Ultraschall Med 2024; 45(02): 204
DOI: 10.1055/a-2278-9756
EFSUMB Newsletter

European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging


Rotterdam, January 18–19, 2024

More than 200 scientists, clinicians and industry representatives from Europe, North America and Asia attended the Rotterdam Bubble meeting to discuss current and future applications of microbubbles in ultrasound, including diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


During the 2 days of the symposium 30 scientific lectures and over 50 posters were presented, covering all aspects of microbubble design, novel imaging techniques and potential clinical use of microbubbles.

Besides the presentation of new clinical data from studies using ultrasound contrast imaging a focus of this symposium was the understanding of the behaviour of microbubbles under different insonation conditions, the interaction with cells and tissue and the elaboration of potential therapeutic use of microbubbles, e. g. for controlled opening of the blood-brain barrier or targeted delivery of drugs to specific organs.

The Rotterdam Bubble meeting is a unique event to meet experts from physicochemistry, bioengineering, technical engineering and clinical ultrasound, with the aim to develop and implement ultrasound as an essential technology in medicine.

Contribution from Christian Greis, recently retired from Bracco, and we wish him a happy and healthy retirement ([Fig. 1]).

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Fig. 1 Christian Greis

I studied biology and made my PhD in neurophysiology, before joining the pharmaceutical industry. In 1992 I joined Byk Gulden in Konstanz starting with the preclinical development of ultrasound contrast agents. In 1994 I joined Bracco working in the medical department for the clinical development, launch and clinical validation of SonoVue. Later on, I moved to the Global Marketing in Bracco spending a lot of time in education and support of the market penetration of CEUS. I have written 20 scientific papers and 15 textbook chapters on microbubbles and contrast enhanced ultrasound. After 30 years in Bracco I will retire, but still continue some time to work as a consultant. I hope I will find a bit more time for sailing and hiking in the mountains and spending time together with my family.


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04 April 2024

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Fig. 1 Christian Greis