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Kavakli, K.; Gurkok, S.; Caylak, H.; Genc, O.; Gamsizkan, M.; Yucel, O.; Karasahin, E.; Gozubuyuk, A.; Tasci, C.: Effects of Human Amniotic Fluid on Costal Cartilage Regeneration (an Experimental Study)
Jin, Yu-xing; Jiang, Ge-ning; Jiang, Lei; Ding, Jia-an: Diagnosis and Treatment Evaluation of 48 Cases of Broncholithiasis
Zhang, Guofei; Li, Wenshan; Chai, Ying; Wu, Ming; Zhao, Baiqin; Fan, Junqiang; Zhang, Sai; Shen, Gang: Bilateral Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Masaoka Stage IIIA Thymomas
Ghezel-Ahmadi, Verena; Ghezel-Ahmadi, David; Mangen, Jacques; Bolukbas, Servet; Welker, Andreas; Kuerschner, Veit Christian; Fischer, Andreas; Schirren, Joachim; Beck, Grietje: Comparing Patient Satisfaction and Intubating Conditions Using Succinylcholine or Low-Dose Rocuronium for Rigid Bronchoscopy: A Randomized Study
Slama, Alexis; Zaatar, Mohamed; Demir, Muhittin; Okumus, Oezlem; Mattheis, Stefan; Kampe, Sandra; Darwiche, Kaid; Lang, Stephan; Aigner, Clemens: Tracheal Resection after Previous Treatment Provides Comparable Outcome to Primary Surgery
Lee, Kanghoon; Jeong, Yong Ho; Ryu, Jin-Sook; Kim, Yong-Il; Kim, Hyeong Ryul; Park, Seung-Il: Surgical Outcomes of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Single-Zone N2 in the Aortopulmonary Zone
Taber, Samantha; Pfannschmidt, Joachim; Bauer, Torsten T.; Blum, Torsten G.; Grah, Christian; Griff, Sergej: Is Adjuvant Radiochemotherapy Always Mandatory in Patients with Resected N2 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?
Gorur, R.; Yiyit, N.; Yildizhan, A.; Candas, F.; Turut, H.; Sen, H.; Isitmangil, T.: Is T3 and T6 Sympathetic Clipping More Effective in Primary Palmoplantar Hyperhydrosis?
Citak, Necati; Buyukkale, Songul; Kok, Abdulaziz; Celikten, Alper; Metin, Muzaffer; Sayar, Adnan; Gurses, Atilla: Does Video-Assisted Mediastinoscopy Offer Lower False-Negative Rates for Subcarinal Lymph Nodes Compared with Standard Cervical Mediastinoscopy?
Sue, Gloria; Price, Gary; Stahl, Richard; Teng, Edward; Narayan, Deepak: Major Bleeding in Patients with Mediastinitis: A Heartbreaking Series
Enon, Serkan; Kilic, Dalokay; Yuksel, Cabir; Kayi Cangir, Ayten; Percinel, Sibel; Sak, Serpil Dizbay; Gungor, Adem; Kavukcu, Sevket; Okten, Ilker: Benign Localized Fibrous Tumor of the Pleura: Report of 25 New Cases
Kaplan, Tevfik; Gunal, Nesimi; Gulbahar, Gultekin; Kocer, Bulent; Han, Serdar; Eryazgan, Mehmet Ali; Ozsoy, Arzu; Naldoken, Seniha; Alhan, Aslıhan; Sakinci, Unal: Painful Chest Wall Swellings: Tietze Syndrome or Chest Wall Tumor?
Zhang, Zhenfa; Wang, Anlei; Zhan, Zhongli; Sun, Leina; Chen, Kexin; Wang, Changli: T1aN0M0 and T1bN0M0 Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Retrospective Study of the Prognosis
Celik, Ali; Yekeler, Erdal; Aydın, Ertan; Yazıcı, Ulku; Karaoglanoglu, Nurettin: Treatment of Persistent Postpneumonectomy Empyema by Vacuum-Assisted Management: An Analysis of Nine Patients
Kobayashi, Naohiro; Usui, Shingo; Yamaoka, Masatoshi; Suzuki, Hisashi; Kikuchi, Shinji; Goto, Yukinobu; Sakai, Mitsuaki; Sato, Yukio: The Influence of Serum Sodium Concentration on Prognosis in Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Liu, Lei; Zhang, Jiaqi; Wang, Guige; Guo, Chao; Chen, Yeye; Huang, Cheng; Li, Shanqing: Delayed Discharge after Thoracic Surgery under the Guidance of ERAS Protocols
Fiorelli, Alfonso; Sagan, Dariusz; Mackiewicz, Lukasz; Cagini, Lucio; Scarnecchia, Elisa; Chiodini, Paolo; Caronia, Francesco Paolo; Puma, Francesco; Santini, Mario; Ragusa, Mark: Incidence, Risk Factors, and Analysis of Survival of Unexpected N2 Disease in Stage I Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
Schulz-Drost, Stefan; Finkbeiner, Rebekka; Lefering, Rolf; Grosso, Marco; Krinner, Sebastian; Langenbach, Andreas; the TraumaRegister DGU: Lung Contusion in Polytrauma: An Analysis of the TraumaRegister DGU
Dalar, Levent; Ozdemir, Cengiz; Abul, Yasin; Sokucu, Sinem Nedime; Karasulu, Levent; Urer, Halide Nur; Altin, Sedat: Endobronchial Treatment of Carcinoid Tumors of the Lung
Fiorelli, Alfonso; Vicidomini, Giovanni; Mazzella, Antonio; Messina, Gaetana; Milione, Roberta; Di Crescenzo, Vincenzo Giuseppe; Santini, Mario: The Influence of Body Mass Index and Weight Loss on Outcome of Elderly Patients Undergoing Lung Cancer Resection
Qu, Jichen; Chen, Guangyu; Xie, Boxiong; Ding, Jiaan; Jiang, Gening: Progressive Chest Wall Bleeding Caused by Bronchial Stump Nails after Lobectomy
Bertolaccini, Luca; Prisciandaro, Elena; Sedda, Giulia; Lo Iacono, Giorgio; Filippi, Niccolò; Spaggiari, Lorenzo: The Weekday Effect on Morbidity of Lung Cancer Surgery: A Real-World Analysis
Yoo, Gyeol; Rha, Eun Young; Jeong, Jin Yong; Lee, Jongho; Sim, Sung Bo; Jo, Keon Hyon: Emerging Fixation Technique to Prevent Pectus Bar Displacement: Needlescope-Assisted 3-Point Fixation
Kocaturk, C. I.; Gunluoglu, M. Z.; Cansever, L.; Dincer, I. S.; Bedirhan, M. A.: Prognosis in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Satellite Tumors
Paul, Subroto; Stock, Cameron; Chiu, Ya-lin; Kansler, Amanda; Port, Jeffrey L.; Lee, Paul C.; Stiles, Brendon M.; Nasar, Abu; Sedrakyan, Art; Altorki, Nasser K.: Management and Outcomes of Patients on Preoperative Plavix (Clopidogrel) Undergoing General Thoracic Surgery
Solaini, Luciano; Prusciano, Francesco; Solaini, Leonardo; Carletti, Massimiliano: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Postoperative Hemothorax
Gürkan, Ufuk; Aydemir, Bülent; Aksoy, Sukru; Akgöz, Haldun; Tosu, Aydın Rodi; Öz, Dilaver; Güngör, Barış; Yılmaz, Hale; Bolca, Osman: Echocardiographic Assessment of Right Ventricular Function Before and After Surgery in Patients with Pectus Excavatum and Right Ventricular Compression
