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Boultadakis-Arapinis, Mélissa; Lescot, Camille; Micouin, Laurent; Lecourt, Thomas: Functionalization of the Anomeric C–H Bond of Carbohydrates: Old Strategies and New Opportunities
Yang, Xiao-Guang; Hu, Ze-Nan; Jia, Meng-Cheng; Du, Feng-Huan; Zhang, Chi: Recent Advances and the Prospect of Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry
Kong, Lingbing; Cui, Chunming: Perspective on Organoboron Chemistry
Liu, Wei; Wang, Donglei; Zhang, Dekun; Yang, Xiaoyu: Catalytic Kinetic Resolution and Desymmetrization of Amines

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Issue 13/2022

Issue 12/2022

Kandappa, Sunil Kumar; Ahuja, Sapna; Singathi, Ravichandranath; Valloli, Lakshmy Kannadi; Baburaj, Sruthy; Parthiban, Jayachandran; Sivaguru, Jayaraman: Using Restricted Bond Rotations to Enforce Excited-State Behavior of Organic Molecules

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Issue 20/2021

Issue 19/2021

Issue 18/2021

Iqbal, Shoaib; Sharif, Muhammad; Langer, Peter: Suzuki–Miyaura Coupling Reactions of Fluorohalobenzenes
Zhong, Zhuliang; Lyu, Mao-Yun; Ma, Hao-Ran; Wong, Henry N. C.; Peng, Xiao-Shui: Pivotal Reactions in the Creation of the Polycyclic Skeleton of Cryptotrione

Issue 17/2021

Schulz, Stefan; Poth, Dennis; Peram, Pardha Saradhi; Hötling, Susann; Menke, Markus; Melnik, Kristina; Röpke, René: Chemical Diversity of Volatile Macrocylic Lactones from Frogs

Issue 16/2021

Issue 14/2021

Issue 12/2021

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Issue 10/2021

Issue 09/2021

Issue 08/2021

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Issue 03/2021

Issue 02/2021

Deimling, Max; Zens, Anna; Park, Natja; Hess, Christine; Klenk, Simon; Dilruba, Zarfishan; Baro, Angelika; Laschat, Sabine: Adventures and Detours in the Synthesis of Hydropentalenes

Issue 01/2021

Issue 20/2020

Issue 19/2020

Issue 18/2020

Issue 17/2020

Issue 16/2020

Suresh, Kuthuru; López-Mejías, Vilmalí; Roy, Saikat; Camacho, Daniel F.; Matzger, Adam J.: Leveraging Framework Instability: A Journey from Energy Storage to Drug Delivery

Issue 15/2020

Issue 14/2020

Issue 13/2020

Issue 12/2020

Issue 11/2020

Issue 10/2020

Issue 09/2020

Issue 08/2020

Issue 07/2020

Issue 06/2020

Issue 05/2020

Issue 04/2020

Yusubov, Mekhman S.; Postnikov, Pavel; Yoshimura, Akira; Zhdankin, Viktor V.: Benziodoxole-Derived Organosulfonates: The Strongest Hypervalent Iodine Electrophiles and Oxidants
Clementson, Sebastian; Jessing, Mikkel; Vital, Paulo J.; Kristensen, Jesper L.: Development of a Divergent Route to Erythrina Alkaloids

Issue 03/2020

Issue 02/2020

Issue 01/2020

Issue 20/2019

Issue 19/2019

Xiao, Yan; Hu, Weiming; Sun, Song; Yu, Jin-Tao; Cheng, Jiang: Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Acridines and Phenazines
Niquille, David L.; Hansen, Douglas A.; Hilvert, Donald: Reprogramming Nonribosomal Peptide Synthesis by Surgical Mutation

Issue 18/2019

Issue 17/2019

Issue 16/2019

Issue 15/2019

Issue 14/2019

Issue 13/2019

Li, Chao-Jun; Huang, Jianlin; Dai, Xi-Jie; Wang, Haining; Chen, Ning; Wei, Wei; Zeng, Huiying; Tang, Jianting; Li, Chenchen; Zhu, Dianhu; Lv, Leiyang: An Old Dog with New Tricks: Enjoin Wolff–Kishner Reduction for Alcohol Deoxygenation and C–C Bond Formations

Issue 12/2019

Issue 11/2019

Issue 10/2019

Issue 09/2019

Issue 08/2019

Issue 07/2019

Zhang, Yuebao; Lu, Ji; Li, Hongze; Sun, Xianwei; Gao, Lu; Song, Zhenlei: Total Synthesis of Bryostatin 8 and (–)-Exiguolide: Applications of an Organosilane Strategy
Brewster, James T.; Anguera, Gonzalo; Sessler, Jonathan L.: Expanding the Porphycene Core: Modification and Metalation

Issue 06/2019

Issue 05/2019

Issue 04/2019

Issue 03/2019

Issue 02/2019

Issue 01/2019

Issue 20/2018

Issue 19/2018

Issue 18/2018

Kotha, Sambasivarao; Lahiri, Kakali; Sreevani, Gaddamedi: Design and Synthesis of Aromatics through [2+2+2] Cyclotrimerization
Panchal, Santosh P.; Reddy, Baddigam Kiran; Anand, Venkataramanarao G.: Syntheses and Redox Chemistry of Antiaromatic Core-Modified Isophlorinoids

Issue 17/2018

Issue 16/2018

Issue 15/2018

Issue 14/2018

Issue 13/2018

Issue 12/2018

Issue 11/2018

Zuo, Ziqing; Wen, Huanan; Liu, Guixia; Huang, Zheng: Cobalt-Catalyzed Hydroboration and Borylation of Alkenes and Alkynes

