Planta Med 1990; 56(1): 59-62
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-960884

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Search for “in vitro” Antiviral Activity of a New Isoflavonic Glycoside from Ulex europaeus

Diana Jasso De Rodriguez1 , José Chulia2 , Cláudia M. O. Simões1 , Maryvonne Amoros1 , Anne Marie Mariotte2 , Loïc Girre1
  • 1Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie et de Mycologie, Faculté de Pharmacie, Avenue Léon-Bernard, F-35043 Rennes, France
  • 2Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie, U.E.R. des Sciences Pharmaceutiques et Biologique, Domaine de la Merci - Chemin Duhamel, F-38700 La Tronche, France
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05 January 2007 (online)


Extracts from Ulex europaeus L. (Fabaceae) were tested for antiviral activity against HSV-1 and poliovirus. It was found that the n-butanolic extract significantly inhibited the replication of these viruses, as shown by inhibition of cytophathic effects and reduction of plaques; the extract has neither a prophylactic nor a virucidal activity. From this extract has been isolated and identified by chromatographic, chemical, and spectroscopic methods, the 5-O-methylgenistein 7-OD-glucopyranoside. This isoflavonic glycoside has not been previously described and it is responsible at least partially for the antiviral activity.