Lee, Geun Dong; Kang, Do Kyun; Kim, Hyeong Ryul; Jang, Se Jin; Kim, Yong-Hee; Kim, Dong Kwan; Park, Seung-Il: Surgical Outcomes of Pulmonary Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma: A Review of 23 Cases
Yıldızeli, Şehnaz Olgun; Yanartaş, Mehmed; Taş, Serpil; Direskeneli, Haner; Mutlu, Bülent; Ceyhan, Berrin; Yıldızeli, Bedrettin: Outcomes of Patients with Behçet's Syndrome after Pulmonary Endarterectomy
Giuliano, Katherine; Sachs, Teviah; Montgomery, Elizabeth; Guzzetta, Angela; Brock, Malcolm; Pawlik, Timothy M.; Yang, Stephen C.; Ahuja, Nita: Survival Following Lung Metastasectomy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Celik, Ali; Sayan, Muhammet; Kankoc, Aykut; Tombul, Ismail; Kurul, Ismail Cüneyt; Tastepe, Abdullah Irfan: Various Uses of Laryngeal Mask Airway during Tracheal Surgery
Napolitano, Michael A.; Sparks, Andrew D.; Werba, Gregor; Rosenfeld, Ethan S.; Antevil, Jared L.; Trachiotis, Gregory D.: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Lung Resection in United States Veterans: Trends and Outcomes versus Thoracotomy
Aydemir, Bülent; Imamoglu, Oya; Okay, Tamer; Celik, Muharrem: Sympathectomy versus Sympathicotomy in Palmar Hyperhidrosis Comparing T3 Ablation
Cao, Ming; Zhu, Qiang; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Tian Xiao; Jiang, Min Zhong; Zang, Qi: Clinical Application of Fully Covered Self-Expandable Metal Stents in the Treatment of Bronchial Fistula
Bölükbas, Servet; Kudelin, Natalie; Eberlein, Michael; Fisseler-Eckhoff, Annette; Schirren, Joachim: The Influence of the Primary Tumor on the Long-term Results of Pulmonary Metastasectomy for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
Chao, Yin-Kai; Chang, Hao-Cheng; Wu, Yi-Cheng; Liu, Yun-hen; Hsieh, Ming-Ju; Chiang, Jy-Ming; Liu, Hui-Ping: Management of Lung Metastases from Colorectal Cancer: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery versus Thoracotomy—A Case-Matched Study
Kosse, Nils Jurriaan; Galetin, Thomas; Schwarz, Sarah Bettina; Mathes, Tim; Koryllos, Aris; Lopez-Pastorini, Alberto; Beckers, Frank; Stoelben, Erich: Results of the Diaphragmatic Plication Database: 10 Years' Experience
Ruan, Z.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhang, J.; Wang, Y.; Xu, W.: Clinical Use of Lymphangiography for Intractable Spontaneous Chylothorax
Yang, Hong; Li, Xiao-dong; Lai, Ren-chun; She, Ke-lin; Luo, Ming-hao; Li, Zhen-xuan; Lin, Yong-bin: Complete Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy Versus Lobectomy by Thoracotomy
Tanaka, Yugo; Shigemura, Norihisa; Noda, Kentaro; Kawamura, Tomohiro; Isse, Kumiko; Stolz, Donna B.; Bermudez, Christian A.: Optimal Lung Inflation Techniques in a Rat Lung Transplantation Model: A Revisit
Huang, Chang-Lun; Liu, Chia-Chuan; Cheng, Ching-Yuan; Lin, Ching-Hsiung; Wu, Yu-Chung; Wang, Bing-Yen: Learning Thoracoscopic Lobectomy in Resident Training
Subotic, Dragan; Petrov, Danail; Gajic, Milan: Lung Resection for Lung Cancer after Pleural Empyema
Zhang, Ruoyu; Bures, Maximilian; Höffler, Klaus; Jonigk, Danny; Haverich, Axel; Krueger, Marcus: In Vitro Comparison of Two Widely Used Surgical Sealants for Treating Alveolar Air Leak
Paul, Subroto; Andrews, Weston; Osakwe, Nonso C.; Port, Jeffrey L.; Lee, Paul C.; Stiles, Brendon M.; Altorki, Nasser K.: Perioperative Outcomes after Lung Resection in Obese Patients
Huang, Hai-Tao; Wang, Fei; Shen, Liang; Xia, Chun-Qiu; Lu, Chen-Xi; Zhong, Chong-Jun: Clinical Outcome of Middle Thoracic Esophageal Cancer with Intrathoracic or Cervical Anastomosis
Candas, Fatih; Gorur, Rauf; Haholu, Abdullah; Yiyit, Nurettin; Yildizhan, Akin; Gezer, Suat; Sen, Huseyin; Isitmangil, Turgut: The Effects of Clipping on Thoracic Sympathetic Nerve in Rabbits: Early and Late Histopathological Findings
Bagheri, Reza; Haghi, Seyed Ziaollah; Rajabi, Mohammad Taghi Mashhadi; Motamedshariati, Mohammad; Sheibani, Shima: Outcomes Following Surgery for Complicated Tuberculosis: Analysis of 108 Patients
Schirren, Joachim; Trainer, Stephan; Eberlein, Michael; Lorch, Anja; Beyer, Jörg; Bölükbas, Servet: The Role of Residual Tumor Resection in the Management of Nonseminomatous Germ Cell Cancer of Testicular Origin
Yang, Hee Chul; Han, Jieun; Lee, Sung; Lee, Jung-moon; Cho, Sukki; Kim, Tae Jung; Lee, Kyung Won; Jheon, Sanghoon: Evaluation of Decortication in Patients with Chronic Tuberculous Empyema by Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography Densitometry
Erol, M. Muharrem; Salcı, Hakan; Melek, Hüseyin; İlhan, Tuncay; Özfiliz, Nesrin; Bayram, Ahmet Sami; Gebitekin, Cengiz: Can Thoracic Sympathetic Nerve Damage Be Reversed?
Beckers, Frank; Lange, Nadine; Koryllos, Aris; Picchioni, Fabrizio; Windisch, Wolfram; Stoelben, Erich: Unilateral Lobe Resection by Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Leads to the Most Optimal Functional Improvement in Severe Emphysema
Jo, Kyung-Wook; Kim, Hyeong Ryul; Kim, Dong Kwan; Kim, Yong-Hee; Park, Seung-Il; Choi, Se Hoon; Choi, Chang-Min: Value of Flexible Bronchoscopy for the Preoperative Assessment of NSCLC Diagnosed Using Percutaneous Core Needle Biopsy
Cheufou, Danjouma Housmanou; Welter, Stefan; Chalvatzoulis, Eleftherios; Christof, Daniel; Theegarten, Dirk; Stamatis, Georgios: Surgery of Primary Lung Cancer with Oligometastatic M1b Synchronous Single Brain Metastasis: Analysis of 37 Cases
Zabeck, H.; Muley, T.; Dienemann, H.; Hoffmann, H.: Management of Chylothorax in Adults: When is Surgery Indicated?
Schmidt, Joachim; Redwan, Bassam; Koesek, Volkan; Heitplatz, Barbara; Bedetti, Benedetta; Aebert, Hermann; Wiebe, Karsten: Thoracic Wall Reconstruction with Acellular Porcine Dermal Collagen Matrix
Mahieu, Julien; Rinieri, Philippe; Bubenheim, Michael; Calenda, Emile; Melki, Jean; Peillon, Christophe; Baste, Jean-Marc: Robot-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery versus Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Lung Lobectomy: Can a Robotic Approach Improve Short-Term Outcomes and Operative Safety?