Issue 10/2018

Issue 09/2018

Abdelraheem, Eman M. M.; Shaabani, Shabnam; Dömling, Alexander: Artificial Macrocycles

Issue 08/2018

Issue 07/2018

Issue 06/2018

Issue 05/2018

Issue 04/2018

Issue 03/2018

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Issue 01/2018

Issue 20/2017

Issue 19/2017

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Issue 15/2017

Issue 14/2017

Issue 13/2017

Issue 12/2017

Du, Guangyan; Wang, Gaopeng; Ma, Wenjing; Yang, Qianqian; Bao, Wenli; Liang, Xuefeng; Zhu, Lizhi; Lee, Chi-Sing: Syntheses of Diverse Natural Products via Dual-Mode Lewis Acid Induced Cascade Cyclization Reactions

Issue 11/2017

Issue 10/2017

Issue 09/2017

Issue 08/2017

Issue 07/2017

Issue 06/2017

Issue 05/2017

Issue 04/2017

Bai, Cui-Bing; Wang, Nai-Xing; Xing, Yalan; Lan, Xing-Wang: Progress on Chiral NAD(P)H Model Compounds

Issue 03/2017

Issue 02/2017

Issue 01/2017

Issue 20/2016

Issue 19/2016

Issue 18/2016

Meng, Guangrong; Shi, Shicheng; Szostak, Michal: Cross-Coupling of Amides by N–C Bond Activation

Issue 17/2016

Issue 16/2016

Issue 15/2016

Issue 14/2016

Issue 13/2016

Issue 12/2016

Issue 11/2016

Issue 10/2016

Issue 09/2016

Issue 08/2016

Issue 07/2016

Issue 06/2016

Drouin, Myriam; Hamel, Jean-Denys; Paquin, Jean-François: Exploiting 3,3-Difluoropropenes for the Synthesis of Monofluoroalkenes

Issue 05/2016

Issue 04/2016

Issue 03/2016

Endo, Matthew M.; Cioffi, Alexander G.; Burke, Martin D.: Our Path to Less Toxic Amphotericins

Issue 02/2016

Issue 20/2015

Issue 19/2015

Pluth, Michael D.; Bailey, T. Spencer; Hammers, Matthew D.; Hartle, Matthew D.; Henthorn, Hillary A.; Steiger, Andrea K.: Natural Products Containing Hydrogen Sulfide Releasing Moieties

Issue 18/2015

Issue 17/2015

Gayon, Eric; Gerard, Hélène; Vrancken, Emmanuel; Campagne, Jean-Marc: Diversity in Synthesis of N-Heterocycles from Simple Propargylic Alcohols
Takale, Balaram S.; Bao, Ming; Yamamoto, Yoshinori; Almansour, Abdulrahman I.; Arumugam, Natarajan; Kumar, Raju Suresh: Applications of Metal Nanopore Catalysts in Organic Synthesis

Issue 16/2015

Issue 15/2015

Issue 14/2015

Issue 13/2015

Narayan, Rishikesh; Manna, Srimanta; Antonchick, Andrey P.: Hypervalent Iodine(III) in Direct Carbon–Hydrogen Bond Functionalization

Issue 12/2015

Issue 11/2015

Astruc, Didier; Ciganda, Roberto; Deraedt, Christophe; Gatard, Sylvain; Liang, Liyuan; Li, Na; Ornelas, Catia; Rapakousiou, Amalia; Ruiz, Jaime; Wang, Dong; Wang, Yanlan; Zhao, Pengxiang: Click Metallodendrimers and Their Functions

Issue 10/2015

Issue 09/2015

Issue 08/2015

Issue 07/2015

Issue 06/2015

Maurin, Philippe; Moraleda, Delphine; Pellissier, Hélène; Rodriguez, Raphaël; Santelli, Maurice: Synthesis of Unnatural Steroids Using the Bistro Strategy

Issue 05/2015

Issue 04/2015

Issue 03/2015

Issue 02/2015

Voituriez, Arnaud; Marinetti, Angela; Gicquel, Maxime: Phosphine Organocatalysis for the Synthesis of Spirocyclic Compounds

Issue 01/2015

Ma, Ying-Xian; Meng, Zheng; Chen, Chuan-Feng: Synthesis of Substituted Iptycenes

Issue 20/2014

Issue 19/2014

Mo, Dong-Liang; Zhang, Ting-Ke; Ge, Guang-Cun; Huang, Xiao-Jun; Ding, Chang-Hua; Dai, Li-Xin; Hou, Xue-Long: The Applications of Palladacycles as Transition-Metal Catalysts in Organic Synthesis

Issue 18/2014

Issue 17/2014

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Issue 15/2014

Issue 14/2014

Issue 13/2014

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Issue 07/2014

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Issue 05/2014

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Issue 03/2014

Issue 02/2014

Issue 01/2014

Issue 20/2013

Issue 18/2013

Arseniyadis, Stellios; Fournier, Jérémy; Thangavelu, Saravanan; Lozano, Oscar; Prevost, Sébastien; Archambeau, Alexis; Menozzi, Candice; Cossy, Janine: Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation of Allyl Dienol Carbonates: Reactivity, Regioselectivity, Enantioselectivity, and Synthetic Applications

Issue 17/2013

Han, Jian-Wei; Chen, Jing-Xing; Li, Xin; Peng, Xiao-Shui; Wong, Henry N. C.: Recent Developments and Applications of Chiral Tetraphenylenes

Issue 16/2013

Issue 15/2013

Issue 14/2013

Issue 13/2013

Issue 12/2013

Issue 10/2013

Issue 09/2013