DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 09 · Volume 74 · July 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12952

7th Joint Meeting of GA, AFERP, ASP, PSE & SIF
Athens, Greece, August 3–8, 2008

Chairmen: Leandros Skaltsounis, Joel Boustie; Issue Editors: Leandros Skaltsounis, Prokopios Magiatis; Issue Co-Editors: Nikolas Fokialakis

Wongcome, T.; Khonsung, P.; Jatisatienr, A.; Dheeranupattana, S.; Panthong, A.: Acute, subacute and dermal toxicology of the bioinsecticide from Stemona curtisii Hook. F.
Pérez Laínez, D.; García-Mateos, R.; Soto-Hernández, M.; Rodríguez-Pérez, E.; Kite, G.: Phytotoxic activity of Calia secundiflora (Ortega) Yakovlev
Mavrakis, T.; Agalias, A.; Skandalis, N.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Panopoulos, N.; Goumas, D.; Ververidis, F.: Exploring the potential of natural substances from olive and grape pomace in phytoprotection
Curica, C.; Serrano, R.; Gomes, E. T.; Silva, O.: Identification of Frangula azorica bark a Portuguese Medicinal Drug
Bertrand, C.; Cochinaire, A.; Chanut, A.; Bellvert, F.; Popovici, J.; Comte, G.; Piola, F.: From allelopathy to agrochemistry: a new approach for the valorisation of invasive plants
Chaiyong, S.; Jatisatienr, C.; Dheeranupattana, S.; Jatisatienr, A.: Acaricidal efficiency of some local plants from Thailand
Capon, R. J.; Hayes, R. A.; Hagman, M.; Shine, R.: Cane toad chemical ecology: controlling an invasive pest
Flesar, J.; Havlik, J.; Cermak, T.; Kloucek, P.; Rada, V.; Kokoska, L.; Titera, D.: Natural compounds and extract for the control of American foulbrood
Van Staden, J.; Kulkarni, M. G.; Ascough, G. D.; Light, M. E.: Stimulatory effects of smoke and smoke-derived butenolide on crop plants
Frazão, S.; Serrano, R.; Maciag, M.; Szlezak, A.; Gomes, E. T.; Silva, O.: Evidence of natural hybridization on Portuguese Digitalis thapsi L.: morphological and chemical characterization
Lira-Saldivar, R. H.; Hernández, M.; León, E.; Barajas, N.; Villarreal, S.; Medina, J. G.: Antimicrobial properties of resinous plant extracts from Mexico with agrochemical and pharmaceutical potential
Aguilar, C. N.; Aguilera, A.; Mercado, D.; Belmares, R.; Martínez, J. L.; Rodríguez, R.: Microbial production of potent antioxidants from fungal fermentation of tannin-rich plants
El Babili, F.; Fouraste, I.; Maurel, S.; Valentin, A.; Moulis, C.: Anatomical study of Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels and its antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity
Kloucek, P.; Flesar, J.; Kokoska, L.; Nedorostova, L.; Titera, D.: Activity of essential oils in vapour phase against Paenibacillus larvae
Poráčová, J.; Blaščáková, M.; Šalamon, I.; Zahatòanská, M.; Šutiaková, I.: The influence of a plant extract on the quality of Hisex braun layers' eggs
Wong, Y. Y. S.; Ngwoke, K. G.; Grant, I.; Friedman, M.; Elliott, C. T.; Situ, C.: Feasibility of utilising natural products in animal production for the control of animal diseases and food pathogens