Gockel, Ines; Niebisch, Stefan; Campbell, Lynetta K.; Sgourakis, George; Junginger, Theodor: Prognostic Scoring System Predictive of Survival after Surgical Resection of Esophageal Carcinoma
Liu, Ganwei; Bian, Wenjie; Zu, Guili; Liu, Jing; Zhang, Guoxin; Li, Changji; Jiang, Guanchao: Development of a 3D Printed Lung Model Made of Synthetic Materials for Simulation
Córdova, Henry; Martinez-Pallí, Graciela; Fernández-Esparrach, Gloria: Feasibility of Systematic Transesophageal Endoscopic Mediastinoscopy
Ried, Michael; Potzger, Tobias; Sziklavari, Zsolt; Diez, Claudius; Neu, Reiner; Schalke, Berthold; Hofmann, Hans-Stefan: Extended Surgical Resections of Advanced Thymoma Masaoka Stages III and IVa Facilitate Outcome
Sayan, Bihter; Yamansavci Sirzai, Esra; Yildizeli, Bedrettin: A Word of Caution for Gossypiboma
Tamburini, Nicola; D'Urbano, Francesco; Bagolini, Francesco; Trapella, Giulia Salerno; Quarantotto, Francesco; Cavallesco, Giorgio; Maniscalco, Pio: Unilateral Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Thymoma: Does Side Matter? A Single Institutional Experience
Fiorelli, Alfonso; Cascone, Roberto; Carlucci, Annalisa; Natale, Giovanni; Noro, Antonio; Bove, Mary; Santini, Mario: Bleeding during Learning Curve of Thoracoscopic Lobectomy: CUSUM Analysis Results
Vidarsdottir, Halla; Moller, Pall H.; Jonasson, Jon G.; Pfannschmidt, Joachim; Gudbjartsson, Tomas: Indications and Surgical Outcome Following Pulmonary Metastasectomy: A Nationwide Study
Keshava, Hari Balaji; Mason, David Park; Murthy, Sudish C.; Brown, Chase R.; Pettersson, Gosta B.: Pediatric Donor Lungs for Adult Transplant Recipients: Feasibility and Outcomes
Schweigert, Michael; Beron, Martin; Dubecz, Attila; Stadlhuber, Rudolf; Stein, Hubert: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Posttraumatic Hemothorax in the Very Elderly
Yoshida, Yukihiro; Murayama, Tomonori; Sato, Yasunori; Suzuki, Yoshio; Saito, Haruhisa; Nomura, Yukihiro: Gender Differences in Long-Term Survival after Surgery for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Mashaqi, Bakr; Ismail, Issam; Siemeni, Thierry T.; Ruemke, Stefan; Fleissner, Felix; Zhang, Ruoyu; Wiegmann, Bettina; Filitz, Joerg; Gottlieb, Jens; Haverich, Axel: Local Anesthetics delivered through Pleural Drainages improve Pain and Lung Function after Cardiac Surgery
Steunenberg, Bastiaan; Aerts, Bart; De Groot, Hans; Boot, Conny; Romme, Piet; Aerts, Joachim; Veen, Eelco: Quality Assessment of Video Mediastinoscopy Performed for Staging in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Sengul, Aysen Taslak; Sahin, Bunyamin; Celenk, Cetin; Basoglu, Ahmet: Postoperative Lung Volume Change Depending on the Resected Lobe
Maniscalco, Pio; Tamburini, Nicola; Quarantotto, Francesco; Grossi, William; Garelli, Elena; Cavallesco, Giorgio: Long-Term Outcome for Early Stage Thymoma: Comparison between Thoracoscopic and Open Approaches
Tian, Ye; An, Jianli; Zou, Zibo; Dong, Yanchao; Wu, Jingpeng; Chen, Zhuo; Niu, Hongtao: Computed Tomography–Guided Microcoil Localization of Pulmonary Nodules: Effects of Multiple Punctures
Kun, Levente; Herbella, Fernando A.; Dubecz, Attila: 1913: Annus Mirabilis of Esophageal Surgery
Weksler, Benny; Kosinski, Andrzej S.; Burfeind, William R.; Silvestry, Scott C.; Sullivan, Jennifer; D'Amico, Thomas A.: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Lung Cancer Surgical Stage: An STS Database Study
Moser, Bernhard; Scharitzer, Margit; Hacker, Stefan; Ankersmit, Jan; Matilla, Jose Ramon; Lang, Georg; Aigner, Clemens; Taghavi, Shahrokh; Klepetko, Walter: Thymomas and Thymic Carcinomas: Prognostic Factors and Multimodal Management
Liman, Serife Tuba; Elicora, Aykut; Topcu, Salih; Akgul, Asli Gul; Mehmetoglu, Seymur Salih; Ilgazli, Ahmet; Ercin, Cengiz; Etiler, Nilay: Value of Autofluorescence in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery in Pleural Diseases
Wiedenroth, Christoph B.; Bandorski, Dirk; Ariobi, Kanischka; Ghofrani, H.-Ardeschir; Lankeit, Mareike; Liebetrau, Christoph; Pruefer, Diethard; Mayer, Eckhard; Kriechbaum, Steffen D.; Guth, Stefan: Does Age Matter? Pulmonary Endarterectomy in the Elderly Patient with CTEPH
Rashidi, Farid; Parvizi, Rezayat; Bilejani, Eisa; Mahmoudian, Babak; Koohi, Ata: Outcome of Surgery for Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Disease without Pulmonary Hypertension
Zorrilla-Vaca, Andres; Feldman, Hope; Antonoff, Maria; Sepesi, Boris; Hofstetter, Wayne; Rajaram, Ravi; Swisher, Stephen; Mena, Gabriel; Vaporciya, Ara; Mehran, Reza; Rice, David: Single Chest Drain Practice Reduces Discharge Opioid Prescriptions in Thoracic Surgery
Jeong, Jin Yong; Park, Hyung Joo; Park, Jae Kil; Jo, Keon Hyeon; Wang, Young Pil; Lee, Jongho; Shin, Jae Seong: Predictive Procedure for Compensatory Hyperhidrosis before Sympathectomy: Preliminary Findings
Izhakian, Shimon; Wasser, Walter; Unterman, Avraham; Fruchter, Oren; Gorelik, Oleg; Kramer, Mordechai: Long-Term Success of Metal Endobronchial Stents in Lung Transplant Recipients
Wei, Shenhai; Cui, Youbin; Xie, Mian; Wang, Guoqin; Kyutoku, Yasushi; Tian, Jintao; Song, Xiaoping; Chen, Yan: Atrial Arrhythmias after Pulmonary Resection: The Important Role of Pulmonary Vein Resection
Kirschbaum, Andreas; Rexin, Peter; Pehl, Anika; Bartsch, Detlef; Quint, Karl: Laser Resection of Lung Tissue: Heat Accumulation from Adjacent Laser Application and How to Cool It Down
Ahn, Hyo Yeong; Cho, Jeong Su; Kim, Yeong Dae; Hoseok, I.: Intrathoracic Muscular Transposition in Chronic Tuberculous Empyema
Tacconi, Federico; Carlea, Federica; La Rocca, Eleonora; Vanni, Gianluca; Ambrogi, Vincenzo: Systemic Inflammation after Uniport, Multiport, or Hybrid VATS Lobectomy for Lung Cancer
