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DOI: 10.4103/0970-0358.118596
Review Article
Association of Plastic Surgeons of India

Avoiding occlusal derangement in facial fractures: An evidence based approach

Derick Mendonca
Departments of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1Maxillofacial Surgery, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Deepika Kenkere
Departments of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1Maxillofacial Surgery, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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07 October 2019 (online)


Facial fractures with occlusal derangement describe any fracture which directly or indirectly affects the occlusal relationship. Such fractures include dento-alveolar fractures in the maxilla and mandible, midface fractures - Le fort I, II, III and mandible fractures of the symphysis, parasymphysis, body, angle, and condyle. In some of these fractures, the fracture line runs through the dento-alveolar component whereas in others the fracture line is remote from the occlusal plane nevertheless altering the occlusion. The complications that could ensue from the management of maxillofacial fractures are predominantly iatrogenic, and therefore can be avoided if adequate care is exercised by the operating surgeon. This paper does not emphasize on complications arising from any particular technique in the management of maxillofacial fractures but rather discusses complications in general, irrespective of the technique used.

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