Planta Med 1993; 59(6): 508-512
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-959749

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Antilipolytic Action of Hesperetin in Rat Adipocytes

Umah R. Kuppusamy, Nagaratnam P. Das
  • Department of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore, Singapore 0511, Republic of Singapore
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04 January 2007 (online)


Hesperetin was able to inhibit both epinephrine- and theophylline-induced lipolysis in rat adipocytes. At concentrations of 125 µM and 250 µM, it could augment the inhibitory effect of low insulin concentration (17 µU/2ml) on epinephrine-induced lipolysis. The basal cyclic AMP levels and phosphodiesterase activities in intact adipocytes were unaltered by hesperetin. The antilipolytic action of hesperetin in adenosine deaminase pretreated adipocytes was abolished. Hesperetin could only prevent lipolysis but not reverse the initial lipolytic activity stimulated through the adenosine deaminase pretreatment of the adipocytes. In pertussis or cholera toxin (PT or CT) pretreated adipocytes, the antilipolytic action of hesperetin was unaffected. From the data obtained it is possible to conclude that the antilipolytic action of hesperetin is not mediated through the inhibition of cyclic AMP level nor through CT- or PT-sensitive G proteins. However, the involvement of hesperetin in preventing the accessibility of cellular receptors to the actions of lipolytic agents may be implicated.