Campisi, Alessio; Dell'Amore, Andrea; Zhang, Yonghui; Gu, Zhitao; Ciarrocchi, Angelo Paolo; Faccioli, Eleonora; Bertolaccini, Luca; Rea, Federico; Stella, Franco; Fang, Wentao: Autologous Blood Pleurodesis: What Is the Optimal Time Interval and Amount of Blood?
Millaire, Émilie; Ouellet, Étienne; Fortin, Marc; Martel, Simon; Milot, Julie; Bilodeau, Lara; Conti, Massimo; Provencher, Steeve; Dion, Geneviève: Outcomes Following Surgical Lung Biopsy for Interstitial Lung Diseases: A Monocenter Experience
Steger, Volker; Veit, Stefanie; Walker, Tobias; Friedel, Godehard; Lehrach, Karoline; Mustafi, Migdat; Walles, Thorsten: Does Dose Matter? Effect of Two Different Neoadjuvant Protocols in Advanced NSCLC
Aydogmus, Umit; Ozturk, Gokhan; Kis, Argun; Karakaya, Yeliz Arman; Aybek, Hulya; Bir, Ferda: An Experimental Study on Timing in Tracheal Stenosis Surgery
Nagasao, Tomohisa; Hamamoto, Yusuke; Tamai, Motoki; Kogure, Tetsukuni; Jiang, Hua; Takano, Naoki; Tanaka, Yoshio: Scoring of Deformed Costal Cartilages Reduces Postoperative Pain after Nuss Procedure for Pectus Excavatum
Ueda, Kazuhiro; Tanaka, Toshiki; Hayashi, Masataro; Tanaka, Nobuyuki; Li, Tao-Sheng; Hamano, Kimikazu: Right Middle Lobe Transposition after Upper Lobectomy: Influence on Postoperative Pulmonary Function
Shin, Sumin; Park, Joon Suk; Kim, Hong Kwan; Choi, Yong Soo; Shim, Young Mog; Lee, Ho Yun; Kim, Jhingook: Approach to Metastasis-Suspected Nodule Accompanying Operable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Matsunaga, Takeshi; Suzuki, Kenji; Imashimizu, Kota; Banno, Takamitsu; Takamochi, Kazuya; Oh, Shiaki: Body Mass Index as a Prognostic Factor in Resected Lung Cancer: Obesity or Underweight, Which Is the Risk Factor?
Takamori, Satoshi; Oizumi, Hiroyuki; Suzuki, Jun; Suzuki, Katsuyuki; Kabasawa, Takanobu: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Segmentectomy for Deep and Peripheral Small Lung Cancer
Celikten, Alper; Sayar, Adnan; Metin, Muzaffer; Buyukkale, Songul; Citak, Necati; Gurses, Atilla: Anterior Muscle and Neurovascular-Sparing Thoracotomy and Posterolateral Thoracotomy: Postoperative Pain and Morbidity Assessment
Jeon, Hyun Woo; Moon, Mi Hyung; Kim, Kyung Soo; Kim, Young Du; Wang, Young Pil; Park, Hyung Joo; Park, Jae Kil: Extent of Removal for Mediastinal Nodal Stations for Patients with Clinical Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Effect on Outcome
Yuksel, Cabir; Bozkurt, Melih; Yenigun, Bulent Mustafa; Enon, Serkan; Ozkan, Murat; Kose, S. Kenan; Cangir, Ayten Kayı: The Outcome of Bifocal Surgical Resection in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Synchronous Brain Metastases: Results of a Single Center Retrospective Study
Schulz-Drost, Stefan; Syed, Julia; Besendoerfer, Manuel; Mauerer, Andreas; Blanke, Matthias; Schulz-Drost, Melanie; Carbon, Roman Th.: Elastic Stable Chest Repair as a Means of Stabilizing the Anterior Chest Wall in Recurrent Pectus Excavatum with Sternocostal Pseudarthrosis: An Innovative Fixation Device
Ng, Calvin S. H.; Kim, Hyun Koo; Wong, Randolph H. L.; Yim, Anthony P. C.; Mok, Tony S. K.; Choi, Young Ho: Single-Port Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Major Lung Resections: Experience with 150 Consecutive Cases
Kneidinger, Nikolaus; Holzborn, Julia; Czerner, Stephan; Weig, Thomas; Behr, Jürgen; Winter, Hauke; Neurohr, Claus; Schramm, René: Evaluation of Short-Term Outcome after Lung Transplantation in the Lung Allocation Score Era
Divisi, Duilio; Di Leonardo, Gabriella; De Vico, Andrea; Crisci, Roberto: Electrocautery versus Ultracision versus LigaSure in Surgical Management of Hyperhidrosis
Botianu, Petre Vlah-Horea; Botianu, Alexandru Mihail; Bacarea, Vladimir Constantin: Muscle Flaps and Thoracomyoplasty as a Re-redo Procedure for Postoperative Empyema
Jeon, Hyun Woo; Kim, Kyung Soo; Sung, Sook Whan; Park, Hyung Joo; Kim, Young-Du; Park, Jae Kil: Prognostic Value of the Maximum Standardized Uptake Value on Positron Emission Tomography for Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Ulger, Hüseyin; Deniz, Turgut; Comu, Faruk; Agalar, Canan; Kisa, Ucler; Agalar, Fatih: Protective Effect of Hypothermia in a Blunt Thoracic Trauma and Hemorrhagic Shock Model
Sengul, Aysen Taslak; Sahin, Bunyamin; Celenk, Cetin; Basoglu, Ahmet; Sengul, Bilal: The Effect of Minimally Invasive Surgical Repair on the Lung Volumes of Patients with Pectus Excavatum
Welter, Stefan; Cheufou, Danjouma; Zahin, Mahmood; Kampe, Sandra; Darwiche, Kaid; Weinreich, Gerhard; Stamatis, Georgios: Short- and Mid-Term Changes in Lung Function after Bilateral Pulmonary Metastasectomy
Sekine, Yasuo; Sakairi, Yuichi; Yoshino, Mitsuru; Koh, Eitetsu; Hata, Atsushi; Suzuki, Hidemi; Yoshino, Ichiro: The Impact of Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease on Long-Term Survival after Lung Cancer Surgery
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Hattori, Aritoshi; Suzuki, Kenji; Takamochi, Kazuya; Oh, Shiaki: Is Bilateral Pulmonary Lobectomy Feasible in Patients with Bilateral Lung Cancers?
Turk, Figen; Yuncu, Gökhan; Atınkaya, Cansel; Semerkant, Tolga; Ozturk, Gökhan; Ekıncı, Yasin: The Choice of Invasive Diagnostic Techniques in Advanced Lung Cancer
Apiliogullari, Burhan; Esme, Hidir; Yoldas, Banu; Duran, Melike; Duzgun, Nuri; Calik, Mustafa: Early and Midterm Results of Single-Port Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy
Kim, Dohun; Choi, Yong Soo; Kim, Hong Kwan; Kim, Kwhanmien; Kim, Jhingook; Shim, Young Mog: Heterogeneity of Clinical N1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Aydogmus, Umit; Kis, Argun; Ugurlu, Erhan; Ozturk, Gokhan: Superior Strategy in Benign Tracheal Stenosis Treatment: Surgery or Endoscopy?
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Bilgi, Zeynep; Ermerak, Nezih Onur; Laçin, Tunç; Bostancı, Korkut; Yüksel, Mustafa: Previously Complicated Nuss Procedure Does Not Preclude Blind Removal of the Bar
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Issue 02/2022

