CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · Yearb Med Inform 2022; 31(01): 376
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-1742553

IMIA Yearbook Special Topics


    1992:Advances in an Interdisciplinary Science

    1993:Sharing Knowledge and Information

    1994:Advanced Communications in Health Care

    1995:The Computer-based Patient Record

    1996:Integration of Information for Patient Care

    1997:Computing and Collaborative Care

    1998:Health Informatics and the Internet

    1999:The Promise of Medical Informatics

    2000:Patient-centered Systems

    2001:Digital Libraries and Medicine

    2002:Medical Imaging Informatics

    2003:Quality of Health Care: The Role of Informatics

    2004:Towards Clinical Bioinformatics

    2005:Ubiquitous Health Care Systems

    2006:Assessing Information Technologies for Health

    2007:Biomedical Informatics for Sustainable Health Systems

    2008:Access to Health Information

    2009:Closing the Loops in Biomedical Informatics

    2010:Biomedical Informatics: Building Capacity Worldwide

    2011:Towards Health Informatics 3.0

    2012:Personal Health Informatics

    2013:Evidence-based Health Informatics

    2014:Big Data - Smart Health Strategies

    2015:Patient-Centered Care Coordination

    2016:Unintended Consequences: New Problems and New Solutions

    2017:Learning from Experience: Secondary Use of Patient Data

    2018:Between Access and Privacy: Challenges in Sharing Health Data

    2019:Artificial Intelligence in Health: New Opportunities, Challenges, and Practical Implications

    2020: Ethics in Health Informatics

    2021: Managing Pandemics with Health Informatics: Successes and Challenges


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