Ultraschall Med 2007; 28(6): 631
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-1012501
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21 December 2007 (online)


As well as this being the last editorial of the year, this marks the end of my time as Editor of the EFSUMB Newsletter. When I look back the changes in EFSUMB, the Newsletter and EJU have been considerable.

When I took over five years ago, the newsletter was a twice yearly publication which my predecessor Hylton Meire put together with great skill. He also had to obtain advertising revenue to pay for the enterprise, something I have been spared.

My tasks have been much easier. Although I have needed to produce copy six times a year and I could always have done with more copy (except for the first issue of the year where I frequently had too much!). I have of course relied very heavily on Gianna who has kept reminding me of deadlines and put each issue together. Without her help you probably would have had nothing to read.

My time coincided with the negotiations to put the newsletter in the EJU which I think has been a great success. The Journal itself has been very successful so that now its impact factor is 2.1, the best ultrasound journal in the world and as now more than 60% of members of EFSUMB get the journal six times a year there is a chance that most members will know something about the Federation on a regular basis.

The updating of the website which last happened about three years ago is happening again. The new website should be up and running before Christmas and is very attractive. It has been achieved after a modest financial investment and a lot of hard work again by Gianna and reflects the status of the Federation. As you will know the newsletter is available there as well as in the journal.

I would like to be able to tell you who will take over from me but because the elections for the new Publications committee took place after the Board of Directors and the post of Editor of the Newsletter has to be ratified by the Board it will be a few weeks before the person taking over the reins is known. I would like to wish them all the best. I know that the Publications Committee have a number of ideas for new contributions to the newsletter so things will continue to evolve.

Meanwhile, I will not be idle. Even though I have retired from full time Radiology, I am going on to edit the British Journal of Radiology - another great challenge, and will be chairing the Scientific committee for Euroson 2009 somewhere in the UK. I am sure I will meet many of you there if not before.