Andresen, Julian Ramin; Scheer, Fabian; Schlöricke, Eric; Sallakhi, Aria; Liedke, Marc Olaf; Andresen, Reimer: CT-guided Thoracic Sympathicolysis versus VATS Sympathectomy in the Therapeutic Concept for Severe Primary Palmar Hyperhidrosis
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Issue 07/2021

Dudek, Wojciech; Schreiner, Waldemar; Haj Khalaf, Mohamed; Sirbu, Horia: Surgery for Pulmonary Metastases: Long-Term Survival in 281 Patients
Dudek, Wojciech; AlMoussa, Emad; Schreiner, Waldemar; Mantsopoulos, Konstantinos; Sirbu, Horia: Survival and Prognostic Analysis after Pulmonary Metastasectomy for Head and Neck Cancer
Oguzhan, Selma; Sponholz, Stefan; Schirren, Moritz; Mese, Mesut; Schirren, Joachim: Metastases of Urothelium Carcinoma: Differential Diagnosis, Resection, and Survival

Issue 06/2021

Lacroix, Valérie; Kahn, David; Matte, Pascal; Pieters, Thierry; Noirhomme, Philippe; Poncelet, Alain; Steyaert, Arnaud: Robotic-Assisted Lobectomy Favors Early Lung Recovery versus Limited Thoracotomy
Kim, Saeyoung; Bae, Chae-Min; Do, Young Woo; Moon, Suyoung; Baek, Seung Ik; Lee, Deok Heon: Serratus Anterior Plane Block and Intercostal Nerve Block after Thoracoscopic Surgery

Issue 05/2021

Guo, Qiannan; Yang, Peiwen; Barnabo Nampoukime, Kan-paatib; Ma, Ke; Wang, Haihao: Spontaneous Pneumothorax: A Complication of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Patients
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Issue 04/2021

Yoshida, Yukihiro; Yotsukura, Masaya; Nakagawa, Kazuo; Watanabe, Hirokazu; Motoi, Noriko; Watanabe, Shun-ichi: Surgical Results in Pathological N1 Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer
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Issue 03/2021

van der Sluis, Pieter; Egberts, Jan-Hendrik; Stein, Hubert; Sallum, Rubens; van Hillegersberg, Richard; Grimminger, Peter P.: Transcervical (SP) and Transhiatal DaVinci Robotic Esophagectomy: A Cadaveric Study
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Issue 02/2021

Markowiak, Till; Neu, Reiner; Ansari, Mohammed Khalid Afeen; Großer, Christian; Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika; Hofmann, Hans-Stefan; Ried, Michael: Surgical Cytoreduction and HITOC for Thymic Malignancies with Pleural Dissemination
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Yazgan, Serkan; Ucvet, Ahmet; Gursoy, Soner; Ceylan, Kenan Can; Yıldırım, Şener: Surgical Experience of Video-Assisted Mediastinoscopy for Nonlung Cancer Diseases

Issue 01/2021

Yamada, Yoshito; Kaplan, Tevfik; Soltermann, Alex; Schmitt-Opitz, Isabelle; Schneiter, Didier; Weder, Walter; Inci, Ilhan: Surgical Outcomes and Risk Analysis of Primary Pulmonary Sarcoma
Smelt, Jeremy; Lovejoy, Christopher A.; Thakker, Rudrik; Hunt, Ian; Martin, Fionna; Tan, Carol: Elective Lung Resections in the Elderly: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Issue 08/2020

