Deutsche Zeitschrift für Onkologie 2007; 39(4): 154-160
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-986020

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Retrospective clinical study of adjuvant electro-hyperthermia treatment for advanced brain-gliomas

Hüseyin Sahinbas1 , Dietrich H. W. Grönemeyer1 , Eckhard Böcher2 , Andras Szasz3
  • 1University Witten-Herdecke, Institute of Microtherapy, Universitätstrasse 142, 44799-Bochum, Germany;
  • 2Clinic „Closter Paradise”, Im Stiftsfeld 1, 59494-Soest, Germany;
  • 3St. Istvan University, Biotechnics Department, Szent Istvan krt. 20., 1137-Budapest, Hungary
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20 December 2007 (online)


Malignant gliomas represent about 70 % of all brain tumors. Despite advances in standard therapy consisting of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, gliomas remain an essentially fatal disease, with a median survival time of 10 to 12 months and a 2-year survival rate of 8 % to 12 %. Electro-hyperthermia applied either alone or in combination with chemo- and/or radio-therapy is an advanced hyperthermia technique that has been used as adjuvant treatment for patients with malignant glioma. We present the results of a retrospective study of 140 patients with different stages of malignant glioma, which were treated/followed from January 2000 to February 2005. The endpoint was the overall survival and the survival from the 1st electro-hyperthermia treatment. The overall median survival time for patients with mostly advanced malignant glioma who received adjuvant electro-hyperthermia in this study was 20.4 months. The median survival time from the first electro-hyperthermia treatment was 6.6 months. Electro-hyperthermia was safe and well tolerated. The presented results show the feasibility of the treatment and suggest a benefit of the electro-hyperthermia treatment for patients with advanced malignant glioma.


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