Facial Plast Surg 1999; 15(3): 231-242
DOI: 10.1055/s-2008-1064323
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Midface Rejuvenation

Bhupendra C.K. Patel
  • Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, Division of Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive and Orbital Surgery, Salt Lake City, UT
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02 June 2008 (online)


Recent advances in our understanding of midfacial aging have resulted in the development of several techniques of midfacial rejuvenation. Because aging causes vertical as well as inferomedial migration of midfacial and periorbital tissues, techniqes that reposition ptotic tissues in the opposite direction give the best results. Minimal incision techniques have been developed in conjunction with our understanding of the anatomy. It is vital to understand the specific indications and limitations of the various techniques discussed in this article.