Issue 07/2020

Smelt, Jeremy; Martin, Fionna; Al-Sahaf, May; Simon, Natalie; King, Juliet; Veres, Lukacs; Bille, Andrea; Pilling, John; Routledge, Tom; Harrison-Phipps, Karen: Retrospective Observational Study into the Early Causes of Death Following Surgery for NSCLC
Schreiner, Waldemar; Dudek, Wojciech; Rieker, Ralf Joachim; Lettmaier, Sebastian; Fietkau, Rainer; Sirbu, Horia: Major Pathologic Response after Induction Therapy Has a Long-Term Impact on Survival and Tumor Recurrence in Stage IIIA/B Locally Advanced NSCLC
Petrella, Francesco; Frassoni, Samuele; Bagnardi, Vincenzo; Casiraghi, Monica; Brambilla, Daniela; Diotti, Cristina; Spaggiari, Lorenzo: Surgical Treatment of Bilateral Lung Cancers: Long-Term Outcomes and Prognostic Factors

Issue 06/2020

Petrella, Francesco; Casiraghi, Monica; Radice, Davide; Bertolaccini, Luca; Spaggiari, Lorenzo: Treatment of Chylothorax after Lung Resection: Indications, Timing, and Outcomes
Jiang, Tian; Lin, Miao; Zhao, Mengnan; Zhan, Cheng; Li, Ming; Feng, Mingxiang; Wang, Qun: Preoperative Computed Tomography-Guided Localization for Pulmonary Nodules with Glue and Dye
Zhang, Ze-Dong; Wang, Hua-Long; Liu, Xian-Yan; Xia, Feng-Fei; Fu, Yu-Fei: Methylene Blue versus Coil-Based Computed Tomography-Guided Localization of Lung Nodules

Issue 05/2020

Tamburini, Nicola; Maniscalco, Pio; Migliorelli, Andrea; Nigim, Fares; Quarantotto, Francesco; Maietti, Elisa; Cavallesco, Giorgio: Thymic Epithelial Tumors: Prognostic Significance and Relationship between Histology and the New TNM Staging System
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Xu, Hao; Guo, Congying; Li, Yi; Yang, Lei; Zhang, Linyou: Omitting Chest Tube Drainage after Subxiphoid Thoracoscopic Thymectomy

Issue 04/2020

Schroeder-Finckh, Alexander; Lopez-Pastorini, Alberto; Galetin, Thomas; Defosse, Jerome; Stoelben, Erich; Koryllos, Aris: Anterior Chest Wall Reconstruction Using Polypropylene Mesh: A Retrospective Study

Issue 03/2020

Sun, Weiyan; Zhang, Lei; Li, Zeyao; Chen, Donglai; Jiang, Gening; Hu, Jian; Chen, Chang: Feasibility Investigation of Ipsilateral Reoperations by Thoracoscopy for Major Lung Resection
Kavurmaci, Önder; Ozdil, Ali; Akçam, Tevfik Ilker; Ergonul, Ayse Gul; Turhan, Kutsal; Cakan, Alpaslan; Cagirici, Ufuk: Association of Daily Step Count with the Prolonged Air Leak in Thoracic Surgery Patients

Issue 02/2020

Ucvet, Ahmet; Yazgan, Serkan; Gursoy, Soner; Samancilar, Ozgur: Prognosis of Resected Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with Ipsilateral Pulmonary Metastasis
Tezel, Cagatay; Dogruyol, Talha; Alpay, Levent; Akyıl, Mustafa; Evman, Serdar; Metin, Serda; Baysungur, Volkan; Yalcinkaya, Irfan: Prognostic Importance of the Lymph Node Factor in Surgically Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Sezen, Celal Bugra; Kocaturk, Celalettin Ibrahim; Bilen, Salih; Kalafat, Cem Emrah; Cansever, Levent; Dincer, Seyyit Ibrahim; Bedirhan, Mehmet Ali: Long-Term Outcomes of Carinal Sleeve Resection in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Issue 01/2020

Yoo, Gyeol; Shin, Jeonghwan; Rha, Eun Young; Jeong, Jin Yong; Lee, Jun; Noh, Giyong; Park, Soo Seog: Quadrangular Fixation of Pectus Bars to Prevent Displacement in Nuss Procedure
Yeh, Shu-Wei; Yang, Mei-Chen; Chang, Yi-Wei; Hsu, Yu-Ting; Tzeng, I-Shiang; Cheng, Yeung-Leung: Improved Dynamics of Thoracic Cage and Exercise Capacity after Nuss Repair for Pectus Excavatum

Issue 08/2019

Özdil, Ali; Tekneci, Ahmet Kayahan; Dökümcü, Zafer; Divarcı, Emre; Keçeci, Burçin; Sezak, Murat; Çakan, Alpaslan; Çağırıcı, Ufuk: Pulmonary Metastasectomy of Sarcoma: Is the Ratio of Surgical Margin to Nodule Size a Prognostic Factor?

Issue 07/2019

Casiraghi, Monica; Galetta, Domenico; Borri, Alessandro; Tessitore, Adele; Romano, Rosalia; Diotti, Cristina; Brambilla, Daniela; Maisonneuve, Patrick; Spaggiari, Lorenzo: Ten Years' Experience in Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery for Early Stage Lung Cancer
Cheufou, Danjouma Housmanou; Mardanzai, Khaled; Ploenes, Till; Theegarten, Dirk; Stamatis, Georgios; Kampe, Sandra; Aigner, Clemens: Effectiveness of Robotic Lobectomy—Outcome and Learning Curve in a High Volume Center
Cohen, Charlotte; Pop, Daniel; Icard, Philippe; Berthet, Jean-Philippe; Venissac, Nicolas; Mouroux, Jérome: Is There a Place for Thoracoscopic Enucleation of Esophageal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors?
Grimminger, P. P.; Tagkalos, E.; Hadzijusufovic, E.; Corvinus, F.; Babic, B.; Lang, H.: Change from Hybrid to Fully Minimally Invasive and Robotic Esophagectomy is Possible without Compromises
Ma, Han; Wang, Jun; Xi, Qinhua; Shi, Dongtao; Zheng, Shiying; Ma, Haitao; Ge, Jinfeng: Analysis of Endoscopy Intervention in Postesophagectomy Anastomotic Leak: A Retrospective Study

Issue 05/2019

Issue 04/2019

Chiappetta, Marco; Nachira, Dania; Congedo, Maria Teresa; Meacci, Elisa; Porziella, Venanzio; Margaritora, Stefano: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Chest Wall Involvement: Integrated Treatment or Surgery Alone?
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Lee, Geun Dong; Park, Chul Hwan; Park, Heae Surng; Byun, Min Kwang; Lee, Ik Jae; Kim, Tae Hoon; Lee, Sungsoo: Lung Adenocarcinoma Invasiveness Risk in Pure Ground-Glass Opacity Lung Nodules Smaller than 2 cm

