Ultraschall Med 2024; 45(02): 202
DOI: 10.1055/a-2278-9715
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Euroson POCUS School Vienna University of Medicine, Austria and also online, on 6–7 September 2024, chaired by Dr. Mihai Iacob, EUVEKUS President.


    The POCUS Curriculum and Guidelines for Frontline Physicians in Daily Practice is being organised by EUVEKUS/EADUS – The European Ultrasound Working Group in Primary and Ambulatory Healthcare.


    Its aim is to advance common approaches and POCUS skills for frontline physicians to improve early diagnosis. It will host over 120 delegates and a 12-member world-renowned faculty. Our International Keynote Speakers are Prof Caroline Ewertsen – EFSUMB President and Prof. Shlomo Vinker, the President of WONCA Europe. In addition to lectures there will be practical hands on workshops and several social gatherings. Ultrasound in primary care is a valuable tool to add to the traditional skills of history taking and clinical examination.

    Our presentations will allow you to understand at a basic level the role and limitations of POCUS in patients with clinical problems frequently encountered in the practice of family doctors including gastroenterology, nephrology, respiratory disease and cardiology.

    EFSUMB has established a task force group of general practitioners, pediatricians, and frontline physicians to establish a POCUS core curriculum for frontline physicians in primary care. The task force group launched a Delphi study in December 2023 to develop a list of POCUS examinations suitable for a core curriculum. Close to 100 primary care doctors from 25 European countries participated in the first Delphi round and the study has now progressed to the second round. The study is expected to be completed by Summer 2024 and the results will be presented at the Euroson POCUS School in Vienna in September 2024 and at the EUROSON 2024 conference in Napoli in November. 


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