Planta Med 1984; 50(4): 303-306
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-969715
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Pharmacological Trials of Crude Extract of Passiflora alata

Seizi Oga1 , Paulo Chanel D. de Freitas2 , Antonio C. Gomes da Silva1 , Seico Hanada1
  • 1Dept. of Pharmacology, Institute de Ciências Biomēdicas da Universidade São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2Dept. of Pharmacy, Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas da Universidade São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
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26 February 2007 (online)


Dry extract obtained from leaves of Passiflora alata yielded 0.217 mg% of harman-like alkaloids and 44.8 mg% of flavonoids. Intraperitoneal administration (i. p.) of 75 and 150 mg/kg of this extract reduced the spontaneous motor activity and prolonged the sleeping time induced by pentobarbital sodium in mice. The extract showed anticonvulsant action on pentylenetetrazole induced seizures, increasing both its onset time and survival period. All animals treated previously with 75 mg/kg of extract died after clonic and tonic convulsions, while 16.7% of the group treated with 150 mg/kg survived. The DL50 value of the extract was estimated as 456 (424-491) mg/kg i. p. in mice.