Issue 03/2019

Issue 02/2019

Issue 01/2019

Issue 08/2018

Schmitt, Sonja; Krinner, Sebastian; Langenbach, Andreas; Hennig, Friedrich F.; Schulz-Drost, Stefan: Analysis on the Age Distribution of Sternum Fractures
Finkbeiner, Rebekka; Krinner, Sebastian; Langenbach, Andreas; Besendörfer, Manuel; Schulz-Drost, Stefan: Age Distribution and Concomitant Injuries in Pulmonary Contusion: An Analysis Based on Routine Data
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Ahn, Hyo Yeong; Cho, Jeong Su; Kim, Yeong Dae; I., Hoseok; Song, Seunghwan; Eom, Jung Seop; Mok, Jeongha: Factors Affecting Postoperative Lung Expansion in Patients with Pyogenic Empyema

Issue 07/2018

Hofmann, Hans-Stefan; Suttner, Tobias; Neu, Reiner; Potzger, Tobias; Szöke, Tamas; Grosser, Christian; Ried, Michael: Burden between Undersupply and Overtreatment in the Care of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax
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Issue 06/2018

Calafiore, Antonio M.; Sheikh, Azmat A.; Alfonso, Juan J.; Tantawi, Tarek; Maklouf, Belgeit; Shawki, Ahmed; Allam, Ahmed; Awadi, Mohammed O.; Osman, Ahmed A.; Habib, Aly M.; Di Mauro, Michele: Elective Primary or Secondary Delayed Sternal Closure Improves Outcome in Severely Compromised Patients
Leinberger, Tetyana; Heilmann, Claudia; Sorg, Stefan; Mueller, Matthias; Kueri, Sami; Schmoor, Claudia; Siepe, Matthias; Beyersdorf, Friedhelm: The COSTA Study: Sternal Closure in High-Risk Patients - A Prospective Randomized Multicenter Trial
Rodriguez Cetina Biefer, Hector; Sündermann, Simon H.; Alkadhi, Hatem; Genoni, Michele; Maisano, Francesco; Emmert, Maximilian Y.; Plass, André: Sternal Anomalies in Asymptomatic Patients after Median Sternotomy and Potential Influencing Factors

Issue 05/2018

Issue 04/2018

Liu, Yu; Lu, Tao; Fan, Hong; Xu, Songtao; Ding, Jianyong; Lin, Zongwu; Wang, Qun: Surgical Approaches to Non-thyrogenic and Non-thymic Mediastinal Tumors of the Thoracic Inlet
Fadayomi, Ayotunde B.; Iniguez, Carlos E. Bravo; Chowdhury, Ritam; Coppolino, Antonio; Jacobson, Francine; Jaklitsch, Michael; Mody, Gita N.: Propensity Score Adjusted Comparison of Minimally Invasive versus Open Thymectomy in the Management of Early Stage Thymoma

Issue 02/2018

Cohen, Charlotte; Pop, Daniel; Venissac, Nicolas; Poudenx, Michel; Otto, Josiane; Castelnau, Olivier; Mouroux, Jérome: Chemoradiation Therapy Followed by Surgery in the Treatment of Locoregionally Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
Yun, Jae Kwang; Kim, Mi-Ae; Choi, Chang Min; Choi, Se Hoon; Kim, Yong-Hee; Kim, Dong Kwan; Park, Seung-Il; Kim, Hyeong Ryul: Surgical Outcomes after Pulmonary Resection for Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer with Localized Pleural Seeding First Detected during Surgery
Gunluoglu, Mehmet Zeki; Kocaturk, Celalettin Ibrahim; Demir, Adalet; Urer, Halide Nur; Dincer, Seyyit Ibrahim; Bedirhan, Mehmet Ali: Bronchial Stump Recurrence after Complete Resection of Lung Cancer: Effect of the Distance between the Tumor and Bronchial Resection Margin
Sponholz, Stefan; Baldes, Natalie; Schirren, Moritz; Oguzhan, Selma; Menke, Henrik; Schirren, Joachim: Sternal Resection for Breast Cancer Metastases

Issue 07/2017

Schweigert, Michael; Solymosi, Norbert; Dubecz, Attila; John, Joseph; West, Doug; Boenisch, Paul Leonhard; Karmy-Jones, Riyad; Ospina, Carlos F. Giraldo; Almeida, Ana Beatriz; Witzigmann, Helmut; Stein, Hubert J.: Predictors of Outcome in Modern Surgery for Lung Abscess
Evman, Serdar; Baysungur, Volkan; Alpay, Levent; Uskul, Bahadir; Misirlioglu, Aysun Kosif; Kanbur, Serda; Dogruyol, Talha: Management and Surgical Outcomes of Concurrent Tuberculosis and Lung Cancer
Gunay, Samil; Candan, Huseyin; Yılmaz, Rahsan; Eser, Irfan; Aydoğmus, Umit: The Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Rib Fractures
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Dudek, Wojciech; Schreiner, Waldemar; Hohenberger, Werner; Klein, Peter; Sirbu, Horia: Forty-Two Years' Experience with Pulmonary Resections of Metastases from Colorectal Cancer
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Haddad, Laura; Bubenheim, Michael; Bernard, Alain; Melki, Jean; Peillon, Christophe; Baste, Jean-Marc: The Interest of Performing “On-Demand Chest X-rays” after Lung Resection by Minimally Invasive Surgery

Issue 06/2017

Issue 05/2017

Lacroix, Valerie; Mosala Nezhad, Zahra; Kahn, David; Steyaert, Arnaud; Poncelet, Alain; Pieters, Thierry; Noirhomme, Philippe: Pain, Quality of Life, and Clinical Outcomes after Robotic Lobectomy
Kirschbaum, Andreas; vom Hofe, Burkhardt; Pehl, Anika; Bartsch, Detlef K.: Double Bipolar Sealing of the Pulmonary Artery Improves the Bursting Pressures
Kirschbaum, Andreas; Waubke, Katharina; Pehl, Anika; Steinfeldt, Thorsten; Bartsch, Detlef K.: Suture or Stapling Are Superior in Comparison to Bipolar Sealing for Closing the Bronchi
Emmert, Alexander; Franke, Robert; Brandes, Ivo Florian; Hinterthaner, Marc; Danner, Bernhard C.; Bauer, Martin; Bräuer, Anselm: Comparison of Conductive and Convective Warming in Patients Undergoing Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial
Yazicioglu, Alkin; Demirag, Funda; Alici, Ibrahim Onur; Yekeler, Erdal; Karaoglanoglu, Nurettin: Can Sericin Prove Useful as a Pleurodesis Agent or Tissue Glue?
Podgaetz, Eitan; Berger, Jonathan; Small, Joe; Garza, Rafael; Andrade, Rafael: Therapeutic Pneumoperitoneum: Relevant or Obsolete in 2015?
Meyer, Christian; Bartsch, Detlef; Mirow, Nikolas; Kirschbaum, Andreas: Video-Assisted Laser Resection of Lung Metastases—Feasibility of a New Surgical Technique
Findik, Gokturk; Demiröz, S. Mustafa; Apaydın, Selma Mine Kara; Ertürk, Hakan; Biri, Suzan; Incekara, Funda; Aydogdu, Koray; Kaya, Sadi: Computed Tomography–Guided Methylene Blue Labeling Prior to Thoracoscopic Resection of Small Deeply Placed Pulmonary Nodules. Do We Really Need Palpation?
Pilarczyk, Kevin; Heckmann, Jens; Carstens, Henning; Lubarski, Jura; Jakob, Heinz; Pizanis, Nikolaus; Kamler, Markus: Does Traumatic Donor Cause of Death Influence Outcome after Lung Transplantation? A Single-Centre Analysis
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Issue 03/2017

