Phlebologie 2013; 42(06): 357-362
DOI: 10.12687/phleb2171-6-2013
Junge Phlebologie: Fokus Duplexsonographie
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Provocation manoeuvres for the duplex ultrasound diagnosis of varicose veins

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E. Mendoza
1   Venenpraxis, Wunstorf
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Eingereicht: 26 September 2013

Angenommen: 30 September 2013

Publication Date:
04 January 2018 (online)


In contrast to the arteries, spontaneous flow in the leg veins is not sufficient for good diagnosis. Therefore, provocation manoeuvres are used to induce blood flow. Breathing and the Valsalva manoeuvre are classically used. Over the past few years, dynamic manoeuvres and manoeuvres closer to physiological conditions have been developed, such as the Paraná manoeuvre, in which the patient is pushed slightly forward in order to activate the gastrocnemius muscles, the Wunstorf manoeuvre, in which the forefoot is raised, or the orthostatic manoeuvre, in which the patient is placed in the supine position and then raised upright again in order to test the closure of the valves. All of these procedures are presented and compared with each other.

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