Horm Metab Res 2007; 39(12): 903-907
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-992812
Humans, Clinical

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Relationship between Leptin Concentration and Insulin Resistance

Z. Maghbooli 1 , A. Hossein-nezhad 1 , M. Rahmani 1 , A.-R. Shafaei 1 , B. Larijani 1
  • 1Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Center, 5th Floor, Doctor Shariati Hospital, North Kargar Avenue, Tehran, Iran
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received 18.12.2006

accepted 03.05.2007

13. Dezember 2007 (online)


Available evidences suggest that leptin has inhibitory role on insulin secretion. The aim of the work was to examine the association between plasma leptin concentrations and insulin resistance in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus. As a cross-sectional study we recruited 741 pregnant women. The universal screening was performed with an oral glucose challenge test-50 g. The recruits with plasma glucose levels of ≥7.2 mmol/l were diagnosed as having gestational diabetes mellitus if they had an impaired oral glucose tolerance test-100 g based on Carpenter and Coustan criteria. In all pregnancies plasma insulin and leptin concentrations were measured. Gestational diabetes mellitus developed in 7% (52) of pregnancies. Elevated leptin concentrations were positively associated with insulin levels, BMI, and HOMA index while it was negatively associated with Quicky index. After adjusting for age and BMI before pregnancy, gestational diabetes mellitus had independent direct correlation with leptin concentration. Indeed, leptin level equal to or more than 20 ng/ml could help to predict the developing gestational diabetes mellitus. Measurement of leptin together with the assessment of other risk factors could help identifying women at risk of developing GDM.



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