Planta Med 1983; 48(7): 153-157
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-969912
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Über die Wirkstoffe von Asarum europaeum

16.[1] Die lokalanästhetische Wirkung der PhenylpropanderivateThe Active Substances of Asarum europaeum16. The Local Anaesthetic Activity of the PhenylpropanoidsL. Gracza
  • Wissenschaftliche Abteilung der Chemisch-Pharmazeutischen Fabrik Göppingen, Carl Müller, Apotheker, GmbH und Co. KG Göppingen, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
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26 March 2007 (online)


The local anaesthetic activity of both phenylpropanoids of Asarum europaeum trans-isoasarone and trans-isoeugenol methyl ether were measured in comparison to the unsubstituted propenyl benzene and to the mono methoxy derivative trans-anethole resp. benzocaine, trans-Isosarone shows local anaesthetic activity with an intensity nearly equal to benzocaine. The quantitative structure-activity relationship in the series of phenylpropanoids has been analysed and established that the activity is increasing according to the number of methoxy groups. The results are compared with the lipophility and the surface activity of the substances. Surface activity changes parallel with the anaesthetic activity while the lipophility changes in contrary.

1 15. Mitt.: Bohlmann, F. und Gracza, L.: Arch. Pharm. (Weinheim) 315, 474 (1982)

1 15. Mitt.: Bohlmann, F. und Gracza, L.: Arch. Pharm. (Weinheim) 315, 474 (1982)