D.; Halabalaki, M.; Spyropoulos, C. G.; Haralampidis, K.; Chinou, I.: Biosynthetic origin of medicarpin in elicited fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) seedlings
Fuhrmann, H. G.; Boland, W.; Alfermann, A. W.; Fuss, E.: Influence of elicitation on the lignan biosynthesis in cell cultures of Linum album L
Arakawa, N. S.; Gobbo-Neto, L.; Carollo, C. A.; Antonucci, G. A.; Sampaio, S. V.; Pupo, M. T.; Said, S.; Da Costa, F. B.: Increasing chemical diversity through biotransformation of terpenoids by fungi
López, S. N.; Lopes, A. A.; Batista, J. M. J.; Bolzani, V. S.; Kato, M. J.; Furlan, M.: Bioactive C-geranylated metabolites from Piper crassinervium: biological and biosynthetic studies
Georgiev, V.; Ivanov, I.; Pavlov, A.; Georgiev, M.; Ilieva, M.: Galanthamine production by Leucojum aestivum in vitro shoot cultures
Kamonwannasit, S.; Putalun, W.; Phrompittayarat, W.; Ingkaninan, K.; Tanaka, H.: Pseudojujubogenin glycosides from in vitro regenerated Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst
Cachet, N.; Thomas, O. P.; Al-Mourabit, A.; Oberhänsli, F.; Teyssié, J. L.; Jeffree, R.: Biosynthesis of bromopyrrole alkaloids in Agelas oroides
Nava, E.; Dávila, Y.; Arellano, J.; Álvarez, L.; Herrera, Y.; Ortiz, A.; Villarreal, M. L.: High –yield production of antifungal saponins using transformed cell suspension cultures of the Mexican species Solanum chrysotrichum
Chotikadachanarong, K.; Dheeranupattana, S.; Jatisatienr, A.; Jatisatienr, C.; Pyne, S. G.; Ung, A. T.; Sastraruji, T.: Secondary compound production in root cultures of Stemona curtisii Hook. f
Sousa, I.; Kairys, V.; Padrón, J. M.; Fernandes, M. X.: Identification of molecular targets in anti-cancer therapy using protein-ligand docking
Rollinger, J. M.; Schuster, D.; Danzl, B.; Schmidtke, M.; Gertsch, J.; Radurner, S.; Schwaiger, S.; Langer, T.; Stuppner, H.: Target fishing for constituents from Ruta graveolens using a virtual parallel screening approach
Perestelo, N. R.; Jiménez, I. A.; Tokuda, H.; Bazzocchi, I. L.: Structure-Activity relationship of sesquiterpenes dihydro-β-agarofuran as chemopreventive agents
Merlani, M.; Barbakadze, V.; Gogilashvili, L.; Amiranashvili, L.; Mulkijanyan, K.; Yannakopoulou, E.; Papadopoulos, K.; Christodouleas, D.: Synthesis and antioxidant activity of 3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)glyceric acid. Monomer of a biologically active polyether isolated from Symphytum asperum and S. caucasicum
Orabi, K. Y.; Sary, H. G.: Microbial metabolism of Yohimbine
Hemmati, S.; Schneider, B.; Schmidt, T.; Federolf, K.; Alfermann, A. W.; Fuss, E.: Biosynthesis of justicidin B and diphyllin in cell cultures of Linum perenne L. Himmelszelt
Castro-Gamboa, I.; Pauletti, P. M.; Zucarelli, M. E.; de Matos, A. T. S.; Ropero, D. R.; Silva, D. H. S.; Bolzani, V. S.: Characterization and detection of major micromolecular constituents from species of Brazilian Cerrado and Atlantic rainforest using in silico and hyphenated techniques
Marques, J. V.; de Oliveira, A.; Young, M. C. M.; Kato, M. J.: Antifungal piperolides, coumarins, pyrones and amides from Piper species and synthetic analogs
Petrônio, M. S.; Regasini, L. O.; Benaducci, T.; Gianinni, M. J. S. M.; Lopes, E. M. C.; Young, M. C. M.; Torres, L. M. B.; Castro-Gamboa, I.; Bolzani, V. S.; Silva, D. H. S.: Gallic acid from Alchornea glandulosa as a prototype for antifungal semi-synthetic alkyl-gallates
Bayindir, Ü; Mohagheghzadeh, A.; Alfermann, A. W.; Fuss, E.: Hinokinin biosynthesis in Linum corymbulosum Reichenb
De Medina, P.; Genovese, S.; Pailasse, M.; Silvente-Poirot, S.; Curini, M.; Epifano, F.; Poirot, M.: Structure-based identification of ER and ACAT as molecular targets involved in the chemopreventive activity of the citrus auraptene
Wiese, J.; Gärtner, A.; Heindl, H.; Kajahn, I.; Lang, G.; Mitova, M.; Nagel, K.; Schmaljohann, R.; Schneemann, I.; Imhoff, J. F.: Marine habitats – promising sources of novel microoganisms and new natural products with biotechnological applications
Myrianthopoulos, V.; Magiatis, P.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Meijer, L.; Mikros, E.: Lessons learned from the optimization of natural product based kinase inhibitors through molecular calculations
Paschali, A.; Halabalaki, M.; Tsiripillou, P.; Skaltsounis, A. L.: Total synthesis of Hermannioside A, a novel flavonoid triglycoside from Anthyllis hermanniae
Lu, W. C.; Wu, Y. H.; Lin, W. N.; Lee, M. S.; Chang, W. T.: The production of catalpol using hairy root culture of Rehmannia glutinosa L