Planta Med 2008; 74(11): 1412-1415
DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1081318
Natural Products Chemistry
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Triterpenoid Saponins with Anti-Inflammatory Activity from Codonopsis lanceolata

Li-Ping Xu1 , Hao Wang2 , Zhong Yuan1
  • 1School of Traditional Chinese Materia Medica, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang, P. R. China
  • 2The First Clinical Hospital, Jilin University, Changchun, P. R. China
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Publication History

Received: April 21, 2008 Revised: June 3, 2008

Accepted: June 6, 2008

Publication Date:
29 July 2008 (online)


Six triterpenoid saponins, including a new compound named codonolaside III, were isolated from the roots of Codonopsis lanceolata. The spectral and chemical data revealed the structure of codonolaside III to be 3-O-[β-D-xylopyranosyl -(1→3)-β-D-glucuronopyranosyl]-3β,16α-dihydroxyolean-12-ene-28-oic acid 28-O-[β-D-xylopyranosyl-(1→4)-α-L-rhamnpyranosyl-(1→2)][β-D-glucopyranosyl -(1→4)]-α-L-arabinopyranosyl ester. The xylene-induced mouse ear edema inhibitory effect assay disclosed codonolaside and codonolasides I – III as the major anti-inflammatory constituents in this crude drug.


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