Homœopathic Links 2010; 23(3): 135
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1250190

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Harry van der Zee
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19 October 2010 (online)

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    The world is in crisis and this creates great opportunity for homeopathy.

    On a superficial level it looks like a financial and economic crisis would affect homeopathy in a negative way: patients watching their budgets may cancel appointments, health insurance companies that need to cut expenses may no longer cover homeopathy, public money for research will be less, etcetera.

    These effects are real and may affect the practices of homeopaths in even more than a superficial way. If we look though at the call for change that lies behind the crisis we get a different picture. Whether we ignore, hope, fight or despair, change is inevitable and homeopathy may well become part of a new paradigm that will be born out of the crisis – a crisis happening at many levels.

    The financial and economic crisis forces decision makers to cut budgets. In such times, ideals and dogmas may be overruled by monetary arguments. While cutting and pruning it may occur to politicians that patients under homeopathic care make less use of medical facilities and use less medication. In the eyes of a bookkeeper, homeopathy is cheap and if it is what many patients want, it's bad for the budget to suppress homeopathy.

    The ecological crisis is far worse than the financial one, which in many respects is actually a relief to the planet. The impact of chemicals and waste products and other forms of pollution has reached enormous proportions. Medicines are part of that footprint and not only poison the milieu interne but also the external environment. The growing awareness of that may lead more and more people to look for endurable ways of inducing and maintaining health – amongst which is homeopathy.

    The medical crisis is in essence an allopathic crisis. Decades of suppression have caused an enormous increase in chronic diseases and caused major therapy resistance – microorganisms have been created that have turned hospitals into the most dangerous places on the planet. WHO is aware of this but until recently has not dared to question the holy dogma of a medicine based on the principles of warfare, including enemies and weapons to kill them. That time will inevitably come, as ultimately life is not sustained by warfare. The towering and uncontrollable budgets force a change of policy and the economic crisis will only speed up that process.

    The authority crisis has led people to question all those that before lived in ivory towers and whose wisdom and integrity were beyond question, including politicians and doctors. Patients are more and more taking their own destiny into their hands and wish to make their own informed decisions. Pharmaceutical companies are being seen to have a better eye for stockholders than for general health and people start to reject being treated as consumers of as many medicines as possible. It is a positive sign that especially those in modern society that have become more aware, better informed and self-sufficient citizens are choosing homeopathy or questioning vaccinations – another holy dogma.

    The spiritual crisis questions religious dogma; true spirituality is no longer seen as the sole domain of religious leaders and institutions but instead is to be found as the core essence of each and every individual. Freeing the individual of that which limits its full expression as a divine being is the essence of homeopathy – the headaches, colds or fears only signify blockage and are motivators to restore health. The removal of complaints can only be achieved through full acceptance of them and our true reality – the similia rule.

    The homeopathic crisis is one we need to solve ourselves. The basic delusion of separation underlying the current state of humanity is expressed in homeopathy in schools that fight each other. For homeopathy to be whole and healthy we need to realise the wealth and necessity of conservative and progressive forces, of scientific minds and dreamers, of the old and the new. Overcoming our own crisis will better prepare us for being an answer for the many other crises humanity is faced with. Let's dare to think and be different and to listen to those that oppose us, as they are the greatest teachers we may wish for.

    Any crisis ultimately is a healing crisis and in the above we've only discussed a fragment. A fascinating time and I hope we can all see and realise the wonderful potential for homeopathy to help humanity pass through it.

    “… And the Times They Are a-Changin'.”

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    Harry van der Zee, Editor

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    Harry van der Zee, Editor