Leuzzi, Giovanni; Alessandrini, Gabriele; Sperduti, Isabella; Forcella, Daniele; Marino, Mirella; Ceribelli, Anna; Facciolo, Francesco: Induction Therapy versus Initial Surgery in Advanced Thymic Tumors: Perioperative and Oncological Outcome
Ried, Michael; Hnevkovsky, Stefanie; Neu, Reiner; von Süßkind-Schwendi, Marietta; Götz, Andrea; Hamer, Okka W.; Schalke, Berthold; Hofmann, Hans-Stefan: Impact of Surgical Evaluation of Additional Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Advanced Thymoma with Infiltration of Adjacent Structures: The Thoracic Surgeon's View

Issue 02/2017

Okamoto, Tatsuro; Tagawa, Tetsuzo; Morodomi, Yosuke; Shimamatsu, Shinichiro; Kitahara, Hirokazu; Maehara, Yoshihiko: Underlying Problems in Surgical Treatment of cT1-2N1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Ding, Hongdou; Shi, Jingyun; Zhou, Xiao; Xie, Dong; Song, Xiao; Yang, Yang; Liu, Zhongliu; Wang, Haifeng: Value of CT Characteristics in Predicting Invasiveness of Adenocarcinoma Presented as Pulmonary Ground-Glass Nodules
Nakamura, Haruhiko; Saji, Hisashi; Marushima, Hideki; Tagaya, Rie; Kimura, Hiroyuki; Takagi, Masayuki: Glucose Uptake Values in Positron Emission Tomography Are Useful to Predict Survival after Sublobar Resection for Lung Cancer

Issue 01/2017

Hayes, Don; Kopp, Benjamin T.; Sheikh, Shahid I.; Shell, Richard D.; Paul, Grace R.; McConnell, Patrick I.; Tobias, Joseph D.; Tumin, Dmitry: Pretransplant Panel Reactive Antibodies and Lung Transplant Outcomes in Children
Ewert, Franziska; Syed, Julia; Kern, Sonja; Besendörfer, Manuel; Carbon, Roman T.; Schulz-Drost, Stefan: Symptoms in Pectus Deformities: A Scoring System for Subjective Physical Complaints
Kimura, Masakazu; Miyajima, Kuniharu; Kono, Takafumi; Hayashi, Aeru; Iwaya, Keiichi; Ikeda, Norihiko: Effectiveness of Polyglycolic Acid Sheet Covering and Platelet-Rich Plasma after Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery for Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Issue 08/2016

Rombolá, Carlos; Crespo, Marta Genovés; López, Pedro Tárraga; Martínez, Antonio Honguero; Atance, Pablo León; Ramírez, Ana Triviño; Montes, José Antonio Rodríguez: Video-Assisted Minithoracotomy Diaphragmatic Plication: Respiratory Effects in Adults
Rapicetta, Cristian; Voltolini, Luca; Lococo, Filippo; Vecchioni, Ilaria; Tenconi, Sara; Paci, Masimiliano; Ricchetti, Tommaso; Rossi, Marcello; Gotti, Giuseppe: Time-Trend Analysis of Pulmonary and Diaphragmatic Functionality in Patients with Diaphragmatic Palsy or with Chronic Diaphragmatic Hernia after Surgical Treatment

Issue 07/2016

Zhao, Yunpeng; Dong, Xiaopeng; Cong, Bo; Peng, Chuanliang; Sun, Qifeng; Hao, Yingtao; Zhao, Xiaogang: Development Pattern on Lymph Node Resection in Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy and 2-year Survival Analysis
Park, Byungjoon; Kim, Hong Kwan; Choi, Yong Soo; Kim, Jhingook; Zo, Jae Il; Shim, Young Mog: Simultaneous Resection of Synchronous Esophageal and Gastric Cancers

Issue 06/2014

Kim, Jung Tae; Oh, Tae Yoon; Chang, Woon Ha; Kong, Joon Hyuk; Baek, Kang Seok; Lee, Won Jin; Bang, Yun Yi: Natural Course of Spontaneous Pneumothorax without Bullae or Blebs under High-Resolution Computed Tomography
Jablonski, Slawomir; Brocki, Marian; Wawrzycki, Marcin; Smigielski, Jacek Arkadiusz; Kozakiewicz, Marcin: Efficacy Assessment of the Drainage with Permanent Airflow Measurement in the Treatment of Pneumothorax with Air Leak
Karasaki, Takahiro; Shintomi, Shizuya; Nomura, Yukihiro; Tanaka, Nobutaka; Saito, Haruhisa; Yoshida, Yukihiro: Outcomes of Outpatient Treatment for Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Using a Small-Bore Portable Thoracic Drainage Device

Issue 03/2013

Lococo, F.; Cesario, A.; Mattei, F.; Petrone, G.; Vita, L. M.; Petracca-Ciavarella, L.; Margaritora, S.; Granone, P.: Elastofibroma Dorsi: Clinicopathological Analysis of 71 Cases
Hayes, Don; Weiland, Aaron; Kirkby, Stephen; Galantowicz, Mark; McConnell, Patrick I.; Tobias, Joseph D.: Gram-Negative Infection and Bronchiectasis in Lung Transplant Recipients with Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome
Keshava, Hari B.; Farver, Carol F.; Brown, Chase R.; Shafii, Alexis E.; Murthy, Sudish C.; Yun, James J.; Vakil, Nakul; Pettersson, Gosta B.; Mason, David Park: Timing of Heparin and Thrombus Formation in Donor Lungs after Cardiac Death

Issue 02/2013

Kanzaki, Masato; Kikkawa, Takuma; Shimizu, Toshihide; Maeda, Hideyuki; Wachi, Naoko; Isaka, Tamami; Murasugi, Masahide; Onuki, Takamasa: Presurgical Planning Using a Three-Dimensional Pulmonary Model of the Actual Anatom