J Am Acad Audiol 2005; 16(07): 485-493
DOI: 10.3766/jaaa.16.7.8
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Effectiveness of Counseling-Based Adult Group Aural Rehabilitation Programs: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

David B. Hawkins
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07. August 2020 (online)

A systematic evidence-based review was conducted to examine the effectiveness of counseling and communication strategy-oriented group adult aural rehabilitation (AR) programs. The literature search for relevant articles focused on studies that (1) employed adults with hearing impairment; (2) used a group aural rehabilitation program that emphasized counseling and communication strategies; (3) utilized a randomized controlled trial, quasi-experimental, or non-intervention cohort design; (4) employed an outcome measure that assessed some aspect of personal adjustment, perceived hearing handicap, or hearing aid benefit and/or satisfaction; and (5) were published in a refereed journal. Twelve articles were found that met these inclusion criteria. Analysis of the 12 studies led to the following conclusion: there is reasonably good evidence that participation in an adult AR program provides short-term reduction in self-perception of hearing handicap and potentially better use of communication strategies and hearing aids. It is less clear whether this advantage over provision of hearing aids alone persists over time.